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Season 1

Episode 60

(Wedding Ring (3)

The man’s large hand was like the claw of an eagle latching onto its prey. He locked her wrist down and looked at her in the eyes. He moved his other hand towards his pocket when she looked back at him in shock.

Xi Xiaye faintly saw a gentle flow of light passing right in front of her. In the next moment, she noticed that there were two rings gleaming neatly in his palm. Their design seemed special, but there was no doubt they were a pair of wedding rings.

The female variant had the shape of a star on top and was filled with diamonds. While it looked simple, it seemed elegant. The male variant looked similar, but the only difference was that it had no diamonds on it.

He calmly took the female variant and slid it onto Xi Xiaye’s ring finger. It fit her perfectly. The faint glimmer made Xi Xiaye’s hand seemed even prettier.

A grin appeared on his face. He laughed and looked at Xi Xiaye out of admiration. “It seems that my taste is pretty good. It suits us well! Missus, your hand looks much better with a wedding ring on it.”

Afterward, he handed the other ring to Xi Xiaye and raised his hand before her. His intent was crystal clear.

Xi Xiaye raised her brows, not taking the ring immediately. Instead, she took her time and studied the ring he put on for her. Her eyes were shining and she pursed her lips when she saw him smile.

“Hmm, the design looks pretty, but the diamond seems a little too small. It might make you look stingy”

Mu Yuchen paused, then he laughed helplessly. “I thought you didn’t like being an upstart? If you want, there are many more rings in Glory World Jewelry City. You can just go and pick one yourself.”

“It’s okay, I don’t really like jewelry anyway. I shall leave them for girls who appreciate them, I quite like this myself, I’m satisfied.”

A wide grin appeared on Xi Xiaye’s beautiful face. Her stirred feelings as a result of his sweet gesture were reflected in his eyes. She gently fiddled with the ring on her finger and looked at the flickering glimmer as indescribable feelings rose within her.

Bitterness, grateful, and a gentle warmth

Actually, this was pretty great. She did not have to think if someone would belong to her. Being together with him like this was something she had hoped for all along, was it not?

After a brief moment of silence, she took the other ring from his palm and slid it onto his ring finger earnestly. She raised her head and looked into his deep, sea-like eyes.

“No matter what your initial intention was”

Her eyes were filled with gentleness and appreciation. She slowly lifted her hand with the ring and smiled happily. “Because of that, I’ll forever remember this moment. Thank you, Mu Yuchen.”

What a silly, easily pleased girl!

Mu Yuchen nodded his head lightly, then he patted her head and looked at the ring on his hand. After a while, he said, “Never take it off, alright?”

Xi Xiaye’s body trembled as she looked at her hand again before taking a deep breath. “It looks so beautiful that I wouldn’t be willing to take it off.”

“As long as you like it,” Mu Yuchen said gently.

“Did you go to the club today just to get it?” Xi Xiaye finally realized.

“Why else would I have been there? I was still worried that it might not fit you, but it seems like I was overthinking. It suits you very much.” Mu Yuchen withdrew his hand slowly to admire her ring.

Xi Xiaye smiled happily. “Of course, Su Nan always said that my hands look great and that I have a flair for natural beauty. They pair well with any jewelry.”

“Natural beauty? You?” Mu Yuchen raised his eyebrows and looked at her questioningly.

“Mmm, me indeed.” Xi Xiaye nodded with stars shining in her eyes.

“What a rare scene! A foodie realizing her inner potential… Hmm… Okay, stop messing around. The water is still cold. Start boiling the water or we might not get to eat by the time it’s midnight”

“Mu Yuchen?


“I’m going to clarify again… I’m not a foodie!”

“However, the facts prove that you are one. It’s not a derogatory term, my Missus.”

A simple dinner of instant noodles was successfully dished up as a result of the couple’s efforts. The house was filled with a delicious fragrance when they opened the pot.

Mu Yuchen looked at the pot of mixture before him. He dared to say that this was the simplest and cheapest-looking meal he ever had in the past 31 years of his life!

The woman opposite him was watching him, full of expectations. He felt that it would be a crime if he did not finish the noodles right there and then.

“Why don’t you give it a try?” Xi Xiaye suggested quietly as she handed a pair of chopsticks to him. “I think you’ll like it. I’ve tried dinners like this many times before, so I’ve mastered this dish a long time ago. Trust me… It tastes good”

Mu Yuchen glanced over at her before taking the chopsticks. He shook his head and chuckled. “Missus, looking at you now reminds me of someone who tried to sell me insurance many years ago”

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