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Season 11

Episode 40

(Whose The Female Lead?)

At the back of the crowd, Xue Mengqi smiled and walked towards him. She was already holding a cup of ginseng soup in her hands. The ginseng soup was in a small and white porcelain goblet and a bit of steam was rising from it. She looked extremely delightful.

The clan relatives immediately started praising her, "Good gracious, look. Mengqi has already thought of it. We dont even need reminders from the servants. Hasnt everything been prepared? Come here."

Gu Xiande looked at Xue Mengqi with his eyes narrowed.

Xue Mengqi said, "Grandfather, I havent been back for a long time. I managed to get here in time while your health is poor. Ill accompany you more when youre better in the future."

Gu Xiande glanced at her and said to the people beside him, "This is Mengqi?"

"Yes, yes. Shes the Mengqi we often mention to you,"

the clan relatives said excitedly.

Of course, Gu Xiande knew what they meant by this. They had mentioned this Xue Mengqi not just once or twice. The fact that they had repeatedly mentioned her meant that the clansmen had already collectively nominated this Xue Mengqi to be their mistress.

However, they needed the support of Gu Xiande, a prominent elder of the family.

Gu Xiande knew that Lin Che was indeed not cut out to be the mistress. He did not want her to be the mistress either.

As for the Xue Mengqi in front of him, he still had to observe her. He could not approve or disapprove of her so soon either.

By the time Gu Jingze arrived, everyone had quietened down as well.

As Gu Xiande had escaped the jaws of death again this time, the atmosphere in the Gu residence finally became much more relaxed over the next few days.

Gu Jingze wanted to return home early every day. Because Lin Che was pregnant, he wanted to stay by Lin Ches side a little more often.

However, there were times when going on business trips was unavoidable.

He had to go out and settle matters but he did not want to go as it was too far. How could Lin Che agree to it? She definitely did not want to become a burden to him.

She said, "If you dont want to go, I can go with you too."

But Gu Jingze was not agreeable. "Its too far. Youll have such a hard time taking the plane. It wont do if something happens while youre there."

Lin Che said, "In that case, go on your own first. I wont go out and loiter about for the next few days too. I can make use of the time to discuss with the company our plans to film a short comedy. Weve already chosen the novel and all the other components are going to be set in motion. Im very busy too. Even if youre at home, you wont be able to accompany me much."

There was nothing Gu Jingze could do but kiss her forehead. "Alright then. Bring a few more people with you when you go out."

"Im fine."

"I know, but I worry"

Even though he knew that nothing would happen to her since there were people with her to help her out if there was any danger, no matter how well-prepared they were, he was still worried. What could he do?

Lin Ches heart softened at his words. She pressed a short kiss to his lips.

They had not behaved so intimately in front of the maids for a long time. For a moment, she felt a little embarrassed.

Although the maids had gotten used to it a long time ago, she herself still blushed.

Gu Jingze smiled. He patted her on the head before leaving.

Lin Che was just about to head to the company when she received a call from Mu Feiran beforehand.

"Lin Che, youre not busy, right?"

"No. Whats up, Feiran?" Lin Che asked while walking.

"I read that novel you chose. I think its very interesting. Ive decided to take the role."

"Ah. Really?" Hearing this, Lin Che quickly asked, "But youre sure that you want to, right? Youre not agreeing to film it out of consideration for my feelings, right?"

"How silly. Of course. Its a fact that I havent tried out such a role, so I want to give it a try."

Lin Che was still a little hesitant after thinking about it. "But even though I think that it will be very fun if all of us do something we like together, it really doesnt seem consistent with your image in the past. People wont say that I ruined you, right?"

"Silly girl. Since youve already said that we want to film something we ourselves like, why should we care what others say? Anyway, I quite like it. Let me know once youve made your decision."

"Sure. Im going to the company today to discuss this. Weve already confirmed that we want to do it. If youre sure as well, we can go there and talk about it."

Mu Feiran agreed. The two of them promised to meet at the company.

Shen Youran had already reached the company long ago. Everyone was busy; those in charge of getting sponsors good sponsors while those in charge of public relations were dealing with public relations.

Lin Che went to greet Shen Youran and told her that the female lead was coming later.

Shen Youran asked, "You have already decided on the female lead? Who is it? Someone from Lin Che Studio?"

"Of course. One does not allow benefits created by ones own work to accrue to others," she smiled and said.

"Oh. Then who is it?"

"Well. Take a guess."

"How would I know?"

"Youll know once shes here," Lin Che said, keeping her in suspense.

After the two of them sat down, Shen Youran said, "Ive already gotten two screenwriters to come and take a look. One of them gave it a shot. But numerous screenwriters came knocking on our door when they heard that we were going to film something. Its probably because they know that youre famous and the chance of you cheating them is small. But none of them are well-known screenwriters. The big-name screenwriters still think that newbies like us arent reliable, so the end product will probably be terrible. Thats why they dont want to take on the job. Weve already contacted a few big-name screenwriters, but its useless no matter how many conditions we discuss with them. Theyve been rejecting us in a roundabout way."

Lin Che said, "I understand their concerns too. If thats the case, we wont force them to agree. Theres no need for the screenwriter to be a famous one either. As long as we meet one who sees eye-to-eye with us and thinks in a similar way, well hire him or her."

"Alright. Since youve said so, Ill choose someone among them first."

Just then, someone entered.

"You guys are already here. Im the one whos late." The person who had come in was Mu Feiran.

Shen Youran froze. When she saw Mu Feiran push the door open and walk in naturally, she was momentarily stunned.

"Eh, why"

Lin Che stood up and said, "Feiran, youre here. Come, take a seat. We were just talking about getting a screenwriter when you came."

Shen Youran had yet to register what was happening. "You guys are"

Lin Che said, "This is the female lead."

"Wow. No way. The female lead is Mu Feiran? Good lord, I should go and inform those top screenwriters. If they hear that Mu Feiran is going to act in it, they will definitely clamor for the job."

Mu Feiran smiled and said, "Forget it. These screenwriters wont want to come. I havent acted for so many years. Im completely different now."

"How are you different? Youre still a huge celebrity at the level of a queen." Shen Youran was still very shocked. She found it very hard to believe that Mu Feiran was going to act in their first production. When the time came, they would probably receive a lot of attention.

Lin Che said, "Thats why I said that its someone from my company. Feiran is signed under our company right now."

"What the hell? Youre just teasing me now. You didnt even say so earlier," Shen Youran said. "I nearly died from shock."

Lin Che laughed out loud. "Alright. Now you know it too. As for the male lead, I dont know whos the best choice."


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