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Season 1

Episode 66

(Shocked Su Nan)

Mu Yuchen chuckled without a word. He let her frown and sit quietly for a while before he said softly, “Fine, I really didn’t consider it much. You’ve just committedacrime by being attached to a rebel. They’re not monsters, so you don’t have to worry.”

As he said this, he tore his eyes away and looked down at the page in his hand before he continued, “Grandfather and Grandmother are quite loving. They won’t trouble you. Father is amiable and gentle too, so it won’t be too hard to communicate with him. Mother looks a little serious and indifferent. She doesn’t talk much, but she’sactuallykind at heart and isn’t hard to get along with. If you feel that it’s hard to communicate with them, you can just ignore them. You just have to remember these few people. As for the rest, you don’t even have to care.

“Even though it sounds like the Mu family is quite huge on the outside, these few years, the relationships have faded quite a bit. You don’t have to be too pressured. I’ll let you know when the time comes. Then, I’ll tell you what you need to take note of. With me here, what’s there for you to be worried about?”

If he had not shared this, Xi Xiaye really would not have known anything about the Mu family. She never did pay attention to such things.

She thought about it, then nodded. She ceased her questions. “You should prepare that gift by yourself. I’m not too sure about what they’ll like.”

“Mmm,” Mu Yuchen just answered.

Xi Xiaye then lifted the blanket and slowly got into bed, lying down on her side.

Mu Yuchen’s gaze was quiet as he watched the way she lay down with her back against him. On this huge bed that could easily fit five to six people, she lay at the side and only took up less than a tenth of the space.

His silent and profound eyes flickered slightly, then he said softly, “Are you afraid?”

When she heard him, Xi Xiaye’s frail body was startled for some reason and she instantly stiffened. Mu Yuchen could see that her fingers clutched onto the blanket tightly, turning pale.

“N-no…” Xi Xiaye’s clear voice was heard.

However, just as she said this, she heard the rustling of the blanket being lifted, and before she could react, a huge hand gripped her waist and pulled her in, delicately avoiding the injury on her shoulder.

She could not help but cry out in alarm. The faint warmth that suddenly came behind her made her turn rigid and she dared not move. The quiet and elegant fragrance that came close to her nose made her fall into a daze.

“Don’t worry. I won’t go to the point of disregarding your injury. I’ll give you time, but I hope it won’t be too long.” His deep voice rang out with a depth and some raspiness, warming Xi Xiaye’s heart when she heard it for some reason.

She fell silent for a moment, then after a long while she turned her head slightly. She looked towards him and met his deep eyes. She thought about it before lightly breathing in, then she answered softly, “I know. Thank you.”

“I don’t want to hear those two words anymore from now on. Alright, it’s late. Go to sleep,” said the man before his grip on her waist slowly loosened.

Xi Xiaye then eased up while he did not move anymore. The vague warmth from his chest traveled through the narrow of her back. The air was filled with his elegant and cold aura, and the sound of his faint breathing was audible.

She subconsciously opened her eyes and turned to look at him, realizing that his eyes were already closed. His long eyelashes and his noble and elegant handsome face that was showered with the dim yet warm wall lamp made him look somewhat distant and out of this world.

She suddenly smiled, tearing her gaze away. Suddenly, she felt relaxed as she was engulfed by an unprecedented warmth. A while after, she fell asleep again…

The next day when she woke up, the man beside her was nowhere in sight. After Xi Xiaye finished washing up and went downstairs, she realized that the entire villa was empty, but the dining table did have breakfast prepared.

Xi Xiaye had just sat down and had a few mouthfuls of the porridge when Su Nan called. She then remembered that she had made plans to meet Su Nan last night.

“Xiaye, I’ve already reached Bamboo Teahouse. When are you reaching? Don’t tell me that you haven’t woken up and have run off somewhere. Earlier, I went to your apartment and rang the doorbell for a long time, no one answered!”

Su Nan’s impatient voice came through. Xi Xiaye then put the spoon in her hand down.

“Order some food first. I’m rushing over right now.”

Then, she took the glass of water at the side and had a few gulps. She did not even have the time to tidy up as she had just gone to the drawer to get the car keys and rush out.

By the time she sped all the way to Bamboo Teahouse, nearly an hour had passed. Su Nan who was waiting in the private room was already very impatient.

When she saw Su Nan’s angry yet worried look, Xi Xiaye served her tea while her twinkling eyes flashed with a light as her beautiful face forced a smile. “I’m sorry for letting you worry, Su Nan. I’m fine, I’ve been living pretty well these past few days too.”

“Where did you go these past few days? I couldn’t find you at your apartment, nor at the company. I’ve heard all about what happened at the banquet. It’s just that shameless thing getting engaged right? Do you have to go the point of being so disheartened that you hid away to mourn, or be upset alone?”

Su Nan shot Xi Xiaye a look for failing to meet her expectations of staying strong. She chided, “Xi Xiaye, to be honest, I really can’t stand you. You’re just so stubborn. Don’t try to correct your mistakes! Xi Xinyi, that pretentious slut, seeing her pretend to be all innocent makes me want to rush up and rip her apart! How dare she be so shameless to send me an engagement invitation? What the hell? She even pitifully said that she just wants you to live better, that she’d rather return Han Yifeng to you. That bitch! Now, isn’t she still getting engaged to Han Yifeng?! You don’t know this, but when I came over, I even saw them try on their formal attires… I’m so pissed off…”

When she saw Su Nan all furious and getting angrier as she spoke, Xi Xiaye who quietly listened to her angry venting suddenly said calmly,“Su Nan, I’m married.”

“What? What do you mean ‘married’?”

Interrupted by Xi Xiaye, Su Nan looked very unhappily at her. However, seeing that Xi Xiaye was drinking her tea, her brain suddenly understood and realized what Xi Xiaye had just said!

“Xi Xiaye, what did you just say? Married? Did you say you were married?”

Su Nan widened her eyes and looked at Xi Xiaye, stunned.

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