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Season 9

Episode 51

(Live like a Man (2)

“Yue called me, but her words didn’t make much sense, she said a lot of weird things… I was worried about her and thought that she was drunk, so I asked her where she was. She wouldn’t tell me, and then a man snatched her phone. He called me a gigolo and said that they were going to Universe Nightclub. I was worried that Yue would be in danger, so I went there as well. After I arrived, I saw them dancing in a private room. A couple of guys surrounded Yue, her clothes were ripped apart, and she looked dejected. Therefore, I walked up and wanted to pull her away, but she wouldn’t listen to me. Then, that man with the tattoo began beating me up and dragged me onto the rooftop. Yue was going to jump off the building… I wanted to stop her, but they began hitting me again, so I called you,” Zhixin described the events tonight, word for word.

Huo Mian only listened quietly…

“Sis, how is Yue doing?”

“They sedated her, and she’s asleep now. She’s safe for now.”

“Thank goodness, thank goodness.” Upon hearing what his sister said, Zhixin suddenly felt much better.

“But… her urine test came back positive for drugs.”

“I knew it… those scumbags… they hurt Yue and fed her drugs. I’m going to rip them apart.”

Then, Zhixin turned around to leave, but Huo Mian grabbed him.

“Come back, they were arrested. Your brother-in-law made arrangements already, you don’t need to worry about it.”

Upon hearing this, Zhixin immediately glanced at Qin Chu.

Qin Chu nodded, acknowledging that what Huo Mian said was right. Therefore, he put away his impulsivity, stopped in his tracks, and went back to stand beside Huo Mian…

“The tests also revealed something shocking.” Huo Mian slowly opened her mouth.

“What is it?” Zhixin looked at his sister with an innocent but lost expression.

Huo Mian didn’t have the heart to tell Zhixin the truth, but he was a grown man, and she couldn’t keep something like this from him for the rest of his life…

Therefore she decided that she had to tell him, even if the truth hurt.

“They found sperm from three different men in her body.”

“Impossible…” Zhixin said with resolve.

“I can’t believe it either… but it’s the truth, you have to accept it.”

“I don’t believe you… Yue isn’t like that, she isn’t. She’s a good girl!” The news seemed to be too much for Zhixin to handle.

He began screaming, forgetting that he was talking to his sister.

“I know she’s a good girl, but… it’s what the tests revealed. I think she was drugged and raped.”

“Those assholes, I’m going to kill them…”

Zhixin charged towards the hospital doors like crazy…

Qin Chu immediately caught up to him in a few steps and held him from behind.

“Brother-in-Law, let me go.”

“Zhixin, don’t be impulsive. They were arrested and taken to the police station, I’ll make sure they never come out.”

“Why would they do that to Yue? Why?”

Zhixin cried all night; his tears fell like a waterfall.

While they were in the Maldives, he was elated by the fact that Huang Yue sent him a WeChat.

He thought that they would be able to get back together but never imagined that things would come to this.

This wasn’t a result that he could accept.

That night, Zhixin never left the ICU; he sat by Huang Yue’s side the whole time, watching after her.

Huo Mian, worried about her brother, also refused to leave. Qin Chu quietly sat by her side.

In the end, she was so sleepy that she fell asleep on Qin Chu’s shoulder.

– 6:00 AM –

Zhixin was the first person Huang Yue saw when she woke up. Upon seeing him, her expression immediately became complicated.

“What happened to me?” Her voice was weak and feeble.

“Do you remember what happened last night?” Zhixin asked gently.

“Last night… I drank a lot, they fed me a lot of alcohol. Then, they made me drink a really weird liquor, and I blacked out… then… I had a dream that I had wings and could fly…”

“They didn’t feed you liquor, they fed you drugs,” Huo Mian slowly said.

“What?” Huang Yue froze.

“Sis…” Zhixin didn’t seem to want Huang Yue to know about it.

“I can’t hide the truth, she has the right to know.”

“Senior Sister… What happened to me? Why are you guys all here?” Huang Yue didn’t seem to remember what happened the night before.

She also didn’t remember calling Zhixin.


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