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Season 1

Episode 61

(Mu Family's Queen Mother Has Arrived (1)

Xi Xiaye smiled. “If I have the patience and willpower of an insurance salesperson, I would’ve been in the Commerce Department instead of the Planning Department.”

“You’re doing pretty well. After a few years of hard work, you’ll probably become the Vice President.” Mu Yuchen looked at her as he slurped some noodles from the bowl, his voice sounding gentle.

“Mr. Mu, can’t you give me extra benefits since I’m already your wife now? For example, give me a promotion a year later, or raise my salary now,” Xi Xiaye rested her chin on her hand as she looked at him seriously with stars flickering in her eyes.

“I can satisfy both your requests now, but are you willing to transfer over and become my special assistant?” Mu Yuchen put on an evil grin, his eyes hiding other intentions behind them.

“I guess I’ll just stay back as Planning Director. How is it? How does it taste?” Xi Xiaye asked when he had already eaten some of the noodles.

“Mmm… Passing grade. It’s not as unacceptable as I thought.” Mu Yuchen gave her an honest review, then he continued working on his bowl of noodles. At the same time, he pointed at the big bowl of noodles before Xi Xiaye and stared at her with an obvious gesture.

Xi Xiaye was satisfied with his comment, so she picked her chopsticks upand took a slice of tomato. “I didn’t have classes on the weekends when I was younger. I went back to the Shen Residence sometimes. Grandfather was always busy with business and Mother was always overseas, so I always cooked myself a big bowl of noodles for a meal. Mother didn’t want to teach me how to cook because she didn’t want me to be like her, so”

“Is your mother a very virtuous woman?” Mu Yuchen suddenly asked. Then, he noticed that her fair face looked oddly cold and a little helpless.

Xi Xiaye nodded as her eyes darkened slightly. “She’s cold on the outside, but very kind and considerate inside. She’s always an elegant woman in my impression. She was so decisive even towards my father’s cheating on her unlike normal people… but after that, I realized that she isn’t as strong as I thought. She could break down too”

Xi Xiaye did not continue. She always had mixed feelings towards Shen Wenna. A part of her loved and respected her. On the other hand, she blamed her for not fighting for what she deserved. If Shen Wenna had tried to fight back then, her father might not have given up on them and chosen Yue Lingsi.

However, she gave it some thought and concluded that she would have probably made the same decision as Shen Wenna if she were in her place. They were too proud to beg

“Like you?” Mu Yuchen raised his head and glanced at her. He then averted his gaze to the few books on the table.

She had bought those books from New Era Plaza that day, but she knew he was not looking at the books. Instead, he was focused on the red invitation card under them.

It was the invitation card to Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi’s engagement!

She froze. She wanted to get the invitation card, but Mu Yuchen’s large hands were faster. He picked the card up and flipped through it. Then, he looked at her. “It’s next Friday. Have you decided if you want to go?”

Xi Xiaye lowered her head and closed her eyes when he looked at her. As she shook her head, her freshly closed wound started to sting again and the pain in her chest which stopped some time ago relapsed almost instantly.

She wanted to think that it had never happened before, but the deeply carved memories in her mind constantly reminded her. Had she not stabbed herself that day, would she have done so now?

She suddenly laughed at herself andher smile turned cold. Even he could feel the chill as he sat right opposite her.

“There’s no need anymore. Having a clean-cut separation is better. If we meet again, it would cause a lot of trouble. It still depends on whether I can make it easy,” Xi Xiaye said after a short silence.

Actually, she thought she should fight back and take back her pride, but she gave it some thought and decided that it was not necessary anymore. After struggling so hard, in the end, she just needed a reason for her to let go of everything.

“I think that the best way to solve these problems is to reset everything. Act as if we never knew each other. There’s nothing wrong with that. What do you think?” Xi Xiaye looked at Mu Yuchen and asked.

“However, in order to do that, you’d need a much stronger willpower than others. You’d have to take more burden too. I hope that you can trade an eye for an eye, my Missus.” Mu Yuchen smiled.

“An eye for an eye? Just to feel good at the moment?” Xi Xiaye frowned.

“Mmm, they made you feel unhappy, so you shouldn’t let them be comfortable too. You should do whatever you want to do to make yourself feel better. A woman shouldn’t care about being a gentleman.”

“Mr. Mu, are you teaching me to become an evil woman?” Xi Xiaye opened her eyes wide and stared at him after he said those words straightforwardly.

He smiled and his tone was filled with warmth. “As long as you’re happy, I’m never a fan of the idea of sacrificing someone to benefit others. I wouldn’t be happy if I need to put up an act and still take on the criticism.”

“But I’m tired.”Obviously, she was exhausted after so many years, trapped within the cold relationship and her family


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