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 💫My Deal with Mr. Celebrity💫

             💄(Pretending to be his)💄

                      Episode 9

                  Michelle's pov

I winced in pain when I fell from the stairs. I blacked out.

I opened my eyes lazily, glancing around. The ceiling was white in color. My eyes opened fully and I vividly remembered what happened to me.

That bitch! Am gonna show her the stuff am made of. Fuck!

"You're going to continuing glaring at the ceiling?" I heard the Xavier scoffing.

I slowly moved my head to him. He has a scornful look on his face.
I made attempt to stand up from the bed but he pushed me back to the bed.

"You should rest." He said softly.

My head was banging and I touched it. It had a bandage on. I flickered my lashes and vigorously stood up ignoring Xavier hands on me. Trying to push me back.

I came down from the bed. My head aches but I don't care.

"Where's that bitch? Diana" I roared like a lion ignoring the pain I was having at that moment.

"And why are you asking of her?" Xavier made to leave the chair he was sitting on and came to me.

"She was the one who pushed me down the stairs! She deserve some slap, don't care if she's a celebrity!" I made for the door and twisted its knob.

I could hear Xavier's voice calling me as I climbed down the stairs.

   I got to the sitting room and met no one there. Shit!

"They are outside. Answering questions from the reporters." He responded getting to me.

"Good! Am gonna show her the stuff am of. She'd pushed me down the stairs and made me out!" I ran to the gate.

I saw few reporters outside and all surrounded Gray, Claire and the bitch. I shouldn't do this but I need to put her in her place.

She's a celebrity doesn't mean she behaves stupid and maltreat some people. 

   I got behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. She faced back still smiling but turned into a scowl when she saw me.

I gave her a faux smile and the next thing, I slapped her across the face.

Everyone gasped. Camera lights flashing everywhere.
Now the news is gonna be everywhere.

   "How dare you slap me!" She ranted angrily and made to smack me but I held her hand.

 "I should be the one asking you why you did this to me?! You pushed me away from the stairs!" I yelled, touching my bandage and not minding the reporters looking at me.

   "Argh! Let's go inside. We can't just keep fighting here." Claire chipped in.

We left the reporters outside and entered the living room to see Xavier busy with his phone.

He looked up then turned back to what he's doing.

"Xavier, you won't believe what your girlfriend did to me! She slapped me in front of everyone! She has nerves! This lowlife you brought as a girlfriend" Diana shouted.

"Diana, you started this. Why did you push her from the stairs? Why? Diana, we know you're that cold but we never knew you're wicked like this!" Gray rolled his eyes, walking away.

Diana eyes widened at Gray's speech.
"That's true Diana. Thats so wicked of you." Claire faced me. "Your head still hurts right?" She asked and I nodded slightly.

    "Yeah. A little." I whispered.

"Come with me." She dragged me away.

                     Xavier's pov

I glimpsed at Diana. Seriously, I felt like slapping her.

"Xa...." I raised my hand up for her to stop.

"Don't talk to me. Just know I can't fall in love with you. Here is just one of the reasons I can't love you. You're really stupid you know that." I stated, vexed up.

"Am sorry. Yes, I pushed her from the stairs. But she didn't die." She threw her hands in the air.

"Fuck you! I don't have time for you. Just need to shoot this movie and leave. Nothing else. Am off." I passed her side and threw a hard glare at her before heading to my room.

                 Michelle's pov

"You know why she's always bitchy? She's in love with your handsome boyfriend." She giggled.

'Handsome boyfriend indeed.' 

   "I know that. I need to leave now. Xavier must be waiting for me." I quickly stood up, hugged her and scurried off.

       I opened Xavier's door and met him shirtless. I gawked at him while he smiled.

  I looked away bashfully. "Are you okay? I mean your head." Said Xavier, coming close to me.

He'd touched my head and bent down. Face to face. He sniffed. Seriously?

"You smell nice today." He smirked.

"Thanks." I managed to say.
My body shook when he wrapped his hand around my waist and kissed me.



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