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Season 11

Episode 37

(A Song For Her)

Lin Che said, "Of course. Who can dislike Master TZs songs?"

TZs face turned red at her compliment.

He knew who Lin Che was too. She was not a stranger to the industry but was in the industry. She was even one of the empresses of the film industry. The feeling of having an empress like him so much was different from having fans like him.

"Im so ashamed, so ashamed."

TZ genuinely felt embarrassed that someone at the level of an empress enjoyed his performances.

After all, those in the industry were all aware of some of the unwritten rules of the industry too. He knew that although he had great fame, he was not necessarily that formidable in reality.

He hastily said, "Madam, Im truly so grateful that you like me."

"Ive liked TZ a lot since my high school days. I didnt think that I would be able to meet you one day. Thats why Im so excited. I even went to attend your concert a few days ago. But I disguised myself slightly and did not appear as myself."

TZ felt even more guilty that he brought up this incident.

"If I had known earlier that you were going to attend, I definitely would have invited you on stage to have some fun."

"Dear me. Hows that possible?" Lin Che said hastily.

TZ asked, "Why would it be impossible? So many singers earnestly wish to be able to meet a famous celebrity like Madam."

A top celebritys attendance at his own concert would be such a hot topic.

Furthermore, his fans would feel great watching it and find it very refreshing too.

It would boost his reputation immensely if outsiders saw who his guests were.

Especially someone as famous as Lin Che.

Lin Che said, "I attended the concert of my own accord. I didnt tell anyone either."

"I will definitely invite Madam to my concert if theres a chance in the future."

"Hahaha. Ill thank you in advance for giving me this honor. But for the time being, I probably wont have this chance."

She subconsciously touched her stomach. TZ was tactful and did not ask further, either. Gu Jingze continued standing there watching. Seeing that Lin Che was so happy, Gu Jingze felt a complicated mix of emotions.

Lin Che said, "Oh, by the way. Dont tell others that you met me here today."

TZ immediately agreed and promised, "Yes, yes, yes. I know."

This was such a huge piece of gossip. It was seriously vexing that he could not talk about it. But he would be courting death if he spread the news.

Who would dare to oppose Gu Jingze? Those who offended the Gu family simply had a death wish.

This time, luck was truly on his side. He had managed to save himself this time because Lin Che liked his songs.

TZ said, "Alright. Madam Gu, next up is a song that Im giving, especially to the two of you. Its a new song I wrote."

"Huh? Theres even a song for me?" Lin Che was even more surprised.

TZ merely smiled. After returning home, he thought up ways and means to make Madam Gu happy this time, so of course, he finished writing the song throughout the night.

After sitting down, Lin Che saw TZ go back on stake. He picked up the microphone and looked at Lin Che and Gu Jingze in the audience.

The music started playing. It was TZs typical introduction. People could tell with one listen that this was TZs song.

But this song had indeed never been heard before. TZ had just written it.

"My longing voice lingers in your ears. Our love is more resilient than gold, Im starting to hear" It was an old-school love song. When Lin Che heard it, she truly felt as if she had returned to her high-school days and was reliving how she had felt towards TZ.

TZ had written the song so well.

Of course, she did not know that TZ had not written a proper song in years. His enthusiasm had died down because he was in a sufficiently high position and was not lacking in anything. But this time, he had no choice but to write a song. If he did not write a good song, then he would be done for. Thus, he was truly bursting with energy and immediately summoned all his strength, which was more than the sum of the strength he had used over the past few years. Only then did he manage to write such a brilliant song.

When TZ finished singing, Lin Che immediately stood up in elation and started clapping.

TZ only felt himself relax upon seeing that she was satisfied.

After that, Lin Che even wanted to invite TZ to stay for dinner.

How could TZ dare to eat with Gu Jingze? What a joke. He felt that he would suffer indigestion

He was already full looking at Gu Jingzes gaze.

Thus, TZ quickly found an excuse and left first, tactfully leaving the restaurant to the two of them to enjoy their time alone.

Lin Che genuinely felt very excited because the last song was at the standard that TZ only had in the past. She had not heard a new song that she liked so much for a very long time. Whats more, this song had been specially given to her.

When he saw that Lin Che was so happy, Gu Jingze asked disdainfully, "Isnt he just someone who sings?"

Lin Che asked, "Dont you think the last song which he gave to us was a very good song?"

"So-so," Gu Jingze said.

Lin Che looked at him and sighed.

"Do you really dislike listening to pop songs?"

"I will still listen to some of the classics," he said.

"Ah, in that case, his songs are classics in C Nation."

"Im talking about songs like All my loving."


She said, "Tch"

Lin Che pondered for a bit and felt that Gu Jingze was definitely acting petty again.

She pulled Gu Jingze to his feet, thinking of going out for a walk since they had finished eating.

"Come on. Ill take you a fun place," she tugged at Gu Jingze and spoke.

Gu Jingze had serious doubts about where she was taking him. He was sure that it would not be a good place.

"I dont want to go"

"You have to go even if you dont want to. Come on. Ill take you there." Lin Che laughed playfully. Her expression looked extremely mischievous.

She dragged him along until they were outside. When they got into the car, she immediately said, "Theres a legendary KTV if we go over there. Do you know about it?"


Gu Jingze turned his face towards her. "Lin Che, what are you doing?"

Lin Che smiled. "Lets give it a try."

"Are you talking about the kind of place where you hold a microphone and sing as if youre a celebrity? Im not going." Gu Jingze just knew it. The expression on her face was so sly. The place they were going to would definitely not be a good place.

But he did not think that she would take him directly to the KTV

Such a lowly place. He did not want to go!

Lin Che smiled deviously. "I just want to let you experience it. Gu Jingze, youve never taken me there before."

"Lets go home. Ill get them to install one."

"Having one at home is no fun."

"That place is very dirty and very chaotic"

"Thats the atmosphere I want. Youll know once you go in with me and give it a try. Actually, its very fun. It doesnt matter how horrible your singing is."

Gu Jingze rolled his eyes at her. "Seems like its a place thats suitable for you. You can go on your own."

Lin Che looked at him with a delicate expression. "So youre asking me to go by myself? Alright Im going on my own, then. Hmph, there will be so many people walking to and fro. If they bump into me"


Gu Jingze glared at her.

Lin Che had already grabbed Gu Jingze by the hand. "Come on, come on. Were just going in to give it a try. Dont be afraid. I wont force you to sing even if your singing is horrible."

Lin Che made the driver stop the car and dragged Gu Jingze out.

The KTV was not considered crowded right now. Gu Jingzes subordinates went to book a private room first. The two of them went inside directly.

Gu Jingze looked at the interior with a look of complete disdain on his face. When he thought of the fact that many people had sat inside here before and furthermore, that the place was not sanitized before the next batch of guests entered, he felt that it was seriously dirty.

Lin Che asked, "What are you doing?"

Gu Jingze suggested, "Why dont we go to the club? I know that"

"I dont want to. Lets give it a go. We can play as we wish here without having to care about anything. This is what having fun is about. Its not like the club at all. It just looks like such a dazzling sight. I dont dare to touch anything there.

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