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 💫My Deal with Mr. Celebrity💫

             💄(Pretending to be his)💄

                      Episode 15

  "It time to sleep. Sleep tight" I whispered into his ears and slept beside him.

Next morning, I rolled from the bed but someone held me back. It was Xavier.

He was holding my waist. Also, I was backing him. I removed his hand gently away from me and got down from the bed.

 I sighed as I walked to the bathroom and took my bathe. I came out wrapping a towel around me.

I had removed my bandage.

I dropped the dress I had worn into the laundry basket at the corner of the room then walked to my wardrobe.

I selected some clothes. A blue crop top and a white skirt. I was tiptoeing to the bathroom when I heard him muttering some words.

    "Why are you tiptoeing like a thief?" He asked harshly, making me flinch.

I didn't tie the towel, instead I used my arm to hold it. The flinch made me remove my arms and the towel fell.

Fortunately and unfortunately, I had quickly hold it to prevent falling down completely. Only my upper body was exposed.

I slowly and shakily drag the towel up, tied it well.

"Wait!" He stopped me.

Not again. Oh no!

I felt his presence behind me. He touched my bare back with his cold hands that sent shivers into me.

"Did I say something or do anything yesterday?" He said into my ear.

   "No....uhm...yes. You said something about your ex." He immediately stepped Back from me.

I turned to him.
"Your ex betrayed you and died afterwards." I answered.

I hope I won't get annoying words from him.

"That all I said?"


"Did we kissed again or maybe I tried to..
.." He itched his head. "You know what I mean."
He finally said.


"Almost though. But I had to put you to sleep." I nipped my lip.

He smirked and gently pushed me to the wall.
"Am sorry" He spoke.

Yeah, he's sorry but why pushed me to the wall.

  "What if I say I need you right now, as my pretending girlfriend. What if I say, I need sex.
From you." His eyes turned dull.

   Wait a moment! Jeez! He's asking me for sex? Xavier?

I noticed a lump in my throat. I wasn't able to speak. Am just dumbfounded.

"Am not forcing you girl. It just that, it been long I did that." He kissed my neck.

                   Xavier's pov

"Uhmm...." The words escaped from her mouth and it made me wanna want her fully.

I do feel different when I touch her. I kissed her shoulder and slipped my hand into the towel she's tied on her body.

I fondled her breast and shiver at the breath she released on me. She's different.
But I still have to let her go after two months.

I know very soon, she will ask me to stop
 Very soon. She won't allow me sleep with her.

"Xavier!" She called moaningly and grabbed my hair tight.

I wanted to lose the towel but she stopped me. Just like am expecting. I just need to control myself.

  "Am sorry." She bowed and quickly left.

I hit the bed hard but got hurt, right in my leg.

Lenora....have missed her. Even if she betrayed me by sleeping with another boy and told me right in my face that she doesn't love me.

She came back to me and apolozied. I had to forgive her but she later died in a airplane accident. I still love her"

"Am sorry!"

"She's everything l own. The last treasure I was trying to keep longer." I looked into her eyes.

" I will tell you about me" 
I blurted out.


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