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 💫My Deal with Mr. Celebrity💫

             💄(Pretending to be his)💄

                      Episode 6

                 Xavier's pov

After telling her about the London trip. I left her. I already collected what I needed. But she still have to stay cause dad might think I had borrowed a girl from outside to act like we are dating and might not be happy with me.

   She ran after me and asked me why we are going to London.

"For a movie. Am going there to shoot a movie and I need my fakeeee- girlfriend along." I stressed my words.

She pouted and faced me. "Am not an actress" 
She look cute when pouting.

"Dummy! I didn't ask you to go act a movie with me. Just follow me. We are staying there for a week." I stated and brought out my car keys to opened the door.

      We'd entered the car and drove down the street to our home. 


                  Mitchell's pov

We got home and I hurriedly walked to the kitchen. We didn't have breakfast before leaving the house and I was damn hungry.

  I cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast with tea. Xavier had sat on the chair as I served him food and served myself then we began eating.

  I could see how concentrated he was eating. What's he thinking right now?

And how's that my business anyway. 

    "Where are your parents?" He suddenly asked, dropping his fork and gulped a glass of water down his throat.

"My father is late but I still have my mother." I answered, also taking my glass of water and drank a little out of it.

"Oh! Okay then. Get your luggage ready before tomorrow. We are leaving very early." He replied, sternly.

   "Okay sir." My phone buzzed and took it out from my pocket. A message had popped in. From my mother.

   She sent pictures of I and Xavier at the entertainment hours ago. " You guys look adorable together." She texted sending a blushing emoji.

     I smirked and looked up at Xavier who was staring at me too but looked away.
I packed the plates to the kitchen. I still need to ask mike about the Xavier's past relationship.

 I went to my room just like yesterday. There's nothing am gonna do except to cook lunch and dinner then retire to my room.

   And it fucking boring. I guess am gonna visit my mom soon. I miss home. I miss my mom.


     I rolled the duvet on my bed and was about to sleep when I heard someone screaming from the other room and I knew it was Xavier's voice am hearing.

Why is he screaming like he was bitten by a dog. I quickly threw the duvet one side and rushed to the door to open it.

I knocked on Xavier's door but he wasn't responding. I decided to open it and saw no one inside.

  Where's he? I asked my self.

I heard footsteps coming. I saw Xavier coming out with a toothbrush in his hand and was looking frightening. 

Geez! He was shirtless. 

I stared at his abs and gulped a lot of saliva. His biceps were wow! And I couldn't help but imagine myself in his arms. 

"Can you stop drooling now?" He jolted me.

"Hmm...I heard you screaming. Is something wrong?" I arched my brows for answers.

"Yeah....a cockroach is in my bathtub." I scratched his hair.

What? I scoffed blinking my eyelids.
Just because of a cockroach? He wanna scream the whole building down. 

   "Just a cockroach?" I said, sounding like it my first time of hearing that word. I held my laughter.

"Can't you kill the cockroach?" I added.

"Hey! It in there! Can you kill it?" His face turned into a frown.

"Of course I can! Led the way."
"I can't believe you're scared cause of a cockroach! Common cockroach." I huffed.

"Don't dare me woman! Just kill the goddamned thing and leave my room now!" He thundered.

I kept quiet and he showed me his way to his bathroom. He showed me the cockroach in his bathroom. 

Poor thing was struggling to leave the bathtub.
I removed my two flip-flops and held the cockroach with it. 

It suddenly fell from my flip-flops to his leg and he ran far away from us.
He's freaking out cause of a cockroach. I couldn't keep my laughter again. I laughed and took the cockroach to him.

He screamed holding my hand and fell on the floor. And of course, I did went down with him.

I was on top of him and we both stared at each other's eyes. His face moved closed to mine, holding my chin with his other hand.

I bit my lip still staring at him. His gaze went to my lip and before I fucking knew it!
He kissed me.
Oh am kissing my celebrity crush. So sweet.


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