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I sigh and walk along the dark streets shifting between my legs even though I have no idea where the hell I'm going. I'm just moving along the quiet road and the bright daylight of the day that shines through the streets.

I sigh before rubbing my arms down my shoulders,its really cold and I didn't even put on something that would cover my arms.

I sigh before kicking off the stone that's on the floor while thinking about everything that has happened in these past few days.

I can't help but to smile as the image of Xavier kissing me comes to mind and I sigh once again, knowing that though it meant everything to me. It doesn't mean a thing to him.

He is only using me to get over her. His ex girlfriend and it hurts so much. I wish it could just mean something to him. I wish that I could mean something but of course, that's just a impossible wish that's never going to come through.

Once these two months is over, I'll be gone just like I had come and we won't ever cross paths with each other ever again, just like he had said.

I stare up at the sky and breathe out. God, why do you have us fall in love with those that would never be ours anyways? Why! Love is really a complicated thing.

I sigh before looking ahead then staring back around to realize that I've really walked too far and I don't even have any fucking idea where I am.

Oh my God! Am I lost?

I try walking back to see if I would see the house but I can't see anything other than the bushes that are around. Damn! I just have really walked too far without even realizing it.

And now I'm lost. I'm so in trouble. Xabier is going to be very angry at me if he finds out that I left the house even though he had asked me to stay out insuse.

I have to find a way to go back to the house before he finishes with shooting but I don't even know where I am and I don't even see anyone around here, everyone is just quiet and now I'm actually getting scared.

I sigh before retreating my steps. Maybe if I keep going back exactly like I had move forward then maybe u would be able to retrace my steps and locate the house back.

I sigh and begin moving back but it seems like the more I love forward, the more the road seems further away.

Damn! I'm so in fucking trouble. How the hell do I get out if here.

I should call Angela, she's the one who suggested that I should go for a walk after all so maybe she might have a solution to why I'm lost here.

I grab my phone from my jean pocket, glad that I decided to bring it along anyways because I didn't want to beforehand.

I sigh as I stare at the notification that the battery is low, I didn't plug it in last night because of what happened.

I sigh before quickly scrolling through my contacts and searching for Angela before the battery smile.

I click on her name and the phone rings second time before she picks.


I mutter when the line goes dead and I bring the phone down, staring at it to see that it's dead and now it's all me alone. In the middle of no where with absolutely no fucking idea of where I am.

     TBC ♥️.

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