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Season 11

Episode 24

(How Did You Two End Up Together)

Mu Feiran froze.

She looked at the man in her house and thought What now? Such a huge person Where can I hide him?

Lin Che came to discuss the contract with Mu Feiran.

She had nothing to do at home, so she decided to see what Mu Feiran planned to do about her career.

She spent the day reading online novels and found a rather interesting one. She thought that it could make a good series to film, but she had to check if Mu Feiran was willing to act in it.

Thus, she decided to personally ask Mu Feiran if she had any interest in filming.

However, the door was shut and nobody came to the door when she knocked. She rang the doorbell

However, that was not the most surprising. What was more surprising was

She was still outside and she could see inside a naked Black Eagle

No. Half naked

No. He was only not wearing his shirt.

Seriously What an eyesore

He was her brother, but still, seeing an undressed person in Mu Feirans home was really strange.

"Hey Who is that" Lin Che exclaimed.

Mu Feiran panicked.

Meanwhile, Black Eagle looked dumbfounded.

Seeing that Mu Feiran was frozen stiff and her face was as red as an apple, he went to open the door.

He stood there and rolled his eyes at Lin Che, who came over unannounced.

Lin Che pointed at Black Eagle and was so shocked at first that she could not say anything. Then, she yelled, "Woah, what are you doing You guys You Are you two"

She stammered and felt as if she was a husband who had just caught his wife cheating.

Yes. How did her brother manage to take her Feiran without any warning?

1Black Eagle asked, "Are you coming in or not?"

Lin Che blinked and then reacted. She quickly went in.

"What are you two doing?!" Lin Che exclaimed as she looked at the flabbergasted Mu Feiran.

1Mu Feiran replied anxiously, "Dont be mistaken Its Mo Mr. Mos clothes got wet, so I helped him"

"Okay, okay, you dont have to explain it." Lin Che looked at them. Thinking about it, it was not a big deal. She knew that Mu Feiran did not hate Black Eagle. She also knew Black Eagles intention towards Mu Feiran.

It was just that she did not expect them to progress so quickly.

Black Eagle was indeed impressive

She scoffed and looked at Black Eagle. "Not bad. When did you make your move? I didnt even know."

1Black Eagle crossed his arms against his lean waist.

Hmph. He still did not look as good as her Gu Jingze!

He looked so rough, unlike Gu Jingze, who looked pristine.

1Mu Feirans face flushed again. She turned to look at Black Eagle, then walked over to Lin Che and pulled her away.

"Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing"

"Dont treat a pregnant lady this way!"

Lin Che exclaimed as she was being pulled inside.

Lin Che laughed as she looked at Mu Feiran. She was filled with amazement.

Mu Feiran was really afraid of her. She hastily said, "Great One, its really not what you think. I accidentally spilled porridge on him and had to let him wash his shirt. And I dont have any mens clothes here, so he had to be topless for a while"

"Heh, heh. No need, no need. No need for explanations. I can understand passionate love. Furthermore, you both are single." Lin Che waved her hand and said.

1"What passionate love?!"

"Or does the dry wood burn easily?"

"You Its not that!" Mu Feiran stomped angrily.

Lin Che was already laughing uncontrollably.

Mu Feiran knew that Lin Che loved to tease her. She shot her a look and said, "He really only came to drop Yunyun off. At the same time, I wanted to make some food for him to eat. How can you think its possible?! We Its impossible."

Lin Che looked at Mu Feiran and thought that she had too little confidence in herself. "Why not? I think its very possible."

"How so?" Mu Feiran asked. "He has a very high status, while Im just a small artist with a child."

Lin Che put an arm around Mu Feiran. "Silly. If you say that, what about Gu Jingze and me?"

"You At least you dont have a child with someone else. If something really develops between us, what would people say about Yunyun? What would they say about him? Furthermore Does he really not mind? Given his status, he can totally find a girl who has a clean slate and has never given birth."

Mu Feiran never thought that Yunyun was a burden. She was willing to raise Yunyun, but she could not help being concerned about how others viewed Yunyun.

If someone wanted to destroy Yunyun and say that she was a burden, she would absolutely not tolerate it.

Thus, every time Black Eagle was nice to her, she wondered if he had any kind of feeling towards her. However, she would also think that there was anything worthy he could like about her.

She did not want to develop the wrong feelings, so she decided to stop herself from thinking too much.

Lin Che sighed and looked at Mu Feiran. "Yes, Feiran. Given his status, he can find a fairy-like woman. But whats the use? There must be mutual love. If there are no feelings, a fairy wont do. Given his status, he can find someone he likes or find a fairy. If I were him, Id rather choose someone I like. As long as I like that person, statuses and whatever others say can go to the trash, right?"

Mu Feiran chuckled. "Really?"

"Of course. Hes my brother. I know him."

Mu Feiran smiled even more. "Youre really treating him more like a brother now."


Lin Che said, "Were talking about you. Dont change the subject to me. Anyway, if I were him, I would be like this. I would use my power to suppress all the gossips and negative comments that other people will have. I know that Black Eagle will do it too because were the same kind of people."

Mu Feiran sighed. "But Theres really nothing now. His shirt only got wet and there were no spare clothes for him. I had no choice but to let him walk around like that for a while."

Mu Feiran felt apologetic talking about it.

Meanwhile, Lin Che suddenly wisened up.

She raised a brow. "Oh, and he has been standing outside ever since?"



Lin Che glanced outside and said, "Feiran, youre smart, but you really can be dumb sometimes."

"Why?" Mu Feiran looked at her suspiciously. How was she dumb?

Lin Che said, "Given his status, he has so many people around. He could easily make one of them get a new set of clothes and theyll be delivered within minutes. They would even clamor to deliver the clothes to him. There would be plenty of such people."


Mu Feiran had been anxious the whole time. How could she think about this?

Now that she mentioned it It was true.

That was Black Eagle. He was no ordinary man. He didnt have to wait around for a shirt so awkwardly.

So What was he doing here?

Was he showing off his figure in her home?

Well, his figure was not bad

Lin Che hugged Mu Feiran. "Got it now? Black Eagle Tsk, tsk. His motive isnt so simple."

Mu Feiran blushed once again and her heart could not stop palpitating.


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