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Season 9

Episode 33

(Bringing a Third-Wheel on Vacation (4)

“You don’t need to act so superior with me… Huo Mian, I’ll wait for the day to see you stepped on by others, even if I have to muddle through life.”

Then, Ning Zhiyuan left with his hand over his head…

Huo Mian was so furious that her expression looked incredibly grim…

Not having children felt like a prick in her heart.

However, she didn’t ask for this herself and was shocked that Ning Zhiyuan said all those terrible things just because she wouldn’t lend him any money.

Would all couples that broke up fight like this upon seeing each other?

Huo Mian was distracted the entire afternoon…

Zhixin’s issue, along with Ning Zhiyuan made her feel double the pressure.

After she got off from work, she drove straight back to her home at Imperial Park.

Then, she fell asleep…

She didn’t even know when Qin Chu came back.

“Honey, get up and eat, don’t sleep anymore.”

Qin Chu called several times, but because Huo Mian’s ringtone was quiet, she didn’t hear.

He anxiously went to South Side and then found out that she already headed home, so he immediately drove back to Imperial Park.

He saw Huo Mian’s Audi parked underneath and knew that she would be upstairs.

“I don’t want to eat… you should eat.”

Huo Mian’s voice was very quiet…

Qin Chu knew that something was wrong, so he crouched down, and only noticed that her head was burning like crazy when he brushed his lips against her forehead.

“You’ve got a fever… and you didn’t even know, you’re still sleeping.”

Qin Chu’s heart throbbed as he lifted her up from the bed and wrapped her around in a blanket. Then, he carried her downstairs and placed her on the couch.

He took out an electronic thermometer to measure her body temperature…

“39.6 degrees, Huo Mian, what in the world…”

Qin Chu said with an incredibly grim expression as he looked at the thermometer…

Weren’t normal people supposed to respond to not feeling well?

She was a doctor herself, did she not have common sense?

Huo Mian just felt uncomfortable all over and was extremely sleepy. All she wanted to do was sleep.

She really didn’t realize how bad her fever had gotten…

Qin Chu took out some Tylenol from the emergency kit, poured her a cup of warm water, and fed it to her.

Then he held her in his arms and pressed his face against hers in heartache.

“How did you catch a fever all of a sudden?”

“I might have… caught a cold,” Huo Mian said in a blur.

“Dummy… why didn’t you know that you were sick? You’re truly the biggest dummy in the world. If I didn’t come to find you, then what will you do? If you keep burning up like that, then your brain might become toast.”

“Toast is good, that way I could quietly live as an idiot… By then, I’ll just stay by your side and force you to provide for me for the rest of my life.”

Huo Mian used her warm face and nudged Qin Chu’s chiseled chin.

Qin Chu tightly hugged her, feeling as if his heart was being shredded to pieces…

Luckily, the medicine worked quite well, and Huo Mian’s fever broke after half an hour or so…

Qin Chu then pressed an ice towel against her forehead… and put her head on his legs…

Just then, Huo Mian’s cellphone rang…

Qin Chu looked at the caller ID, and it was Huo Mian’s mother, so he picked up, “Auntie.”

“Where is Mian?” asked Yang Meirong.

“She’s right here.”

“Pass the phone to her,” Yang Meirong seemed to be a bit anxious.

Qin Chu handed the phone to Huo Mian, and Huo Mian picked it up in a blur.


“Mom, what is it?”

“Hurry back, I don’t know what is with Zhixin, but he won’t eat or drink once he got home. He locked himself inside his room and won’t even open the door when I knocked.”

“Okay, I’m heading back right now.”

Huo Mian then realized that Huang Yue must’ve broken up with Zhixin.

So, she managed to pull herself together with difficulty…

“Where are you going?”

“Zhixin… he is in a bit of trouble over there. I have to go back and check on him.”

“Let’s go together,” Qin Chu knew that Huo Mian had to go, so he didn’t try to stop her. He immediately drove her to Sky Blessing Court.

“You’re finally here, hurry up and check out that child. He is so odd today, he didn’t say a word to me.”

Yang Meirong was very worried…


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