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Season 11

Episode 41

(Socializing Was Unavoidable)

Lin Che looked at Mu Feiran. "Do you have a male celebrity you want to work with?"

"I dont." Mu Feiran continued, "Those who are still active in the industry now are probably not the ones that were around with me back then. Thus, Im really not sure who can still film right now."

Lin Che thought about it and had no idea either. Thats why she told someone to get her the book of actors to choose from.

Inside it was a name list of all the actors who were active or inactive now, famous or not famous, rookies and veterans, their photos, their representative works, and their details.

Everyone chose for a long time and felt slightly dazed. In the end, they decided to filter out people in stages first. They took out the people whose images did not fit the role. As the male lead was a chauvinist with an aura of coldness and righteousness, they had to get a man who looked gallant to play the role. He could not look feminine. The female lead was devilishly clever. The combination of the two would play off each other. The actor they chose also needed to be someone whose image could match Mu Feirans.

Because of that, it was even more difficult to find an actor.

Although Mu Feiran did not look very domineering, she was a figure at the level of an empress. Thus, there really werent many people who could overpower her.

After perusing for a long time, they felt that there were a few suitable candidates, but in the end, they were not necessarily going to be chosen.

Lin Che said, "In that case, well leave it be first. Lets send out a notice to see if anyone gives us recommendations or recommends themselves. Anyway, theres no rush. We can take our time choosing."

The three of them walked out leisurely. Shen Youran had to go home to look after her children and Lin Che had to go home too.

Mu Feiran had to attend an event.

The company had arranged for her to film an advertisement. The advertising company brought her to meet the producer for a discussion on the timing of the advertisement.

Naturally, many people were vying for Mu Feirans first advertisement after her comeback. Ultimately, it was the employees who had had a collective discussion on which advertisement was most befitting of her identity and status and which could bring about positive effects on her image.

In the end, they had chosen this cellphone, which was about to go on the market.

In reality, filming a cellphone advertisement was not that difficult. In the past, Mu Feiran would not have attended such a gathering to discuss how filming should proceed.

But Mu Feiran had not officially made her comeback, so she was planning to assess the situation and get used to such social intercourse. She could take the chance to find out if there were any new directions and new rules in filming an advertisement so she can keep up with the trend.

When they arrived, they realized that they were at a nightclub.

The manager whom Lin Che had allocated to her was a rookie. Although rookies did not have much experience, ultimately Mu Feiran had a lot of experience. Furthermore, rookies would not criticize Mu Feiran or order her around. They would very obediently let Mu Feiran do whatever she wanted to. Thus, after discussing with Mu Feiran, they decided to allocate this new manager to Mu Feiran.

The manager, Little Fang, looked at Mu Feiran.

"Sister Feiran, should we go in? Why are we here at a nightclub?"

Mu Feiran said, "Thats quite normal too. These bosses do like coming here to discuss matters."

"Ah. But I think Sister Che never came to such places before."

Mu Feiran smiled and said, "Lin Che rarely socializes. Who would dare ask her to come here?"

Because she was under Gu Jingzes protection, Lin Che had indeed avoided many such social gatherings.

But Mu Feiran had attended many of them in the past, so she did not think much of this one either.

She comforted Little Fang before bringing him in.

Fortunately, the moment the advertising staff saw Mu Feiran, he immediately approached her politely.

"Miss Mu, its been a really long time."

"Nice to meet you."

"Miss Mu, I havent seen you for a few years. Youre still so young and beautiful. You havent changed at all."

"Of course not. Thank you for your praise. Im so embarrassed."

They were the same social niceties. Mu Feiran was very familiar with such things.

The other party still treated Mu Feiran very well. As Mu Feirans first advertisement after her comeback was going to be theirs, they understood how important it was. Naturally, they were impossibly polite towards Mu Feiran and definitely would not be too touchy with her.

As she had expected, this was a typical business gathering. Everything was normal.

Upon seeing the current situation, her manager Little Fang also felt relieved.

Outside, many waiters had already seen Mu Feiran come in.

Those who went into the private room to deliver things from time to time also saw Mu Feiran.

As Mu Feiran rarely appeared, everyone was discussing animatedly. They said that Mu Feiran had arrived and that it looked like she was here to discuss work matters. They also wondered if she was really going to make a comeback.

Some of the gossip circulating outside tended to come about by being leaked out bit by bit.

However, just then, someone suddenly pushed open the door to the private room and barged in in a drunken state.

Everyone froze. They saw a thin, weak, and pale youth, who seemed to have poor lifestyle habits, walk inside.

"Hey. Is Mu Feiran here?"

Everyone immediately stood up.

They looked at the person who had come in. They were still dumbstruck when a drunken and perverted smile appeared immediately on his face upon seeing Mu Feiran.

"It really is Mu Feiran. Hey, look who I met here."

Seeing as he was drunk, Mu Feiran did not want to get involved with him either.

However, just then, the people in the room suddenly recognized him. This person was one of the young masters of the local military region.

His family dealt in firearms, so he was usually very arrogant.

He often went around this nightclub having fun. Everyone here knew who he was.

Thus, everyone also knew not to stop him because he had soldiers from the special forces with him outside. They were definitely not to be trifled with.

He walked towards Mu Feiran. Little Fang was in great shock. He kept shouting, "What do I do? What do I do? Whats happening?"

Mu Feiran looked at him. "This gentleman. Youre probably drunk. Should I get someone to send you back?"

He looked at Mu Feiran, smiled, and threw himself directly on her.

"Mu Feiran. Hey, come here. Let me take a look at you in real life. I used to see you all the time on television. Its my first time seeing you in the flesh today. Let me touch you and see if you look better in real life compared to on television."

At the blatant verbal harassment, Mu Feiran quickly evaded the man. "Be more respectful, alright?!"

The man immediately threw himself on her again.

The people here with her could not just stand by idly. They frantically tried to stop him. "Young Master Chen, Young Master Chen. Dont be like this. Youre drunk. If youre looking for a woman, there are actually many beauties here"

The guy surnamed Chen instantly turned furious at being stopped. He immediately pushed the people in front of him away in a rage. Drunken men were quite strong too. They used a surprising amount of force, mainly because they did not care.

The person who had stopped him was pushed directly to the ground and flipped over. He started laughing loudly and asked, "How dare you stop me? Why dont you look at how many people I have behind me?"

Everyone could see the people in green uniforms trailing behind him.

They retreated for the time being and did not dare to fight fire with fire. After all, all of those people were indiscriminate. If they took out a gun.

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