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 💫My Deal with Mr. Celebrity💫

             💄(Pretending to be his)💄

                      Episode 14

                Michelle's pov

  What's wrong with him? He just came back from the hospital for crying out loud.

"Xavier, you're getting drunk. In fact you're drunk already. What's wrong with you? Are you okay? Stop behaving like this and don't kill your self." I tried to control my anger.

    "I should stop? Of course am gonna stop. Don't worry." He slurred.

  "Is this because of her? What has she done to you?" I packed the empty bottles and quickly went downstairs to dump them and came back.

I wanted to collect the one he was still drinking and wouldn't allow me to take away. He slapped my hand off it and got up staggering.

  His eyes were red obviously, he has been crying. He drew close to me and smile his teeth out.

"You know you're beautiful huh? But I hate you!" He whispered and laughed.

Those words struck my heart. I knew he hate me but he shouldn't have said that to me.

He raised the bottle of beer up and shook it right in front of my face.

He poured it on my hair and I gasped.
"Xavier!!" I cried.

He chuckled and touched my lips that had bevome wet cause of the beer. He took the beer again and poured it slowly n my dress, pouting his lips out.

    "Your body made me remember someone."
He wrapped my waist with his hand and moved me closer to the wall.

"Sometimes, you're irresistible."

He's just too drunk. He's speaking rubbish. I should have stop him from drinking.

      I struggled to free myself from him bit he was holding me tight.

"No going anywhere, pretty." A tear came out of his eye.

This is going to be the second time am gonna see him bring a tear out.

   "Xavier, who turned you into this?" I touched his cheeks, cupping them into my palm.

     I had really cared for him. I love him but he doesn't love me back.
Oops! I guess I only love him as a celebrity he is.

"She. She turned me into this. She betrayed me and died after that!. I had really planned to forgive her but she left without saying goodbye." He sniffed.

  He must really love his ex so much. He shouldn't have gone far. This is getting out of hand.

Her death must have really changed him into this. Or maybe cause she betrayed me.

I need to get answers from Mike.

I shivered when he smelled me. Seriously, am beginning to smell like beer. I took his face up to look into my eyes.

"Am gonna make you over come this." I said in a whisper-like.

He nodded and kissed my neck, placed his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it gently like he was massaging it.

      His other hand was still holding my waist, he kissed me softly on the lips and carried me up.

I wrapped my leg around him and kissed him so deeply. Am kissing him. 

Aishh! Damn you Michelle.

  His hand touched my breast and I gasped loudly at his touch. Oh my God!

"Hmm!" I bemoaned as he squeezed it tenderly.

     The hand slipped under my top and tried to remove my bra but I came back to senses.

I shoube doing this. Right? Yes.

    I removed his hands and came down from him. I dragged his drunken self to the bed and lay him there. I covered the duvet on his body and stared at his cute face.

"It time to sleep. Sleep tight" I whispered into his ears and slept beside him.


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