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 💫My Deal with Mr. Celebrity💫

             💄(Pretending to be his)💄

                      Episode 5

            Mitchell's pov 

I will meet Mike to tell the entire story of Xavier's relationship.

    I did my business in the kitchen and came out to see Xavier on call. He was smiling and I wonder why he's doing that.

I went to my room and I didn't came out throughout till the next day.

    It was morning, I woke up from the bed and met a blue gown with a pink purse and pink stiletto heels. A card was placed on the cloth and I stretched my hand to take it and read.

   'When you wake up, wear that cloth and heels and come downstairs before 9am. Dummy!' I read and rolled at the 'Dummy' word.

   I sat properly and did my morning prayers. Gosh! It being long I prayed last.

     I got down from the bed and sluggishly walked to the bathroom. I took my bath and wrapped my self with a towel.

I creamed my soft body and wore the blue gown. It was strapless. I put on the heels and grabbed the purse, putting my phone inside and some dollars.

    I ran to the dressing mirror and cleaned my face very well. The time was 8:57am and I can't sit to put on makeup. I don't want my Xavier's trouble.

    I closed the door behind me and moved downstairs. I saw Xavier pacing around the room and I was scared he might yell cause it already 9am.

"What the fuck took you so long? Answer me!" He yelled. What I expected.

"Am sorry, please forgive me. I guess I woke up late." I apologized.

"Woke up late? Your mates are waking up by 6am in the morning. Well, that's because you don't have anything to do." 

 "Am sorry." I apologized again.
Am not gonna cry over this. Am not.

"Whatever. Just get into the car and wait for me." He left the room, going upstairs. Probably, to his room.

   Steadily, I got to the car and entered. Waiting for Xavier to come. He later came and ignited the car engine and we hit the road.

    "We are going to my father's entertainment. Do behave well. I paid you to act like we are dating. So do not disappoint me. If you do, I'd kill you." He threathened and I gulped down my saliva.

Am saying this again. This is not the Xavier I know. This one here is so cold and rude.

    I nodded at his threat and face front. Soon, we got to the Scott's Entertainment. I can't believe I will be going inside here.

    I got down before Xavier could even come down. I waited for him to come out so we can go inside.

  He had a sweet smile when he'd came out. Reporters from no where came rushing to him and began asking him different questions.

"Who's she? Is she your new girlfriend?" Someone asked.

Cameras were flashing there and there. Almost blinding my eyes. Fuck!

   Xavier locked his hand with mine and smiled at me. Only me knows that was a fake smile.

    I smiled back to him. A faux one too. 
"She's my girlfriend! And I love her so damn much! She's beautiful right?" He said touching my cheek.

"Omg! Xavier is having a new girlfriend! What's her name?"

"She's beautiful!"

"Oh what a perfect match!" They squeaked.

We struggled to leave the crowd and used the elevator. In there, we kept glancing at each other.

The elevator stopped and I think we are in his father's office. He'd opened the door and I saw an old looking man writing on a document.

He looked up when he noticed that the door had opened.

"Here comes my son. With his....." He paused and glanced at me. 

"Girlfriend?" It came out like a question.

"Yes dad. She's my girlfriend!" He kissed my cheek and I blushed hard.

"Wow! You got yourself a girlfriend so fast?" His father was giving him a confusing look.

I guess he's beginning to suspect the two of us. 

"We've been dating secretly sir. We promised never to tell anyone about it. Thats why he didn't tell you." I lied.

"Why do you have to keep it a secret?" His father asked.

"Hmm, we want to give it to you as a surprise." Xavier chipped in.

"Surprise? Well, it a good thing you brought her here. Come sit. This should call for celebration." The man grinned. 

He really believed the lies we told him.

   We'd sat down and he placed a document in front of Xavier.

"Sign this. Am retiring on Monday. You can take over the entertainment." 

"Okay dad." He collected a pen from his father and signed the document.

Now, I think I know the reason why he needed a girlfriend. His father must have threatened him to bring a girl home.

Somehow, am going to leave soon. I don't know why he said two months since he had collected what he wants.

   Xavier signed the document and returned it to his father. His father nodded at the signature on the paper.

"Son, you're now the CEO of Scott's Entertainment. I'd like to see you get married soon." The man smiled at me.

Finally, we left the office and xavier faced me.
"We are separating after two months okay? I don't know you and you haven't met me before.

"Yes sir." I nodded.
I felt like am dump.

"You're going to London with me tomorrow. Pack your cloths when you get home." With that, he left.

Am going to London? To fucking do what?


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