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Season 1

Episode 57

(Mr. Mu Is A Narcissist( 2)

Teacher Li was stunned and she subconsciously declined, “This won’t do. I can’t always take your money after you’ve always bought us so many things”

Before she could finish her sentence, Xi Xiaye stuffed the money into her hands. “Just take them as pocket money for the children.”

Teacher Li sighed helplessly. She always had no grounds for rejection.

“Aren’t you going to take a look at the kids? At least, they’ll know you’ve been sponsoring them quietly for the past few years, so they can learn to be grateful when they grow up”

Xi Xiaye shook her head as she looked at the fun-filled children and her smile widened on her beautiful face. “It’s alright. I’m good as long as I see them happy. Every child deserves to have a happy childhood.” She smiled at Teacher Li before she left.

Teacher Li stood there and looked at Xi Xiaye’s. Her eyes were grateful as they were fixated on Xi Xiaye’s gaunt figure moving further away from her.

In the past four years, she would come almost every month with either money or items for the children. However, she would just stay outside the fence and watch the children play every time. Never once had she walked inside or told them her name

Even if Teacher Li wanted to tell the children about this kind-hearted donor, she had no idea where to start.

Xi Xiaye walked beside the fence and went past under a large tree. The cold wind breezed through and leaves fell along the path, but her gaze did not budge away from the sports field one bit. All of a sudden, she almost walked into a wall and a familiar smell reached her nose. She halted her steps and averted her gaze.

A large hand swiftly held her by her shoulders, his scolding filled with tenderness. “You’re always so careless. You’d probably walk right into a trap too.”

Xi Xiaye’s eyes widened when she saw the man who had suddenly appeared before her. Her voice shuddered slightly. “M-Mu Yuchen, why are you here?”

Mu Yuchen let go of her shoulders, then his starry-night eyes looked over in the direction Xi Xiaye was looking. “Sis Wang gave me a call when your assistant sent the documents to the Commerce Department. Your assistant guessed that you should be here and I was around this area, so I came here to take a look.”

Xiao Mei?

Several times when she had gone there before, Xiao Mei was in her car. It must be

“Work hasn’t ended yet. Why are you” Xi Xiaye raised her head and looked at him, suddenly realizing that he was really tall. It felt unreal when he was standing right before her.

“I left early since I was done with work today. Why? Are you going to report me for leaving work early?” Mu Yuchen looked at her amusedly and grinned.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows and smiled back. “I wouldn’t dare to report you. You’re the top boss after all. Your words are the rules to the whole of Glory World.”

“I’m glad that you’re aware fo that. How’re you feeling?” Mu Yuchen looked at her left shoulder.

“It’s alright. It’s just a tiny injury. I’ll be fine after several days,” Xi Xiaye replied quietly and looked at him. “It’s getting late. Let’s go back.”

“No, it’s still pretty early. Follow me somewhere,” Mu Yuchen said as he glanced at the warm sun in the sky.

“Where?” Xi Xiaye asked doubtfully.

A mysterious smile appeared on his calm face as he looked at her. “You’ll know when we reach there.”

Xi Xiaye closed her eyes and became quiet for a moment before nodding. “Alright.”

Mu Yuchen’s smile softened as he put a hand into his pocket and draped the other over Xi Xiaye’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m not selling you away.”

Xi Xiaye was stunned as she felt slightly uncomfortable when he put his arms over her shoulders. She gave it some thought before turning her head and replying him seriously, “I’m not worth anything, Mr. Mu.”

Mu Yuchen frowned instantly and his eyes darkened. Throwing a sharp glance as he spoke with an immense pressure around him, “Who dares to say that my wife isn’t worth anything? Get him here and I’ll bury him in money!”

Xi Xiaye was shocked by his sudden outburst, then shechuckled, turning away and continuing to laugh.

Mu Yuchen laughed as well. Xi Xiaye’s moody spirit actually lightened up when she saw his warm smile.

“You really behave like an upstart person, or someone who’s unexpectedly received a large sum of money,” Xi Xiaye replied after a light cough.

The man did not seem to be concerned as he glanced at her. “Have you seen any upstart who’s as charismatic and handsome as I am? Hmm?”

“You… Mu Yuchen, I never knew that you were pretty narcissistic” Xi Xiaye stared at himas if she had just discovered new land on Earth.

“A certain magazine did a poll for the top seven highest net worth of single men in City Z. I’m ranked number one,” Mu Yuchen boasted calmly as he looked at Xi Xiaye.

“However, that’s for singles. Are you still single now?”

“Hmm? I forgot about that. I won’t let them write about it again the next time.”

“Moreover, just who else on the list is as mysterious as you? You’re always driving the media crazy just to catch a glimpse of you”


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