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Season 11

Episode 39

(Meeting A Friend Over The Phone)

When other people who were here to sing passed by and heard this voice, all of them could not help, but look inside curiously. They wondered who sang so well and was even singing an English song at that.

Indeed, Lin Che had also noticed that he sounded excellent at singing English songs. This song was initially sung with British English pronunciation. Furthermore, Gu Jingzes British English pronunciation was particularly authentic, so the charm of the song was brought out very well.

Lin Che watched him for a long time. She looked on as he finished singing and put down his microphone.

He turned his head around and saw that Lin Che was still looking at him. She looked smitten and her chin was resting on her hand. She really looked as if she was about to drool.

Gu Jingze smiled with his lips pursed. He moved closer to her and pinched her lips lightly. "Why? Did I take your breath away?"

1Lin Ches face turned red. "Of course not."

1Gu Jingze loved her coquettish manner.

Her feminine disposition appeared particularly charming right now. Perhaps it was because she was pregnant.

She was so gentle that he felt as if his heart was floating.

In particular, he liked the way she was so love-struck, and even more so when it was because of him. She seemed even more adorable.

He reached out to caress her face as he looked at the charming expression on her face.

Lin Che then reached out to hold his hand. With her other hand, she reached out to touch his face.

His face was exquisite and smooth. There was some newly-grown stubble at the bottom, but it was clean and neat and felt very pleasing to the touch.

As her hand touched the rough surface, there was an intense feeling that she was touching the opposite sex.

Every part of this mans body seemed perfect, whether it was his muscles, or his collarbones, the length of his fingers, or the slight stubble on his face. Everything was just right in showing off his masculine strength. At the same time, it did not at all make anyone feel that it was too much. He looked sensual and gentlemanly, without at all having the air of a muscular and burly man. He made people feel that his figure was simply very good. It was very comfortable to touch and to look at.

They wondered if he had been sculpted according to Gods model of perfection, or perhaps God had followed her own idea of the most desirable man in making him. The Gu Jingze that had been created was just right in striking the softest chord in her heart.

It was genuinely fascinating.

If she told others this, they would definitely say that love is blind. She liked him and thats why every part of him was good. Perhaps they were right. But she felt that judging from the fact that she was still not sick of looking at him after such a long time, it seemed that she really, really liked him.

Under her ministrations, Gu Jingze felt her warmth and closed his eyes in slight pleasure. As she gently caressed him, he found it even more difficult to resist the urge in his heart. Because he was worried that he would not be able to control himself, he had not dared to be intimate with her all this while. Now that she was right in front of him and teasing him, he seemed unable to resist it. He caressed her cheek and softly captured her lips in a kiss.

He did not dare to be too forceful, nor did he dare to get too immersed in it. He opened his eyes and gazed at her bright and clean face shining before him. He sighed and kissed only for a while more before releasing her from his hold.

Once her body was in a better condition, he definitely would not let her off.

Lin Ches lips were moist from being kissed. She wiped her mouth and looked down while smiling.

She seemed like a young girl unfamiliar with the ways of the world; one kiss could even make her so happy.

Gu Jingze had the microphone in his hand. "Are you still going to sing?"

Lin Che quickly shook her head. "No"

It would be a wonder if she could still go on and sing after hearing Gu Jingze sing.

It had been a spontaneous plan, to begin with anyway. She had wanted to bring Gu Jingze here to enjoy himself and experience it. Now that she had experienced that wonderful voice of his, which was absolutely great at singing as well, she was satisfied.

She felt that Gu Jingze was simply a treasure that she could never finish unearthing. He gave her such surprises each and every time.

This time, she had found out something again. It was simply that his voice could definitely intoxicate people when it was used for singing.

The two of them left the KTV. The people in the KTV still found it very strange. This couple had come in a flurry and left after singing just two songs.

But wealthy people knew exactly how to have fun. Coming to the KTV to sing two songs was nothing out of the ordinary.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze had just left when Gu Jingze received a call from home, notifying him that Old Master had regained consciousness.

Gu Xiande had spent the past few days slowly recuperating. This time, he had finally gathered the strength to wake up.

Lin Che also sighed feelingly. As expected, each person had his or her lot in life too. Old Master could be considered someone with a strong will to live.

1Lin Che felt relieved at the fact that he had woken up. Although she did not like Old Master, it was not good for her to want someone to die for no reason, either. She and Old Master did not see eye to eye, but there was no deep enmity between them.

Since Gu Jingze had heard the news, he had to return to the Gu residence to settle some matters.

Thus, Lin Che headed home.

When she reached home, she surfed Weibo lazily and realized that TZ had even followed her page.

She quickly followed him back, as well. Thereafter, she discovered a new update on Wechat moments. It was Qin Qing

Qin Qing had uploaded two photos of the venue of his birthday party. It seemed that it was his birthday. The photos were not clear, but she could see that many people were there.

7She did not comment even after seeing it. She had not heard the news of Qin Qing for a long time. Seeing that he seemed to be living pretty well, Lin Che felt quite relieved as well.

She liked the posts.

Since everyone had seen news of her return to the country on television, Qin Qing would probably not be shocked to see her appear all of a sudden.

She would even post on her WeChat moments from time to time. But now, she no longer dared to boast. When she was bored, she would post only some photos of her food, what she was using, the scenery, and some information about the movie.

If she boasted in too obvious a manner and people found out that she was staying in the Gu residence, the situation then would not be desirable either.

But she did not expect Qin Qing to immediately send her a message when he saw her like his post.

"Lin Che, are you there?"

Lin Che said, "Yes. Happy birthday."


Thereafter, Qin Qing said again, "I saw that you attained the top title. Congratulations."


Qin Qing said, "Come join us if you have time. Our classmates all miss you very much."

Lin Che said, "Well see."

She thought of how her heart used to pound all the time when she saw Qin Qings messages. But now, it was all part of his agenda.

Lin Che did not ask if he was doing well now, but he was probably not doing badly anyway.

After exchanging pleasantries with Qin Qing, Lin Che put down her cellphone.

Over on Gu Jingzes end.

Gu Xiande had indeed woken up.

Gu Jingze had yet to arrive after he regained consciousness.

Their clansmen had already arrived in advance.

It appeared that Gu Xiande had only a few days left to live. It seemed that he had reached his limit after being resuscitated this time. If something subsequently happened again, he would not necessarily be able to survive it.

Thus, the clan relatives were all the more anxious. They wanted the matter of Gu Jingzes wife to be decided quickly.

The clan relatives looked at Gu Xiande and wiped away their tears, saying, "If Old Master really passed away, we wouldnt want to live either."

"Its fortunate that Old Master is destined to have great luck and a long life. Since you escaped from this calamity, you are definitely bound for good fortune in the future."

"Old Master is the most important pillar of our family. Now that youre back, we have hope again."

Gu Xiande sighed and looked at them. His words were still a little unclear. He could only say hoarsely, "Thats enough. All of you, stop crying."

"Yes, yes, yes. This is a happy occasion. We shouldnt be crying." The clan relatives stood up, turned around, and shouted, "Hey, Mengqi, come quickly. Kowtow to Old Master and pour him tea."


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