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Season 9

Episode 27

(Taking Something That Belongs to Others (8)

“Huo Mian, I also invited your older brother, you don’t mind, do you?” asked Mo Xue’er with a smile.

“Of course… I don’t mind.” Huo Mian smiled.

She now realized that this meal wasn’t just a meal. Huo Mian thought too naively of Mo Xue’er.

Huo Siqian was affectionate. He came in and sat down right beside Mo Xue’er.

Then, he intimately kissed her on the cheek, as if Huo Mian was invisible…

“I’m the host today, order whatever you guys want to eat.” Mo Xue’er was very generous.

Huo Siqian raised his eyes to look at Huo Mian and said, “Let Mian order. I’ll have whatever she’s having.”

Huo Mian didn’t say anything either, as she lowered her head and looked over the menu…

Then, she raised her hand and called over the server. “One serving of this grilled meat, along with pork belly, enokitake, squid, and chicken feet as well. Oh right, I also want this tendon and a vegetable platter.”

“Any drinks?”

“Just water.”

“Then I want water as well.” Huo Siqian acted like a child.

“You’re not drinking today?” Mo Xue’er asked Huo Siqian as she looked at him.

“I’m not drinking. I still have a meeting at the company this afternoon…”

After they ordered, the three of them sat around awkwardly…

It wouldn’t be as awkward if it was just Huo Siqian and Huo Mian, but with a somewhat unfamiliar Mo Xue’er around, things felt a bit… odd.

“Xue’er, how’s work lately?”

“Yes, thanks to President Qin, GK has arranged for me to only accept jobs that were the best of the best.”

“Oh.” Huo Mian nodded, and then suddenly didn’t know what else to say.

However, Huo Siqian poured himself a glass of water, and then he looked at Huo Mian and said, “You’ve been successfully promoted to a doctor, but you didn’t even treat me to dinner despite such good news. I’ll just have to congratulate you today.”


“Huo Mian, you’re a doctor now?” Mo Xue’er appeared somewhat surprised.

“Yea, I passed my exams a few days ago.”

“Haha… I didn’t even know of such big news, clearly Young Master Huo is much more informed.” Mo Xue’er looked at Huo Siqian with uncertain depth after she spoke.

“That’s perfectly natural… how could I not pay attention to my own sister? Even that Huo Yanyan… I know all about how much she spends, and how many overdrafts she makes in a month…”

“Hey, Young Master Huo, have you noticed that Huo Mian and my eyes are kind of alike…” Mo Xue’er said as she smiled.

Huo Mian curiously touched her face, and then looked at Mo Xue’er’s, she really didn’t think they were alike at all.

Huo Mian didn’t know why she would say that…

“Really? How come I don’t think so?” Huo Siqian kept laughing.

“But a lot of people have said so… ever since I came to GK, a lot of people have said that I looked a bit like the young madam. I feel very honored…”

“How could I be as pretty as you? You think too highly of me.” Huo Mian took a small sip of the bottled water.

“Not at all, you’re definitely unique and extraordinary… Why else would President Qin be a wife worshiper?”

“Pish… wife worshipper.” This was Huo Mian’s first time hearing this term, but it suited Qin Chu’s quite well.

‘That’s right… several stars that work with GK occasionally talk about you guys in private. We say that President Qin is a wife worshiper, the reimbursement bills last time were so ridiculous… but because you promised the employees, President Qin signed it without another word. It is clear how much he is spoiling you.”

Huo Mian felt a bit uncomfortable upon hearing what Mo Xue’er said…

“That brother-in-law of mine… is indeed… But then come to think of it, whoever marries my little sis must have earned great karma in his previous life, so he has to treat her well!”

“I always say that you treat Huo Mian much better than Huo Yanyan, what a biased brother.”

Mo Xue’er interrupted, and Huo Mian looked up at Huo Siqian. She felt like the way he looked at her was somewhat complex…


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