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Season 1

Episode 58

(Wedding Ring (1)

“Master, Missus!”

When they walked to the car, Ah Mo was already waiting.

Xi Xiaye nodded. She took a glimpse at the Bentley and the Porsche beside him. Just as she was thinking about whether to let Ah Mo drive one of the cars back first, the man beside her spoke up.

“Pass the car keys to Ah Mo.”

As he said that, he already reached out to open the car door beside her. Looking pointedly at her, he was hinting her to get in. Then, he went around and got into the driver’s seat.

Xi Xiaye hesitated for a moment before handing the car keys to Ah Mo. She said calmly, “When you reach home, please help me shift the things from the car to the living room too. Thanks!”

“No worries, Missus!”

Ah Mo laughed out loud and took the keys. Then, Xi Xiaye walked over to get into the front passenger seat.

Mu Yuchen leaned over and his long fingers deftly pulled the seat belt over her, quickly helping her buckle up before he started the car.

This place was not too far away from the north of the bustling city. In just a little over 20 minutes, they entered the city center. He skillfully steered the wheel as he maneuvered through one busy road after another.

In the car, the husband and wife did not say much either. Instead, he picked up quite a few calls in a row, seeming very busy.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly turned pin-drop silent. The two of them did not say anything until Xi Xiaye leaned forward to switch the music player on. His deep voice suddenly entered her ears.

“Are you cold?”

He noticed that whenever she sat in cars, she loved to wind the windows down. Her thin and frail body shrunk in the rustling cold winds and seemed even weaker just as it did now. The winds that poured in from the outside made her beautiful hair incredibly messy.

His sudden voice made Xi Xiaye absent-minded for a moment. She reacted after a while and raised her hand to straighten her clothes and subconsciously shook her head.

Next to her, he had brought the car to a halt since it was a red light ahead. He quickly took his windbreaker off him and tossed it onto her lap, making his intentions clear.

Xi Xiaye took a look at him, thought about it, and did not argue before putting his windbreaker on.

“Aren’t we there yet? It’s late.”

She saw that the sky outside had already turned dark. Being after work hours, the cars on the road had increased as well and they were about to arrive in the eastern suburbs by this point.

“It’s right in front.”

Then, Xi Xiaye realized that their car had driven into the parking lot of a classy, majestic club.

“We’re here. Get down. I’m getting some things and taking you for dinner at the same time. We’re a little late today, so I won’t cook at home.” Mu Yuchen reached over to unbuckle her seat belt and then swiftly got down from the car.

“Master Mu, you’re here!”

The couple had just walked in when a formally dressed young woman walked up to greet them. When she saw Xi Xiaye beside Mu Yuchen, she naturally could not help but take a few more side glances.

Mu Yuchen slowed down and waited until Xi Xiaye had walked up to his side before he asked, “Have the things been sent over?”

“They just arrived. Manager Chen was just about to call you, but you suddenly called. Please wait here for a moment. I’ll go get Manager Chen right away.”

Then, the young woman quickly brought them to sit on a sofa. Soon, tea and light refreshments were served.

Manager Chen arrived very quickly, holding a delicate bag in his hand.

“Master, you’re here. This is what you want. I know that you need it urgently. Coincidentally, the great master was still in City Z and he spent a few nights working on it. It was just sent over. Thankfully, it got here in time.”

Manager Chen passed the bag in his hand as he explained. His gaze skimmed them and when he saw Xi Xiaye beside Mu Yuchen, alight flashed in his eyes. He could not help but ask softly, “Is this the Missus?”

Xi Xiaye was startled. She slowly turned to look at Mu Yuchen, who took the bag and nodded calmly. He turned and met Xi Xiaye’s eyes, introducing softly, “This is Manager Chen. He used to be by grandfather’s side for many years. Later on, he followed me to France. I assigned him to return and work on the expansion of the jewelry business. He’s good friends with the famous jewelry designer, Williamson.”

“Nice to meet you, Manager Chen,” Xi Xiaye greeted politely.

“Missus, you’re too courteous!”

Manager Chen started to look at them oddly, thinking about what the Master had asked him to arrange. However, earlier when the Elder Madam had gone over to play mahjong with a few friends, she was still grumbling about how the Master had not yet found her a granddaughter-in-law. What was going on?

The Master had already said that this girl before him was the Missus. That was enough to explain everything. Could it be that the Elder Madam and the rest still did not know?

He thought about it before reminding, “Master, the Elder Madam was here to play mahjong with some friends earlier this afternoon. Something unexpected came up before she left. I think the Elder Master has some urgent matters…”

“Mmm, let her be. I’ll be going back in a few days,” Mu Yuchen said and gently got up. He looked at Xi Xiaye, then taking the hint, she got up too. She caught up with his pace and walked out of the door.

However, they had just passed through the walkway ahead and were about to walk to the car when suddenly, two black commercial cars slowly came to a halt on the cement road. A few people got down from inside, all of them wearing black tuxedos. Two figures alighted from the car in front too.

They were two middle-aged men who looked very familiar, but they were not sure where they had met them before. The couple watched as the men stood on the roadside to look at the vast industrial development zone across them. It seemed like they were leading an inspection.

As they talked, they walked towards them.

Xi Xiaye subconsciously hesitated in her steps, but suddenly the man gripped her hand that lay by her side. The slightly chilly temperature passed through both their palms. Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. She quickly turned her head and looked up at him.

Stonily, he just looked calmly at the people who stopped before him…

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