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Season 11

Episode 8

(She Is His Weakness)

Black Eagle and Lin Che uncontrollably looked at each other.

Right, so it was like that?


They were different from Gu Jingze because they were still soft-hearted and did not like to be so tough and strict.

1Gu Jingze touched his chin and thought for a while.

1Okay, then I will let you handle those people. He said.

1Upon hearing that, Lin Che immediately became happy. Really? Thank you.

Gu Jingze looked at her solemnlyAlthough he was worried and had his own internal turmoil and principles, she was also right. They were her personal guards. Thus, she had the right to choose how to deal with them.

Gu Jingze said, You must not bear them from all punishments.

Of course not!

Indeed, Lin Che had not thought about how to punish them.

However, after Gu Jingze said that, she still hurriedly followed Gu Jingze inside.

The inside was controlled strictly, so it looked very guarded and secure.

It was a lot more guarded than outside.

Gu Jingze walked past and gave one person a look. Then, the door slowly opened upwards.

Inside, a few people were lying. After Lin Che saw them, her heart felt cold.

Those people were her personal guards that followed her.

Not all her personal guards followed her as some who guarded the house, so it was only those few who were on duty that day.

They did not know that such an incident would happen. Since then, they did not manage to go back, so they were instead brought here.

Lin Che quickly ran over.

Dong Zi.

Upon hearing Lin Ches voice, they raised their heads.

They thought that they would never see Lin Che again. They did not expect that after being locked for a few days, they could still see their Miss Lin.

They immediately got very emotional and their eyes showed rare emotions.



Dong Zis face was still swollen, so it seemed like there was nothing done for him.

Lin Ches heart ached. Although it was painful, she stood there and looked at her bodyguards.

You showed your loyalty, but at the same time, I also saw your incompetencies. You spent so much time and money training but almost died because of a few gangsters. If they shot real bullets, then you would have no chance to yell in pain here, you know.

They were so guilty that they did not dare to raise their heads.

Although they were the cream of the crop during training, they had too little experience.

So when they faced such an incident, they underestimated their opponents and did not prepare for anything.

Therefore, they accepted the punishment for underestimating their enemies.

Lin Che said, So this time, I have to punish you.

Dong Zi was ashamed and furious, so he kneeled onto the ground. He bowed his head and used both of his hands to cushion his knees. Miss, we will have no complaints no matter how you punish us. Id rather have died there to compensate for my crimes. I have no face to see you, I

Lin Che closed her eyes. Alright, I dont know much about dying. It depends on your own resilience. Starting tomorrow, you

She turned back and looked at Gu Jingze before saying, Go and kneel at the Gu family temple for three days and three nights without eating or drinking.

Gu Jingze wanted to roll his eyes.

This punishment seemed to be torturous, but to these people who had strict training in counterespionage, it was not a big deal.

Those people immediately looked up upon hearing it. They looked at Lin Ches eyes reddening.

They thought that they were going to lose half their lives this time and would no longer have a chance to serve Miss, but unexpectedly

Miss did not dislike them.

Three days was nothing. If they could stay here, they would have no complaints even if they had to kneel for a year and a half.

However, Miss treated them too nicely. They almost caused Miss to be in an accident, but she was still so forgiving towards them.

These people already secretly swore in their hearts that since they did not die this time, in the future, their lives would belong to Miss.

With this lesson learned from barely escaping death, they would never fail and return like that even if they died on the battleground in the future.

This feeling of failure alone already made them want to die many times.

Lin Che stood there and smiled slightly. She looked at her personal guards. They were all her people, so it made her feel very grounded as if she had a big family.

Gu Jingze quickly brought Lin Che away from this place.

There were a lot of facilities in this place, so the radiation was too intense. Lin Ches body would not fare well from staying here for too long.

After reaching home, Lin Ches mood was much better. Just as she was packing things, she saw Gu Jingze walk in, and she said, I already informed the company that I will not be accepting any new jobs to rest at home for a while.

Gu Jingze walked over and pulled her hand for her to lean over.

She knew Gu Jingze was still worried. She pinched his strong arm and told him, Gu Jingze, alright. Nothing will happen to me. You dont have to always worry about me.

In the future, I will always stay with you, Lin Che, to protect you, so that you will not be hurt by this ever again.

Lin Che replied, Alright, Gu Jingze. It is not so serious. If anything happens, I can even drown from bathing at home. If nothing happens, even if it is raining bullets, I will live on well, so there is no use if you worry so much.

Gu Jingze knew. He knew it all.


He hugged Lin Che and let her settle in his arms.

But I dont want anything to happen to you.

Lin Che said, Even if I let these personal guards go, it doesnt mean anything. They actually did a good job, so it wasnt a big deal to give them another chance. I know they will become more loyal, so you dont have to worry. Dont think that they will be unreliable after making one mistake. They are still reliable. I have confidence in them.

She knew that he was still worried that these new guards were not competent enough.

He actually had the thought of giving her his best guards.

But casual changing of personal guards also harmed the guards. It would damage the loyalty of the guards, so it was not a decision to be lightly made.

Gu Jingze was easygoing about himself. But upon thinking of how Lin Che could be in danger, he became distraught.

He uncontrollably wanted to protect her. If he could, he would try to keep her in his body.

But he was no kangaroo, so he could not feel assured by letting her follow him around all the time.

He said, I cannot control myself I cannot control, Lin Che, every time I think about how he wanted to harm you, I want to cut him into eight pieces personally because I cannot imagine what I can do if you got harmed irrevocably. I dont even dare to imagine, so I can only think about making the other persons life a living hell

Lin Che knew in her heart that he was so nervous because he was so good to her.

1She firmly leaned against his arms and said, I will be fine, really.

Gu Jingze knew that once a person like him had a weakness, he would be easily destructible.

However, Lin Che already existed.


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