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Season 1

Episode 69

Silly Foodie)

“I think my injury is better now. It’s close to the year end and the company’s going to go on a break. A lot of work has piled up in the office so I want to go back to work tomorrow. May I submit the proposal for the South River project later?”

Xi Xiaye frowned and looked at him as he remained silent. She then said, “The year-end holiday runs for about half a month and the team is still in a mess at the moment”

Mu Yuchen did not reply to her immediately. He transferred the fried eggs with tomatoes from the pan to a plate. As he did not look at her the whole time, Xi Xiaye only got more and more anxious.

Apart from being worried about the piling up work, she really disliked always staying at home. It made her feel empty and she had an odd sense of suffocation.

“Mu Yuchen”

Xi Xiaye rapped her knuckles on the cool kitchen counter when he did not reply. “Shouldn’t you be happy that your company has such a dedicated employee like me?”

“The South River project can be delayed, but are you sure that you’ll be fine?”

Mu Yuchen glanced at her. He knew what she was thinking about. “You can stay at home to prepare the project. I’ve asked Vice President Liu to take care of your work for now, so you don’t have to worry. If you push further, then I’ll take the South River project back from you.”

Directly, he was declining Xi Xiaye’s request.

Xi Xiaye felt defeated when he left no room for discussion. She glared at him unhappily as the smell of the food entered her nostrils. Without caring about elegance, she pinched a piece of the omelet with her fingers and chomped it down.

Mu Yuchen threw her an odd look.

“What are you looking at? It’s plain and not tasty at all!” She then picked up a slice of tomato and ate it while looking pointedly at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen was unfazed. This woman would become unreasonable when she started to get mad. She would definitely mess with anyone if one got serious with her.

He just shot her a glance and then continued making the second dish.

“I met Su Nan today. She’s my best friend and has always taken care of me. I told her about us being married. Do find some time so you two can meet.”

Xi Xiaye stopped making a fuss when he did not say anything. In her head, she did not forget about Su Nan’s reminder which she had repeated over and over again.

“Does she want to see who’s so unlucky to have married to a silly foodie?”

Mu Yuchen threw her a glance as he continued to fry the potato slices in the pan.

Xi Xiaye sulked when she heard him. “Why’re you making it sound like a bad deal marrying me? I’m a modern lady… A fair, rich, and beautiful woman! Who are you calling a silly foodie?”

“You need to train longer to lure me into your trap, but it won’t ever work on me.” Mu Yuchen scanned Xi Xiaye with his eyes as if he was looking at an idiot.

He was the one who would trap others. Whoever could trap him?

A fair, rich, and beautiful woman?

Well, if she was serious, she was pretty cute.

“I’m stating a fact. I was the school idol back then, and now I have a stable job with income of over a million. I’m a strong woman who doesn’t depend on others”

Xi Xiaye did not continue any further because the man was staring at her with a surprised gaze. She felt creeped out and stopped talking.

“Missus, I think you’re very much alike something when you feel very good about yourself. Do you want to know what?” Mu Yuchen gave it some thought and then said calmly.

“Like what?” Xi Xiaye became curious.

“An idiot.” Mu Yuchen averted his gaze back to the potato slices after the short reply. A grin appeared on his face and he was stifling his laughter.

Xi Xiaye’s expression froze. She reacted after a slight delay and could not hold in her anger anymore. In her temper, she flung the bouquet of flowers in her hand towards Mu Yuchen. “You’re the idiot! You’re the foodie! Don’t think I’ll be afraid of you just because you’re the Chairman”

Mu Yuchen shook his head at her wild behavior. He smiled and then held onto the bouquet she had thrown at him. Grabbing herbody and holding her in his arms, he restrained her against himself.

“That’s enough. If you continue to mess around, our dinner won’t evenbe readywhen midnight comes. You can arrange a meeting with your friend. Isn’t Emperor Entertainment City open to the public already? Bring her there for some shopping. Put all your spending under my name… On second thought, I’ll get you a supplementary card later, so you can get whatever you want with it.”

“Then, do you want to meet Su Nan? We can have a meal. She’s probably getting married to her boyfriend soon and they’re both good friends of mine. We’re bound to meet sooner or later,” Xi Xiaye raised her head from his arms and looked at him as she asked.

“Mmm, you can go ahead and arrange it. Let’s have dinner with them in the next two days or so,” Mu Yuchen replied after giving it some thought.

“Alright then. I know you’re busy with several projects in City S. We’ll do it this Saturday then. What do you think?” She tilted her head and suggested a time.

“Sure, I have time this weekend.” Mu Yuchen nodded.

“I’ll give Su Nan a call now then. Also, I think these flowers look pretty and I’ll give them to you now. I’ll take the dishes out! Be quick with the rest. I’m really hungry!”

She then backed away from Mu Yuchen and left the kitchen with the two dishes he had prepared.

Mu Yuchen stared at the bouquet of blue roses after she left the kitchen. Several blue petals had fallen onto the floor because of her aggressive movement just now.


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