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 💫My Deal with Mr. Celebrity💫

             💄(Pretending to be his)💄

                      Episode 13

                  Michelle's pov

"We are staying like this!" He spoke sternly and patted my back.

We'd stayed like that for some time before I removed myself from his grip. 

  "I need to go back. I will come back soon." I said to his face while he breathed out.

He nodded and asked me to go turning his back to me. I took the flask and made my way out of the hospital.

    I took a cab home. I got the door leading to the sitting room opened and saw Diana and a guy smooching themself on each other.

    They got aware of my presence and stopped whatever they are doing. Diana stared at me with a scornful look but I decided to ignore that.

I also ignored their romancing stuff they were doing and climbed the beautiful stairs up.

I got a message from mom that one of my classmates in my former school had visited.

Hmm...who could it be? 
My phone rang, I looked at the unknown number written on the screen.

"Yes? Who's this?" I picked the call.

"Michelle?!!" The voice squeaked like a baby.

The voice was familiar.

"Angela? Is that you?" Praying she's the one.

"Yes!! You recognized my voice so fast." She giggled.

"Angela! You were the one who visited mom?"

"Yes. I heard you traveled. What's up?" She laughed.

Have really missed her since we graduated from highschool. I never thought am gonna hear or see her again.

Angela has been my best friend right from childhood but got separated when she traveled out and lost contact. I lost my phone.

     "Long time baby! How's Germany?" I asked.

"Beautiful! Am really enjoying myself there. So is it true? What am hearing, you're Xavier's girl friend?"

"No Angela, I couldn't find a job and an advertisement popped in.........." I explained everything to her.

"Seriously, you're pretending to be his girlfriend. You should know that's an opportunity for you to grab him and make him fall in love with you. Like cuddle him, kiss him amd all that." She tittered.

"Angela! Is this really you? You haven't change a bit. Anyway, am going make sure he's going to come out of that darkness he is. I still feel sad that he used me to just take over his dad's company." I bent my head down sadly.

Truly, am really sad.

"It okay. You can make him fall in love back. Do you believe that?" 

"Yes, I think I do." I nodded even if she's not seeing me.

"Good. Try your best to do that. You gonna be his real girlfriend soon."

"I wish for that too." I smiled.

"That's my girl. Am gonna call you back okay? I need to do something fast. Bye. Angela loves you." She did a kissing sound while I laughed and bid her bye too.


Later on, the hospital called me on phone and asked me to come take Xavier home. I made my way to the hospital and signed the discharge papers.

I got Xavier up from the bed and took the cab that first came our way. I didn't have Gray nor Claire's number. 

I would have called them to come pick us.
Xavier and I got home and he made his way to the mini bar in the room.
He took a wine and drank from the bottle.


It was night and he was still drinking. He had drank about ten bottles of beer and a whole bottle of wine.

What's wrong with him? He just came back from the hospital for crying out loud.


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