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 💫My Deal with Mr. Celebrity💫

             💄(Pretending to be his)💄

                      Episode 16

               Michelle's pov

Xavier told me everything that had happened to him. Well, that shouldn't have turn him into his stipid self he is right now.

   I Managed to pull away from his grib and stared at him.

"You can overcome this. Do you believe?"

"You can still fall in love. You need to move on with your life. You're gonna be happy once more. You need to be the Xavier I know." 

"Am trying to move on but it seems I can't. Everywhere I go, I see her. Even in my dream. I thought she was gonna be mine forever."

Wow! I can't believe am hearing this. I mean Xavier telling me about his last relationship.

I gulped down my saliva and faced him again.
"You can do it. You can fall in love again. Just open your heart once again." I spoke lowly.

"Whatever! I can't open my heart again." Those words struck me. It really did.

   "Okay" I left him and went to the bathroom to wear my cloth.

I really wanna cry but I can't.
Why should I cry?
He isn't my boyfriend or anything.

Yeah, I think am falling for him. Apart from being a celebrity.

    "I beginning to love him." I whispered and whimpered.

 I wore my clothes and came out. I didn't meet Xavier. That was a relief though.

I made my way to the stairs and saw no one. Not even a sound.

Where's everyone?
I got to the kitchen, no one. I search everywhere no one.

  My eyes darted to the paper on the table. I took it and read what was written in there.

"We are out to shoot the movie. Don't go out."
From Xavier.

   Arrgh! Now am the only one in this big house. I decided to call Angela, at least to speak with her.

I dialed her number and it got picked at the second ring.

"Michelle?" I heard her tiny voice.

  "Hey! Am getting bored" I frowned.

"Huh? Where's our Xavier" She drawled.

"Our?" I scoffed.
"He went out with his friends to shoot a movie. Am all alone." 

"Awwn! Okay, why don't you go out?" 

"Xavier said I shouldn't." I tittered.
When am bored I shouldn't go out? I guess thats gonna be impossible.

   "You shouldn't go out? Why? You know what? Just take a walk down the street amd come back. Thats gonna kill your boredom a little." 

   "Okay then. But if I landed myself into trouble, am not gonna talk to you forever."

"Hey! It your choice! Is either you listen to me or you listen to Xavier." 

"Okay, am gonna take your advise cause this is killing me already. Bye. I gotta go."

"Wait! wait! I almost forgot! Samuel asked for you." She giggled.

Ugh! She knows how much I hate that idiot! With so much passion.

"Hey! Don't let me hear that name again Angela." I spoke with disgust.

"Okay okay. Am not gonna talk about him again. He just said I should greet you. He's getting more handsome you know. You might fall for him."

"Angela! Please! Anyways, good bye!" I hung up.

That fool that almost raped me and still came back to ask me out. Though I have forgiven him for that. 
But I don't like him.


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