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Season 1

Episode 64

(An Accident?)

Xi Xiaye’s reply made the usually quick-witted Wang Hui stunned for some time. Her eyes darted between the two of them repeatedly as her body seemed to have frozen.

Not knowing what to say, the sudden news indeed shocked the elder. Moreover, she was the one who had mentioned getting married first. Xi Xiaye then realized that her rash decision had caused such a big uproar, so she was now worried about her grandpa and her mother’s side. Would they

She looked at Mu Yuchen uneasily, her eyes screaming for help. He noticed her intention and then smiled at her before he set his gaze on Wang Hui.

Wang Hui finally came back to her senses. An odd expression appeared on her face as a light flashed through her sharp eyes and she grinned at the two of them. Staring at Mu Yuchen squarely in the eyes, she quipped, “I’m not a very traditional person. I’ll accept it since you both are already married. However, since you guys got married in such a hurry, could it be?”

The old lady’s sharp eyes were focused onto Xi Xiaye’s stomach as she grinned like a cunning fox. “Did you guys not take safety precautions and had an accident?”


Xi Xiaye was drinking some tea, but upon hearing the speculation, she started coughing and tea spurted out of her mouth. As a result of her shock, her wound on her shoulder was jolted slightly. Mu Yuchen reacted quickly by grabbing several tissues for her to avoid the mess from worsening.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Don’t you have anything else in your mind?” Mu Yuchen frowned towards Wang Hui. At the same time, he placed a hand behind Xi Xiaye’s back protectively. “How are you feeling?”

Xi Xiaye raised her hand slightly to indicate that she was fine, but her little face was all red. All of a sudden, she felt that it was very hot. She glared at Mu Yuchen awkwardly and wanted him to explain!

Wang Hui thought that her assumption was correct when she saw Mu Yuchen being so concerned about Xi Xiaye. After all, otherwise, they would not have gotten married in such a rush.

However, it did not seem right. The timing did not match up. They had just gone on their blind date not too long ago, and Chen had just returned recently

What was happening?

The Mu family was very strict with their reputation, especially since they were a prestigious family. Wang Hui was a respectable icon within the military while Mu Yuchen’s father, Mu Tangchuan, was a top brass in the government sector. His mother, Zhuang Shurong, sat among the ranks of the Procuratorate management. Therefore, they had to be very careful with everything they did.

Problems related to principles or negative issues were something they should avoid, which made them more sensitive towards matters that might hurt their family’s reputation.

Within the upper ranks of the society, smart people would never make such silly mistakes, unlike those playboys who would get into trouble everywhere and become victims of the mass media.

Being born under such family circumstances and having studied in a military school, Mu Yuchen had extraordinary self-control. He was disciplined, humble, and responsible.

Mu Yuchen knew exactly what Wang Hui was thinking as she stared at them.

“It’s not what you think. Didn’t you guys always want me to get married and live a new life? You guys are happy with her, and so am I,” Mu Yuchen took a pause and glanced at the shiny ring on Xi Xiaye’s finger, then hecontinued, “Xiaye studied in City S High School too. I’ve met her many years ago and liked her ever since. A senior marrying his junior… Isn’t that pretty good?”

As he finished his sentence, the man glanced at the blushing Xi Xiaye with an odd smile.

Liked her ever since high school?

A senior marrying his junior?

That was impressive of him. He did not even need to practice lying. However, it seemed to be believable. In fact, they really did study at the same high school and were truly having the relationship between a senior and ajunior!

However, their high school phase was over ten years ago and they had no idea who each other was then! Moreover, he was several years older than her. When she enrolled at the school, he had already graduated!

Xi Xiaye glanced at the man who looked calm as ever and did not show any hint of being nervous. She was impressed by how he could remain so calm.

His performance was able to trick the cunning old fox. Furthermore, the couple’s intimate behavior proved that Mu Yuchen’s words were not a lie, so Wang Hui then truly believed him.

She looked at Xi Xiaye and smiled. “I see you both knew each other before… Well, that’s great! Great, senior and junior, not bad at all! His parents, who are your parents now as well, are from the same school too.”

“I hope you don’t mind, my child. It’s easier now that things are clear. I’m pretty close to your grandpa Shen Yue, your mother Shen Wenna and his parents are on friendly terms as well. There’s nothing wrong with knowing each other. I hope that our family gets to know each other better. Haha, this is fantastic”

Wang Hui grinned like a cunning fox, her smile even seeming slightly evil.

See now, Shen Yue, back then, my son wasn’t able to marry your daughter. However, now your granddaughter has become one of my family members. Suck it up! The fact is that my grandson is really charming!

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