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       πŸ–€{Getting Into His Dark World}πŸ–€

         πŸ¦‹ EPISODE 108πŸ¦‹{Him Alone.}




       ~πŸ₯€ ALEXANDERπŸ₯€~

Have you ever wanted something so fucking badly in your life? Have you ever done everything that you can to make it up to that one person that you can't just seem to jet go?

Have you ever done something so bad to someone that you love and hurt them in the process then try to make it up to them for the rest of your life?

You haven't right? Well I have. And I'm failing terribly at it.

I know that she's hurt band she doesn't want to be with me anything and I know that she says she doesn't love me anymore but I don't believe her.

Even behind all her anger, I can still see the same eyes that she always look at me with. The one that I love so much and the one that I've grown to know because she's always staring at me as it I've that one only important person in he Life.

As if it would hurt her to lose lr and even though I messed things up badly with my stupid fucking behaviour towards my past which I'm still very surprised that she forgave me for, I just want her back.

I don't care how long it would take for her to finally forgive me and let me back in but I will be here, waiting till whenever he's ready and I'm not going to let her go. Not the time again and not ever again.

I stare at her as she walks out of the restaurant which I assumed that she ate from and she stares along the road like it's the most interesting thing she has ever do as she watch the bus and other things pass by.

She smiles and that makes my heart flip. Seeing her smile, God! How long has it been already? Because of me, she didn't get to smile every time but I'm glad that I'm able to see her smile like this again.

I stretch my fingers and slowly trace it across the screen, stating at her.

I know this is really so low of me, watching her woke she's busy doing something that she loves but I just can't help it. I want to see her everytime but she doesn't which is why I got no other choice but to do this.

"Don't you think that you've done enough staring for now? I'm sure she must be feeling pretty weird like someone is staring at her and she wouldn't be able to figure out why."

My sister's voice comes from the door and I chuckle as I raise my head to look at her and she raises her brows at me before walking herself in probably.

"You should go get the girl. What the fuck is wrong with you Alex? You are never afraid or talking to girls, why this time?"

She sighs as she takes a seat and I shake my head.

"You won't understand Winnie. She isn't like them, the other girls and she's angry at me because I did something terrible to her, I hurt her badly and she isn't ready to let me back in."

"Well, I could help you talk to her."

She shrugs and I chuckle before shaking my head, about to open my mouth. The same time that a knocks comes to the door and someone I never expected walks through the door.

    TBC ♥️

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