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 💫My Deal with Mr. Celebrity💫

             💄(Pretending to be his)💄

                      Episode 11

                   Michelle's pov

"Xavier!!" I yelled as I rushed to him.

I shook his body vigorously. I was so scared.
What's wrong with him?

"Xavier please stand up. Help!!" I shouted.

I was crying profusely. My celebrity crush fainted. Damn that statement for now.

    Gray, Claire and lastly the bitch creaked the door opened and entered. They saw Xavier and rushed to him.

"What happened to him?" Claire was the first to ask.

"I don't know. He just suddenly woke you and told me he will be shooting a movie today. He came down from the bed and before I knew it, he slumped." I explained.

"Really? We need to take him to the hospital right now! Come on." Gray said.

Diana was glaring holes into my heart right now. Am still angry at her.

We carried Xavier to the cad and drove to a hospital nearby. The nurses attended to him while we wait patiently outside.

"Who knows what she might have done to him overnight" Diana muttered in a way I wouldn't hear but fortunately, I heard.

"You must mind your business. It like the slap she gave you yesterday isn't enough right?" Claire glared at her.

She must have heard too.

   "Whatever!" Diana rolled her eyes.

The doctor came out of the ward and stopped in front of us.
"He's fine now. But he's suffering from depression. He has been thinking too much!" The doctor explained the cause of his fainting.

He's thinking too much? But he didn't look like someone who's thinking. I mean since have been with him, have never see him sitting down deep in thought.

"Hmm....can we see him now? Please!" Gray begged. The doctor nodded and we all ran to the ward.

  His eyes were closed. This time, I wasn't even trying to pretend in front of anyone that I love him.

Before I even sign this deal, I had crush on him so hard that I dreamt of our wedding.
Now, I need to just show him the care he needs right now. Till he's back on his feet.

   Then we can hate each other back.

    "Xavier, are you doing okay?" I whispered.

I haven't even take my bath yet nor brushed my teeth. Funny enough, we are in out pajamas. 

"I need to go take my bath now. Am smelling!" Gray spoke.

"It okay, am coming with you guys too. I need to bathe and come back later to watch over him." 

We left the hospital and went back home. I dashed to my room, had my bath amd changed into a comfortable cloth.

   I placed my phone on my lap as I wore my sandals. My phone rang.

  "Michelle, how are you doing?" Mom asked.

"Fine mom." I replied.
No, it not fine. Xavier is in the hospital right now and I said am fine? Hell no am not.

"Okay then. So where are you? Cause am really thankful you picked my call. Is he maltreating you? Cause I heard some celebrities are not who you think they are." She laughed at that.

"No mom, we just......." Well I want her to guess.

"You did what?" She gasped. "You had sex with him?" 

I know she's gonna say that.
"Yes mom." I answered.

"What the hell! How can you give yourself so cheap to him. It just fake dating!" Mom yelled over the phone.

I immediately laughed. I caught her.
"Why is she laughing?" Mom asked herself and I knew she will be rolling her eyes right now.

     "Mom, I was just kidding okay? I didn't do that! We just kissed that's all." I giggled.

"Gosh! You caught me! Don't do that again." She warned. 

We talked more, telling her am in america. Soon, we bid ourselves good bye.

I quickly went downstairs and cooked breakfast for both I and Xavier then boarded a cab to the hospital.


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