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Season 9

Episode 54

(Live like a Man (5)

“Yeah, I had to take care of something back home last night. Hurry up and come, I’ll take you to get a check-up.”

Then, she dragged Ni Yang to the hepatic-biliary and pancreatic department…

Even though South Side initially started off as a recovery center, but with its gradual developments and the immense help of the Huo Foundation, it gradually became a top-notch hospital that combined recovery and treatment into one, gaining more and more patients due to its fame.

Director Wu paid more and more attention to South Side and often came over for meetings.

Huo Mian thought that Ni Yang’s symptoms were a result of staying up late, exhaustion, or a bad digestive system since he didn’t eat on a regular schedule.

However, she never expected that…

Once she received the report from Doctor Xu of the hepatic-biliary and pancreatic department, she felt her heart sink.

“Director Xu… this… is this a misdiagnosis? How is this possible?”

Doctor Xu, who was over fifty-years-old, immediately looked displeased. “Huo Mian, what do you mean by that? I’ve got more than thirty years of clinical experience. I’ve been at my job for a very long time, and I have never misdiagnosed anyone. How could you not trust me?”

Huo Mian hurriedly explained herself upon realizing that she might have offended Chief Xu.

“I didn’t mean it like that, Doctor Xu. Could it be that our machines are still new, so there are differences in the data?”

“No, I’ve seen plenty of cases like his over these years. I’m sure of his diagnosis.”

“But he is only 23 years old.” Huo Mian found it hard to believe.

“You’re a doctor yourself, you know that diseases have nothing to do with age. Kids around ten years old can develop cerebral hemorrhages as well, how can you judge symptoms based on age?”

“No, I… I just think this is too sudden.”

“The crucial thing is that this person must be immediately hospitalized. If this is pushed back… then his life will be in danger.”

“But he…” Huo Mian’s hands trembled as she held the report.

She never imagined that Ni Yang would have this kind of illness.

Several pronounced words were written on the report, too striking to read – ‘mid to late-stage primary biliary cirrhosis’.

Even though Huo Mian didn’t know too much about this disease, she still knew what it was.

This was a very serious disease that caused liver failure, and such patients mostly had a low appetite, obvious pain in the abdomen, along with a drop in weight.

Some patients even had diarrhea; all in all, it was a terrifying disease.

Plus, Ni Yang was in the mid to late stage; what did that mean? It meant that patients must stay in the hospital because they needed to find a matching liver and undergo liver transplant surgery right away…

“This patient must have worked long-term on a high-intensity job, and sustained great mental pressure as well, which damaged his immune system. Of the patients I dealt with in the past, most of them worked in tech or sales,” Chief Xu analyzed.

“Doctor Xu… if he wants to get treated now, then what are the options? What if he doesn’t want to go through with the transplant surgery?”

“There aren’t any… It is written very clearly on the report. He is in mid to late stage; if he doesn’t go through with a liver transplant, then he wouldn’t live for very long… I saw in the x-ray that he has already lost 38% of his liver functions, so a transplant is unavoidable. Oh right, he has Rh blood, which is hard to come across. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to find a matching liver on such short notice.”

Doctor Xu’s words nearly made Huo Mian faint…

Not only did Ni Yang have to have surgery, but he also had RH blood?

My gosh, talking about rubbing salt into an injury. The liver transplant was already hard enough because rarely anyone donated his or her liver.

Corpse donations wouldn’t work either, only a living donor liver would achieve the best results.

However, who on this earth would want to donate 38% of his or her liver?

More so, Rh blood was extremely rare…

All at once, Huo Mian felt like her heart had hit rock bottom…

“Huo Mian, is this person your relative?” asked Doctor Xu curiously.


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