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 💫My Deal with Mr. Celebrity💫

             💄(Pretending to be his)💄

                      Episode 12

                 Michelle's pov

The cab stopped right in front of the hospital. I paid the fare and entered the big hospital.
I could still remember the ward he is. 

I opened the door gently and walked in. He was still lying there. I moved to him amd noticed his fingers moving.

He's coming back!

I quickly sat beside him and watched him open his eyes. He looked around the room then his eyes landed on me.

My heart skipped a beat. It was a long stare.
"Why am I here?" He blinked his eyes.

"You fainted." I simply said.

"I did what? Where are others?"

"They are at home. Am sure they will be back soon." I answered.

He nodded and stared at me again. "Did the doctor said anything about me? I mean what am going through." His eyes were so dull. 

"Yes. He told us you're suffering from depression. You've been thinking too much." I responded.

  "Okay" Was all he said.

I gathered up courage to ask this question am about to ask him right now.
"Why are you like this? What's making you think like this? You really love keeping your problems to yourself. You need to share your problems to someone to see if he/she might help."

"I don't have a problem. Just forget it." He snapped, trying to rest his back on the iron behind him.

"Am sorry. So, are you still gonna shoot the movie or we are going back to London?" 

"Idiot! I will have to shoot the movie first." He muttered under his breathe.

"I brought you food!" I raised the food flask out from the bag and took a spoon.

"I hope it not poisoned?"
He eyed the flask.

"No, it not poisoned." I responded.

Am beginning to get tired of him.

I opened the flask, the aroma hit my nostrils. My food smiles nice.

  I gave him the spoon and he began eating but his hands were shaking.

"Should I spoon feed you?" I questioned.

He nodded. I joined him on the bed and took the spoon from him. Shivers ran down my spine when our hands touched.

   I took a spoonful while he opened his mouth and I shoved the spoon in his mouth.

   "It good" He complinented.

"Thanks" I blushed.

I continue to feed him. He suddenly stopped my hand from giving him another food. He placed his head on my shoulder.

   "Can i stay like this?" He said softly.
Then next minute, he's cold. The next minute, he's soft again.

    "You can." At least I can feel him.

We stayed like that for some minutes. His hands slowly wrapped me around the waist.

I quickly had to closed the flask with it cover and dropped it down. That flask is an obstacle.

"I feel relieved when am with you. Are you kind of a witch?" He scoffed.

I don't know why he's scoffing.

"Hmm...maybe am just someone special." I bit my lip to saying that.

"Special? You're not even near special" He did a sly laugh.

His lips touched my neck, blew on it and kissed it slowly to my jaw and then my lips.
He'd kissed it, slowly taking his tongue in and it met mine. Hia grib on my waist went tight and I yelped.

"Sorry" He smiled in between the kiss.

He crawled his hand into my top and I was waiting for what he's gonna do. He'd touched my bra, my breast and pressed it hard.

Oh my! Right in the hospital. We are doing this.

I quickly removed his hand and faced him.
"I need to go. " I got up but he dragged me down making me rest on him. 

"We are staying like this!" He spoke sternly and patted my back.


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