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Season 9

Episode 32

(Bringing a Third-Wheel on Vacation (3)_

Huo Mian felt a bit speechless…

However, she still asked out of courtesy, “How much do you need?”

“A hundred thousand… is that okay?”

“What do you need that much for?” A hundred thousand wasn’t a lot for Huo Mian, but she wanted to know what Ning Zhiyuan wanted to do with all that money.

“Ah… I want to open up a pharmacy and work alone. I don’t want to work under others, it’s a pain being micromanaged.”

“A hundred thousand isn’t enough to start a pharmacy, you need at least three or five hundred thousand just to invest in one.”

“Ah… I’m working with someone else… that person is investing two hundred thousand, and I’m investing one hundred thousand.” Ning Zhiyuan changed his story again.

“Where is this pharmacy? How much is the annual rent? Is it fully licensed? Who is the legal representative?”

Huo Mian dropped several questions all at once…

Ning Zhiyuan was overwhelmed by the questions. Huo Mian was a classic Virgo, and she was very detail-oriented.

She decided that if Ning Zhiyuan told her the truth, then she would be willing to lend him a hundred thousand yuan.

However, all of his responses were mumbled, and he seemed to be dodging the question… Something was definitely off.

“I’m not sure either. My friend arranged it.”

“There are plenty of scam artists these days, you’d better be sure.”

“Can you just lend me one hundred thousand right now? I will definitely pay you back when I have money,” Ning Zhiyuan asked anxiously.

“I can… but my position remains. Give me the detailed information and documents, and I’ll lend you the money. But just so you know, I help those in need, not the poor… If you want to squander money, then no one can help you,” Huo Mian said, word for word.

“Fine, I admit that I lied to you. I’m not going to open some pharmacy… I don’t have any money to spend anymore… You’re my ex-girlfriend after all, why can’t you just help me out? Isn’t Qin Chu super wealthy? He even bought you a luxurious mansion and condo, you guys even spent over one hundred million on a single anniversary celebration, why can’t you just lend some money to me?”

Ning Zhiyuan seemed to be full of resentment…

Huo Mian was shocked by his behavior…

“Then what you mean to say is that those who are poor should all ask for money from the rich, and the rich have to agree?” Huo Mian mockingly laughed.

“But aren’t we friends? Friends should help each other, shouldn’t they?”

Ning Zhiyuan spoke as if it was a given…

“Is that so? Since we’re friends, then why didn’t you help me when I came to see you in such a hurry when Zhixin was in a car accident?”

Huo Mian smiled…

“I… if I helped you, then you would have never gotten back together with Qin Chu… In the end, he needs to thank me for getting you out there,” Ning Zhiyuan said shamelessly.

Huo Mian truly wanted to curse…

“This session has ended, you should go. I don’t have anything else to say to you.”

“You won’t lend me the money, will you?”

“I won’t.” Huo Mian shook her head.

“Fine… very well… haha, just you wait, you’ll pay for this,” Ning Zhiyuan spat viciously.

“You’ve got it all wrong, only devious people will pay for their deeds… I, Huo Mian, have lived a guilt-free life for 24 years. I’ve never done anything wrong, so why should I have to pay for anything?”

“Ha, is that so? Then why haven’t you had a kid after being married for so long?” Ning Zhiyuan laughed viciously.

Huo Main’s complexion turned pale immediately…

“What? You don’t know what to say? I caught your weak spot, didn’t I? Did you really think that you would be happy after you married into a rich family? That mother-in-law of yours scolds you every day and even called you a chicken that can’t lay eggs. You’re only pretending to be some young madam on the surface. The truth is that you can’t even have a kid. How long will Qin Chu love you like this?”

“Ning Zhiyuan, shut up…” Huo Mian trembled with anger.

Perhaps he really did touch her pressure point, so she couldn’t remain calm…

“Is your husband incompetent in that area? Huh? Do you need me to be a saint this time, and let you borrow my seed?”

Just as the words left his mouth, Huo Mian threw a penholder over, and it clashed onto Ning Zhiyuan’s head with a ‘bang’.

“Ning Zhiyuan, don’t be too malicious, don’t forget, you’re a father now… There’s no benefit for you to push yourself over the edge.”

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