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 💫My Deal with Mr. Celebrity💫

             💄(Pretending to be his)💄

                      Episode 10

               Michelle's pov


   I closed my eyes and kissed him back. I felt his warm tongue on mine. Gradually, it was turning into a French kiss.

Omg! We are taking this too far.
I broke the kiss and looked away from his stare. "Why did you stop?" He bit his lower pink lip.

"Hmm....mmn....I ...need to take a bath." I rushed my words in just one breathe.
He might say my lips is irritating.

"Cause I will repeat what I said yesterday right?" He laughed. Oh he must be a mind reader.

"Nope. Not that. Am feeling hot in here." I fanned myself with my hand.

"Someone would know you're lying. Am not gonna say that." He held my jaw, bringing my face closer to him and pulled me into a kiss.

God! It like am in cloud nine.

   I grabbed his hair with hand while he moved me closer to himself and deepened the kiss. His hand traveled up to my chest and grabbed one of my breast.

I moaned into his mouth as he squeezed it.
What? Am I really doing this? He's touching me intimately.

The hand left my breast to my neck.
"Your lips is different from all the girl's have kissed." He said amidst the kiss.

  Soon we gave ourself space to catch our breath. I hurriedly ran to the bathroom and closed the door.

I rested my back on the door and slapped my face. Probably, to wake up from my sleep.

    I took a cold bath and came out seeing him on the bed with his eyes closed but not sure if he's asleep yet.

    I removed a cloth from the Wardrobe to go where in the bathroom when his voice stopped me.

"Where are you going again? To bath the second time?" His eyes was widely opened.

" I have to change into another cloth." I raised the cloth in my hands up to show him.

"Oh" He mouthed.

I got changed in the bathroom and came out. I was feeling sleepy. I crawled to where Xavier was and lay beside him.

  He didn't turn and I was happy. My eyes became heavy and I slept off.

       At night.....

   A heavy body was upon me and I lazily opened my eyes to see Xavier's body on me.

His hair fell to his face and he looked damn cute when sleeping. 

"I loved her! She did this to me." A tear slipped down from his face while I was gobsmacked at his words and the tear that had came out of his eye.

He's deeply hurt. But he's an introvert. He's keeping secrets and he's putting on this am-a-cheerful being look.

"I wish I could know your secret Xavier" I whispered.

   He smiled wirily. "It really soft to sleep here." He chuckled and I could hear his soft snore.

My heart beats wasn't normal again.

   I wanted to push him away but he decline then I leave him. I will still face the consequence tomorrow.

     I closed my eyes and slept off. Dreaming of me kissing Xavier. 

Next day.........

I opened my eyes again and saw Xavier staring at me with those green eyes. What?

   " happened last night?" He asked as he got away from.

"You're cried." I swallowed my saliva.

"I did?" He sighed softly.
"Am sorry. I need to go. We are to start shootimg the movie by 10am. I need to get going." My body became light as he got up from me then the bed.

He got to the bathroom halfway, he held his forehead and before I knew it. He fainted.

"Xavier!!" I yelled.


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