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Season 9

Episode 47

(Avenging My Little Brother (8)

“President Qin, We tried our best… It’s not our fault that we couldn’t get that project,” the marketing director boldly complained.

“Is it my fault then?” Qin Chu asked icily.

The entire conference room fell silent again…

Their boss was steaming mad…

Just then, his phone began to ring…

Everyone’s gaze landed on that phone, wondering who on earth had the guts to call the president right now.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Qin Chu’s expression softened as soon as he saw who was calling.

He picked up…

“Honey, my mom cooked, are you coming back for dinner?”

“It’s okay, I’m at a meeting.”


“I’ll pick you up later.”

“Okay.” Huo Mian didn’t dawdle before hanging up.

Everyone was shocked at how gentle Qin Chu was just now.

They all glanced at each other and finally came to the realization that… It must’ve been the young madam who called just now, or else President Qin wouldn’t have acted that way.

“I’ll give you all three days to fix what you messed up… By then, give me either results or your letters of resignation.”

Upon finishing his sentence, Qin Chu left with a stern expression on his face.

The executives all looked worried…

They used to think that President Qin was easier to talk to and treated employees better than Chairman Qin.

However, he was absolutely terrifying when he was mad.

Qin Chu didn’t like the servility of Chinese people – if the boss was home, they would work hard; if he wasn’t, they would slack off.

This wasn’t something to be encouraged; since they had high salaries, they had to show that they were worth that money.

There was no boss in this world who liked to pay good-for-nothings to sit around and do nothing all day.

After returning to the office, Qin Chu turned on his laptop and continued organizing documents.

“President Qin, your coffee,”

Yang carefully put a cup of coffee on his desk…

“Go on vacation starting tomorrow.”

“Sir… don’t tell me you’re firing me, did I do something wrong?” Yang’s legs almost gave in.

Why would the president tell him to go on vacation all of a sudden, was he trying to give Yang a heart attack…?

“You’re thinking too much. When I was on vacation, you worked overtime every day. I know how hard you’ve been working. You’re a father and a husband, so you need to spend time with your family. Take a week off, I won’t count this as your annual paid time off. Consider this as a bonus, you’ll resume work in a week.”

“Thank you, President Qin.” Yang was so happy he could cry.

His wife’s been nagging him about visiting her parents with their baby.

However, she was from the south and met Yang while studying in the north, so her parents lived far away.

Yang didn’t want her to go back alone with their child.

Now that the president was giving him time off, he was elated.

“Go home, have the rest of the day off.”

“What about you…?” Yang was afraid that the president would overwork himself.

“I can get someone to come and help me for the time being.”

“Okay, thank you sir. Call me if you need me.” Yang ran away from the office like a bolt of lightning.

Qin Chu sank back into a state of nonstop work.

Song Yishi called Qin Chu a few days ago and didn’t say much else upon hearing that he was in the Maldives.

7 PM – everyone in GK was working overtime.

Song Yishi went up to the top floor as she was passing by the company.

“President Qin, Miss Song’s here,” the female secretary called Qin Chu from the assistant’s office.

“Tell her to come in.”

Qin Chu treated Song Yishi decently not because he was mindful of their time as children.

Rather, it was because Uncle Song had taken great care of him over the years.

“I saw that your office lights were still on when I was waiting for a red light under your building, so I assumed that you were back.” Song Yishi smiled.


“Did you like the Maldives? I bet it was great.”

“Yeah,” Qin Chu only said one word.

“Have you eaten yet? What do you want, I can buy go you some,” Song Yishi said gently.


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