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 💫My Deal with Mr. Celebrity💫

             💄(Pretending to be his)💄

                      Episode 8

                Michelle's pov


Why the fuck did she do that? 

"Why would you do that? Diana. We all know you love him but he has a girlfriend now. Stay away." Gray cautioned.

"She's not Xavier's type. She's too naive and....." She looked at me and continued, ".....too gentle, too ugly and all that." She huffed.

I couldn't say anything. I just watched.

"Can we go now? Am getting tired of this. Diana can you be mature for once?" Claire Anderson spoke.

"Yeah. We can. I don't know what he saw in her" She rolled her eyes at me.

   Now I see that, not all the celebrities you see on TV are truly sweet as they are in television. Just pretense.

I wonder why Xavier didn't talk to anyone, instead he pressed his phone till we got to a large house.

The gate opened, the car drove in and parked in the garage. 

"We'd be leaving here before we go back. And don't look for Diana's trouble. She's a witch" Xavier said as we walked into our room.

"Just ignore her. We are staying in the same room." I looked at him.

"Hmm...okay. When we you start shooting the movie?" I inquired.

'Are you missing home or what? You wanna go back to America?" He growled in anger.

"Nope. Am just asking. Am sorry if I made you angry." 

"You better be. Now fix this into the wardrobe" He threw his clothes at me and walked out of the room.

I sighed and set my clothes and his to the wardrobe and slumped on the bed.

    Minutes later, I went downstairs and saw the Diana and Claire giggling as they were talking.
They sighted me.

"You're awake Michelle!" Claire smiled and asked me come close.

I glance around the room to see if I could find Xavier in the room but I couldn't.

"Where's Xavier?" I asked in a low tone.

"He went out with Gray." Claire responded.

"You have a beautiful name, Michelle."She complemented which made me blushed and heard Diana scoff.

"Stupid name! Am outta here!" She left the sitting room.

                  Xavier's pov
MYy eyes caught a peach gown. It was beautiful. I'd like to buy it. 
For Mitchell.

I took it from where it's standing. I paid for the gown and met Mike talking to one his fans asking for his signature.

"So, you finally got a girlfriend. I thought you liked Diana." Mike began.

"Diana? Even if she's the last person on earth. Last girl. Am not gonna date her not to talk of marrying." I spat.

"You really hate Diana so much." He answered and I nodded.

"Yes, with passion." The cashier gawk at me amd I returned with a smile.


We got home amd saw foods ready. I rushed to it and ate mine then I took the cloth and gave Michelle the gown.

"It really beautiful. I love it! Thanks Xavier." She wanted to hug 

"No need." I stop 

   "I will leave you here. Tell someone to help you come the swimming pool." He said amd left.

I wore the gown and it fitted me so badly. That's why I don't pack up my budget.

I removed it amd kept it neatly in the bed.
 I got to the first stair and saw Diana walking in another direction.

She got to me, I hate her.
"Can you show me the swimming pool please." I begged.

She raised her hand up amd pushed me downthe stairs.
I winced in pain when I fell from the stairs. I blacked out.


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