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Season 1

Episode 63

(Mu Family's Queen Mother Has Arrived (3)

The couple was shocked and looked at each other. Xi Xiaye quickly straightened her back and looked outside the door, astonished.

Thump thump thump!

Sounds of quick footsteps echoed and she frowned. “There’s someone outside!”

Mu Yuchen had already stood up, his deep eyes shining slightly, but his expression was as calm as ever. He just walked outside and Xi Xiaye caught up to him when he left the room.

There was a grey figure that disappeared into their bedroom as they just walked out of the study room. Feeling odd, Xi Xiaye went on to take a look. She stood outside the bedroom and saw an old, bespectacled lady wearing a grey coat scrummaging through their cupboards.


The old lady opened their wardrobe and rifled through them. She fixed her sharp gaze on Xi Xiaye’s clothes, then shestudied the spacious bed. After that, she quickly took a look at the bathroom

Xi Xiaye was stunned and was not sure what was happening. The old lady seemed just like a disciplinary teacher. Glancing at the man beside her, she realized that he had already sat down on the sofa.

He turned the television on and was taking out some tea leaves casually as if he did not notice the old lady messing up their bedroom.

She pointed her finger at the bedroom and stammered out of astonishment, “Mu Yuchen… She”

“Sit down. She’ll come out after going through the room,” Mu Yuchen replied as he poured the tea elegantly.

She was stunned for quite a while. Turning to the messy bedroom and then at the calm man, she thought about it before sitting beside him on the sofa.

Xi Xiaye accepted the tea he handed to her. She sipped on it as she threw him a question, “Is that your grandmother?”

“Who else would be this daring aside from her? Get used to it. They usually won’t come to Maple Residence. Probably Father told them.”

“Father? The middle-aged man we saw this evening?” She had noticed that the man’s facial features seemed similar to Mu Yuchen’s, and at that time

Before she could think any further about it, sounds of swift footsteps closed in. A shadow went past before her speedily and before she could even come back to her senses, someone had already sat down beside her.

She raised her head. It was the old lady from just now

With silver-white hair and a pair of foxy eyes glimmering with light, she looked skinny but seemed energetic. Her face was slightly tensed up and was staring straight at Xi Xiaye, who was starting to feel embarrassed, so she tugged on the sleeves of the man beside her.

“You rushed over this late at night. You’ve seen her now, so it’s time for you to go back and rest easy.” Mu Yuchen looked at his grandmother, Wang Hui, and evenly poured her a cup of tea.

Wang Hui stared at him without a change in expression. Her face bloomed into a wide smile and the look in her eyes became gentle as well. She asked kindly, “You look pretty familiar. What’s your name? How old are you? Where do you stay? Who else is in your family? How long have you been together with Chen? When are you guys getting married?”

A whole bunch of questions was fired and Xi Xiaye was unable to react.

“I” Xi Xiaye felt a chill running down her spine. She turned her head over to Mu Yuchen, yet he was not paying attention to her. Instead, he was watching NBA on the television.

“Hi… I’m Xi Xiaye… We… We”

“Xi Xiaye? Why’s that name so familiar?” Wang Hui squinted her eyes and stared at Xi Xiaye’s pretty little face. After a while, her eyes were glinting and then she shouted, “Are you the one the elder said performed very well in Glory World? DirectorXi who looks pretty good, Shen Yue’s granddaughter?”

Xi Xiaye was stunned. The scene of her first meeting with Mu Yuchen flashed through her mind.

The blind date!

Xi Xiaye’s cheeks heated up. Suddenly, her face reddened and she nodded. “Hello. So, you know my grandfather as well?”

“Of course, we were good comrades back then. I heard that old fella mention that he has a treasured granddaughter. He told me about it… Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Grandmother… Mu Yuchen is my grandson!”

Wang Hui was running her mouth, but her eyes became sharp when she glared at Mu Yuchen. “If your father and Manager Chen hadn’t mentioned it to me, we’d still have no idea about it! How long have you been together?”

Mu Yuchen then turned to lock eyes with Wang Hui. “We’re already married. She’s now your granddaughter-in-law and we’re staying together legally. Xiaye, greet her formally.”



Staying together legally!

These phrases made the old lady’s blood pressure rocket sky-high!

Wang Hui widened her eyes and looked at the young couple before her. In her astoundment, her eyes rolled around before she came back to her senses, locking her gaze onto Xi Xiaye’s pretty little face. “Chen mentioned that you guys are married?”

Xi Xiaye nodded and smiled shyly. She replied politely, “Hello, Grandmother! I’m sorry I didn’t visit you earlier”


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