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Season 1

Episode 67

(He's A Very Good Person)

Under Su Nan’s shocked gaze, Xi Xiaye looked up slightly. When she saw Su Nan’s stunned face, she could not help but purse her lips and chuckle. Her tone was very calm as she affirmed, “You heard me right. I am indeed married.”

Su Nan only snapped back to her senses after quite a while. She held onto Xi Xiaye’s hand and fixed her gaze on her, her beautiful eyes still filled with disbelief as her little face was tensed up. “Who’s that man? It definitely isn’t Han Yifeng, is it?”

Xi Xiaye lifted her hand gently and patted the back of Su Nan’s hand. Shaking her head lightly, she slowly lowered her gaze and said calmly, “I’ve already told you, Han Yifeng… and I… is already inthe past…”

“Then, who’s that man to whom you’re married? Why did you suddenly get married to him? Aren’t you afraid of being fooled? Have you really gone crazy?”

Su Nan knew Xi Xiaye well. These past few years she had almost always been with her, she had never seen her date anyone. Therefore, now that such a jaw-dropping piece of news had suddenly popped up, she could not help but be shocked!

“It’s Mr. Mu. He’s a very sweet person and is very considerate. He’s very good at looking after me too. I think… I don’t have any reason not to get married to him, especially now that everything is really quite smooth-sailing.”

“Don’t tell me that these past two days when you vanished, it was because… you went to get married right away!”

Xi Xiaye kept silent, yet Su Nan already knew her answer. She felt a headache coming on as she lectured, “Xiaye, marriage is one of the most important things in life. How could you be so careless? Do you understand him? Understand his family situation? Sigh, what’s wrong with you? I’m most afraid of seeing you unhappy, alright? Don’t tell me that you suddenly got married just to take revenge!”

“Forget it. I don’t care anymore. Since you’re already married, just bring this man out to meet me before we talk any further. I won’t say anything anymore. If he isn’t a good person, Xi Xiaye, don’t blame me for killing you! Then, immediately break off relations with your fool. That way, I can live for a few more years!”

It was just like Su Nan to say that. Clearly, she was incredibly worried, but her words were also very mean.

Xi Xiaye listened to Su Nan’s lecture quietly, then she smiled. “Don’t worry. His family knows my mother and my family. Let’s not talk about this. Let’s find a time to have him treat you to a meal. You and Ruan Heng can come together.”

As she said this, she elegantly served her some tea. “How are you and Ruan Heng?”

She recalled that it had been quite a while since Ruan Heng called her every day, so the two lovers must have reconciled.

“Just the same. He’s just too naive and slow. He’s so one-track minded everywhere he goes! I’ve decided to bring him back to meet my parents in a few days. I feel like we’re both not young anymore. Now, you’re married as well, and I’m even older than you by a year. I’m 27 this year and I’ll be 28 when the New Year comes. My parents are already getting worried.”

Su Nan sighed in distress.

“Did Ruan Heng propose to you?” Xi Xiaye took a sip of tea and asked.

“He has mentioned it before. He wanted me to follow him home to meet his parents, but the last time that incident happened, so it was delayed. We’ll discuss it again another day. His parents and mine are both into literature and arts. Plus, they’re all sensible people, so it should be easy for them to get along.”

When Su Nan said this, Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered the incident last night. She and Mu Yuchen had already decided that she would be meeting his family the next day.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s talk about you. When are you bringing him out to let me examine?”

Su Nan restrained her train of thoughts. She drank a mouthful tea and frowned at Xi Xiaye, sticking her tongue out in disdain. “Ugh, it’s so bitter! I really don’t know why you like drinking this tea. I still prefer to drink milk tea.”

“Wait till we’re done with being busy in the next few days,” Xi Xiaye responded to her question earlier.

Su Nan nodded. “Okay then. Are you going for Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi’s engagement ceremony? Initially, I was worried about you. If you go, then I’ll go. If you’re not going, then I’m too lazy to give a damn either.”

“I might not be able to go as I should be at work at that time. It’s always a little busy end of the year and those few days will be just before New Year’s Eve, so there’ll be quite a lot for me to rush before going on holiday.”

When she thought about the South River project, Xi Xiaye could not help but feel a headache come on. There were still so many things that needed to be prepared and it would be the holidays soon. She wondered whether she should request Mu Yuchen so that she could hand her proposal inslightly later. Otherwise, with such a short amount of time, she was really worried that she would not be able to complete it.

“That’s true. They’re just some unimportant people. Who do they think they are that I have to care just for anyone? Huh, and what was it they even said? That I need your blessings the most? How pretentious! Han Yifeng must’ve gone blind, actually liking such a fake woman… Never mind. Forget it! Once I talk about them, I’ll get angry! I haven’t shopped in so long. Since the sun is pretty warm today, let’s go out and walk around.”

Xi Xiaye followed Su Nan’s gaze and looked out of the window too. She noticed that outside, the sun shone magnificently and warm, golden rays blanketed the whole place.

Everything seemed so beautiful.

She thought about it before nodding gladly. “Mmm, I should get some New Year goodies for Father Su and Mother Su too. Just nice then, since you can help me bring them back.”

“Save it! You have to send your own New Year’s gifts by yourself. My parents miss you! They haven’t seen you come to the house for quite a few months now. Once I return, you’re all they ask me about,” Su Nan said as she stood up. “Right, I didn’t drive today, so I can carpool with you.”

Xi Xiaye smiled as she took her handbag on the side. “Let’s go then. I’ll definitely be responsible and send you home safely.”

However, moments later, when Su Nan saw the Cayenne parked in front of her, she became speechless with shock. Turning to look at Xi Xiaye, she pointed at the car and asked, “Are you saying that this car belongs to your mysterious husband?”

When she saw Su Nan’s expression, Xi Xiaye could not help but laugh. She just helped her open the door to the front passenger seat. Then, she walked around the car and got into the driver’s seat.

“Don’t tell me that you’re even living off a rich man! Dang, don’t tell me that the man you’re married to is a short fatty. Oh, maybe he’s a horny, bald man!”

Su Nan got into the car and buckled up. Her rich imagination started to expand as she imagined how Xi Xiaye’s new husband looked like.

“Don’t think so nonsensically. He’s a pretty charming person. His looks… shouldn’t lose out to Han Yifeng’s.”

“Shouldn’t lose out to Han Yifeng’s?! Han Yifeng is already quite a rare, handsome catch. Could the man you’ve found actually beat him? No way! I’m really getting more and more curious…”

Xi Xiaye ignored Su Nan’s crazy look as she switched the music player on and started the engine.


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