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Season 1

Episode 62

(Mu Family's Queen Mother Has Arrived (2)

After that, Mu Yuchen did not say much. He just calmly tossed the invitation aside. “Don’t go then. Just get someone to send a gift over.”

Then, he lowered his head and continued to enjoy his dinner.

They had just finished dinner when Mu Yuchen’s phone rang. It seemed to be a call from France. Xi Xiaye only heard him converse with the other end in very fluent French. Of course, she could not understand a word of it.

After that, he went upstairs while Xi Xiaye washed the dishes, but he had very courteously finished the big bowl of noodles.

She finished tidying up and put the gifts she bought that day awaybefore going upstairs.

Just as she walked into the room, Mu Yuchen walked out of the bathroom, freshly bathed. His soft, black hair still had some moisture and his black nightgown hung on him very casually. The belt at his waist was just pulled into a simple knot, revealing a small part of his strong and sturdy chest. His tall posture regaled his honorable and elegant handsome face and highlighted the low-profile, reserved aura of his. Such graceful charm startled Xi Xiaye for some reason and her twinkling eyes were dazed in that instant. However, she very quickly snapped back to her senses.

When he saw Xi Xiaye stop by the door, Mu Yuchen said, “I’ve filled up the bath for you. Go in and bathe, then rest earlier. Watch out for your injury.”

“Mmm, right, the study room…”

Xi Xiaye wanted to ask if she could use the study room as she was not quite used to working anywhere else. Earlier, she had bought quite a few books. Unfortunately, when she returned to Maple Residence then she remembered that this was not her apartment and she did not have her study room…

“You can use it as you please. Go bathe first. When you’re done, then come to the study room,” Mu Yuchen said before stuffing his bath towel into her hands. His tall figure strode over to take the new books in her armsbefore he made his way towards the study room.

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. She regained her senses quite a while after, and when she turned to look at him, she saw that he had already entered the study room. Then, she held her forehead, feeling at a loss. She looked at the slightly damp towel that he had passed to her and could only force herself to walk into the bathroom.

When she was done bathing and changing her dressing, she then put on a comfortable nightgown before knocking on the study room’s door, almost an hour had passed.

She knocked a few times, and when no one answered from inside, she pushed the door opento enter.

She had just taken a few steps when the sight of Mu Yuchen reading documents at his desk greeted her. Perhaps because he heard the door opening, he instantly looked up. Seeing that the woman had changed into a light champagne nightgown with her waist-length hair hanging down like interweaving dark clouds, his quiet eyes could not help but be stunned by her demure beauty.Her delicate and fair complexion revealed a faint blush, yet in the next second, he concealed his emotions.

“Come here!”

He put the documents in his hand down and indicated for Xi Xiaye to go over.

Xi Xiaye then picked up her steps and walked over leisurely, stopping beside him.

He pulled open the drawer by the side and took out a bunch of keys before handing them to her. “This is the house keys. Sis Wang and the rest won’t always come over. The keys to the cars in the garage are all in the drawer below the television in the living room. I’ve already gotten Ah Mo to send your less-than-presentable car to the salvage yard.”

When she heard this, Xi Xiaye instantly frowned and looked a little sorrowfully at Mu Yuchen. “What!? I just changed my car last year! I used up almost half a year’s salary…”

“The engine won’t do anymore. If you were competing with those young people that night, I’m afraid you’d embarrass me, milady.”

“I didn’t say I want to be like them. They are energetic, young people.” Xi Xiaye grumbled as she reached out to take over the keys that he handed to her.

He suddenly raised his brows and looked at her to ask, “How young are you this year?”

“26. Why?” Xi Xiaye looked a little surprised at him, but she answered very honestly.

“26? Xi Xiaye, I thought you were 62! All day, you only think about work, then you eat and sleep. Apart from that, what else do you do?” Mu Yuchen asked a little helplessly.

Xi Xiaye was startled, then sheanswered, “Actually, I do know how to do quite a few more things. I read, drink tea, race… Right, I was even an athlete last time. Even though I wasn’t great in my studies in senior high, my basketball skills were pretty good. In fact, I was the school’s team captain…”

When she rattled on about this, Xi Xiaye suddenly did not continue because she noticed that the man was looking at her very weirdly, making her feel a little embarrassed.

“Athlete? School team? Milady, have you never heard of the saying, ‘you no longer possess your former glory’? If you really want to talk about these, then I was also a very quiet, good-looking boy in school back then. And now?”

“Now, Mr. Mu, you’re still a very quiet, good-looking man,” Xi Xiaye had very quickly continued.

Mu Yuchen was startled. He looked at her for a long while before the husband and wife could not help but look at each other and laugh.

“Okay, stop trying to find loopholes in my words. I just wanted to let you relax a little. Don’t treat yourself so unfairly, okay?”

His soft and soothing voice was like a teacher gently scolding a disobedient child. Xi Xiaye felt giddy just listening to it. Upon seeing his serious ways, she finally could not help but turn her head away and softly start laughing.

“Mmm, got it. Then, I won’t be courteous. Actually, I quite like that Porsche.”

“As you wish.”

“What are you looking at? Mmm… Let me see… Emperor Entertainment City’s project outcome. Isn’t this the wrap-up report that I just handed in? Why did you make that annotation? Is there a problem?”

Xi Xiaye bent over slightly and gently took the document in front of him.

Mu Yuchen leaned over to pull her into his arms with one hand. He was about to just let her sit down, but at that moment


There was a sound of someone bumping into the door from outside!

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