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       πŸ–€{Getting Into His Dark World}πŸ–€

         πŸ¦‹ EPISODE 110πŸ¦‹{Him Alone.}





"That was really a nice ride,I can't wait to do more of that very often and of course with you."

Logan smiles as we walk down the oaek and I return his smile evem though my mind isn't even here right now and my mind is somewhere far, somewhere really far from here and I'm not thinking about this nice guy that has taken me out and make me forget about everything even if it's just for a split second.

Instead, I'm thinking about him once again. The one who hurt me and has managed to drain me. The one who has been constantly asking for my forgiveness but I'm just not ready to give him.

Not after what he did, I don't want to make myself vulnerable in such a way anymore, I don't want to be that vulnerable anymore for him to hurt me whenever he pleases and after everything that he did, I'm just not ready to get back in that place with him.

"Thank you Logan.i really appreciate you bringing me here, it has been fun."

I smile at him and he shakes his head before nodding at me.

"It's nothing and I'm just glad that you accept my proposal to come out here, you have always been rejecting.

 What made you change your mind this time?"

He raises his brows at me and I just shrugs.

"I thought that maybe you deserve a chance."

I shrug and he smiles before nodding.

I met Logan at one of my favourite restaurants and I accidently dropped my purse, already leaving but thanks to him. I found it back because he brought it to me and we just talked and exchanged numbers right there.

He's really a fun guy to be with though and he says things that makes me smile even when I don't want to, he always tries bis best to make sure that I smile and I'm really grateful for that even though I've told him that I'm not looking for a relationship, he had insisted that it's fine and hes here to stay as a friend. 

I know that that isn't really true cause I know the way that he stares at me sometimes but I've always managed to forget about all those because he says he isn't looking for a relationship so why bother saying anything about it and he hasn't even made a move on me yet which I'm extremely glad for because if he did, I would have regected him bluntly and it would have been such a pain to lose him as a friend.

"Well, I'm far that you enjoyed yourself. Do you have somewhere else that you'll like to go? I still have extra one hour to spend with you like you agreed."

He points out and I chuckle before thinking about where I would love to go and somehow, my thoughts wander off to him.

     TBC ♥️.

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