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Season 1

Episode 68

( Flowers For Mr. Mu)

They had shopped for almost the entire day and amassed a huge pile of clothes and shoes, which were all Su Nan’s. By the time she sent her friend back to the Su residence, it was already close to evening.

Xi Xiaye did not stay any longer. After she dropped Su Nan off, she swung by her old apartment and packed some things to bring back to Maple Residence.

When the car traversed through the city downtown, she suddenly remembered about what she needed to discuss with Mu Yuchen. She kept thinking about it, fretting about how to ask him.

Even though he seemed pretty easy going, he was very firm and decisive about for certain things. He did not allow resistance, so she was afraid that getting him to yield would not be thateasy a task. When she thought about this, she suddenly parked her car by the roadside and pondered how to ask him later.

She frowned a little distressedly. Just as she wanted to lean back and contemplate, her eyes looked outside and suddenly saw a flower shop by the roadside…

She thought about it, then a vibrance flashed across her twinkling eyes. She then pushed open the car door and got down.

“Hello, Miss! Want to buy some flowers?”

Xi Xiaye had just stepped into the shop when the lady boss very enthusiastically greeted her.

She nodded gently as her bright eyes started to look around at all the various fresh flowers in full bloom around her. Quickly, her gaze fell onto a flower basket with blue roses.

“I’ll have this one then. It’s quite pretty. Help me pack a bouquet. Please wrap it up nicely.”

Xi Xiaye pointed at the huge basket of blue roses with her fair fingertips as she said to the lady boss.

The lady boss smiled and nodded. “Okay, Miss. Please wait for a moment. I’ll get it ready right away!”

Actually, Xi Xiaye did not know the meaning these flowers carried. She just thought that they looked pretty and that the profound ocean-blue color was quite suitable for a man with Mu Yuchen’s low-profile and reserved demeanor. She thought that he would appreciate these flowers.

Earlier, when she saw the blue roses, her eyes lit up ever so slightly. However, she barely recalled receiving any fresh flowers before.

The only flowers she had ever received would be the prize that Mu Yuchen had won from the race that night, that stalk of blooming red rose and a very beautiful Barbie princess doll.

When she thought about this, she suddenly smiled. Even though she felt a little bleak, at the same time, a warmth expanded in her heart. She felt like a beam of sunshine had suddenly shone into the haze at the bottom of her heart without her even noticing.

The lady boss was very quick. A short while later, she had delivered the beautiful bouquet of blue roses to Xi Xiaye. The huge bouquet almost covered her.

Xi Xiaye looked down at the blue flowers that were elegantly beautiful and so unfathomable that it almost brought tears to her eyes. The faint fragrance entered her nose as she breathed in slightly. Nodding in satisfaction, she paid and then left.

At this moment, Mu Yuchen who had been busy the entire day returned to Maple Residence and realized that the whole villa was in darkness. The only faint light that flickeredoccasionally came from the dim streetlight beyond the yard.

When he turned the living room lights on and looked around, he instantly saw the dishes that Xi Xiaye had left behind that morning on the dining table. Earlier, when he had parked his car in the garage and noticed that the Porsche was missing, he had already guessed that she must have gone out.

He did not think too much. Taking his coat off to reveal a black top, he turned the temperature higher, then leisurely made his way to the kitchen.

When Xi Xiaye returned to Maple Residence, she realized that the lights inside were already switched on. She rushed down from the car with that huge bouquet, and the moment she entered the villa, a warmth engulfed her.

She looked around the whole living room and her gaze went to the kitchen where the lights were turned on. She then carried the humongous bouquet towards the kitchen.

Slowly pushing the glass door to the kitchen open, a tantalizing aroma assailed her nostrils and a tall, black figure standing before the stove greeted her sight.

He was skillfully stirring the food in the pan with his sleeves rolled up halfway, revealing his fair and thin wrists. His handsome and quiet face looked a little surreal underneath the dazzling lights.

Xi Xiaye studied him and could not help but become absent-minded for quite a while. Moments after, she snapped back.

She looked down at the flowers she held in front of her, then looked up at him again. Suddenly, she felt a little shy and quite embarrassed. She had never presented anyone with flowers before, what more a man…

When she thought about this, Xi Xiaye could not help but scold herself on the inside. She had really gone crazy. What was wrong with giving him something else? Yet, she had chosen flowers of all things! She was pondering about whether or not to just forget it and give up when the man who was busy suddenly turned around and looked at her.

Immediately, his eyes fell onto the bouquet of blue roses that almost covered her. Her starry eyes met his unfathomable eyes too and she was startled…

“Who sent you those?” Mu Yuchen’s eyes flashed with a cold light that betrayed his calm tone.

Xi Xiaye struggled on the inside. Her beautiful face flashed with a mix of emotions for a while. Finally, she decided to just go for it. After all, she had already bought the flowers!

She slowly walked over and stopped before him. Just as she turned to look at what he was stirring in the pan, she handed him the huge bouquet in her arms. Her voice was soft and gentle. “When I passed by the florist, I thought they bloomed quite beautifully, so I bought them. They’re for you… What are you cooking? It smells so divine!”

Once his lady said this, Mu Yuchen was stunned. His eyes that were as bottomless as the sea flashed with surprise. He stared at Xiaye’s fair and beautiful face and sharply noticed that two faint splotches were slowly crawling up her cheeks…

Mu Yuchen’s usual calm and indifferent gaze had, for some reason, turned gentle. This was the first time someone had presented him with flowers, and the person that had done so was this woman who had just become his wife.

There was suddenly a mixed light in his eyes, yet he looked down at the bouquet, then at the side of her face. She was pretending to look into the pan. He suddenly chuckled, his soft tone a little tender. “One who’s unaccountably solicitous is hiding some evil intentions, eh? What did you do now? Or do you want me to satisfy any requests of yours?”

She almost forgot that this man always had a vigilance that could see through everything. He instantly saw through her thoughts and she felt defeated.

She turned around and leaned on the countertop, watching him get busy from the side. Her brows were furrowed into a knot as she thought about it and decided that she should not hide it. She should just be frank.

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