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Season 11

Episode 36

(You Could Call This A Surprise For Her)

No one knew what Gu Jingze had said to him inside. When TZ came out, he seemed to have relaxed a great deal at long last. He pushed his hair away and said, "Eh. Its because I have good luck. Lets go, lets go."

His manager asked, "What happened?"

"Eh. Dont even mention it. Mr. Gu is well-deserving of his name as Mr. Gu. Hes really out of the common run and is deserving of respect."

He quickly put his things in order before leaving this place with the line of people.

At home, Lin Che saw that no more comments were attacking them online. After the attacks had died down, Gu Jingze also stopped everyone from reading this piece of news to prevent people from actually digging out personal details of the person who had gone to attend the concert that day.

By this time, Gu Jingze had already returned. Seeing that Lin Che was home, he approached her and asked, "How do you feel today?"

Lin Che was not in a good mood as her morning sickness was getting more and more serious. On top of that, there were so many troubling things happening online over the past few days. There were always people cursing them out, affecting her immensely as well. She also experienced quite a lot of emotional turbulence.

Gu Jingze always came home earlier to accompany her every day. He would chat with her and even cook together with her.

They would cook some chicken soup noodles or a simple orecchiette. Lin Che would not puke after eating these things.

She did not know if it was delicious because she really liked the food or whether she actually only liked eating food cooked by Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze looked handsome when cooking. Furthermore, no one could ever get sick of that serious expression of his when he was cooking. Thus, her mood would take a turn for the better when she watched him cook. When she thought about the fact that Gu Jingze had personally made the food, she felt even happier and ate more as a result.

However, Gu Jingze was not planning to cook anything today. He merely pulled Lin Che to her feet and asked, "Why dont we just go out and eat today?"

"Sure. What are we eating?"

She was worried that she would not be able to stomach anything.

"Lets go out first and discuss what to eat later."

Gu Jingze pulled her with him to get a change of clothes.

As Lin Che did not have to work, she usually did only some basic skincare. She also stopped using other make-up products altogether.

When she went out, she would casually put on some simple and loose clothing too. But Lin Ches figure was good, to begin with. Although she was pregnant now, it did not seem to have affected her figure at all. Apart from the fact that her waist was slightly plumper, all the other parts of her body pretty much looked the same.

As a result, Lin Che did not appear sloppy at all when she went out in loose clothing. On the contrary, it accentuated her slender figure and smoothed it out, making it look very beautiful instead.

The maids could not help but sigh in admiration as they looked at her. Their Madam was simply beautiful. A beautiful person was beautiful no matter what she wore. Even if she did not bother about her appearance due to pregnancy, she was still a beauty.

But Lin Che herself knew that this was related to the fact that she did not get fat so easily. It also had to do with these clothes. Although they were loose, all of them were the bestselling designs of various big brands. They were expensive for a reason. No matter how she wore them, they would look fashionable and stylish and not as shapeless as ordinary clothing.

Lin Che casually got dressed and followed Gu Jingze out. When she saw that they had entered a pretty good restaurant, she thought that Gu Jingze probably wanted to take her out for a breather. Thus, she did not bother about where they were.

But she did not expect the restaurant to be empty when she went in.

She immediately turned her head. "Ah, Gu Jingze, you reserved the whole restaurant"

Gu Jingze tugged at her. "Lets continue talking after we go in."

"Theres no need for such a grand gesture." She wondered if her recent moodiness had affected Gu Jingze greatly, leading him to pay her so much attention all of a sudden and even specially reserve a restaurant for them to have a meal.

She felt that it was time for her to properly adjust her emotions to prevent everyone around her from worrying about her.

Lin Che sat down and saw that a few desserts had already been served in advance. They had also prepared juices and drinks. She was still wondering why the desserts had been served first instead of the main dishes. But she suddenly heard some sounds from beside her.

Lin Che paused. She frowned and looked over only to see a massive stage suddenly move towards them from the empty area in the front of the restaurant.

She froze. Music suddenly started playing at this moment. The familiar prelude made Lin Ches eyes widen all of a sudden.

After that, she saw TZ appear on the stage. He was sitting behind the piano and playing it with deep emotion. He looked at the microphone in front of him while the music was playing. He smiled faintly and looked downwards before starting to sing.

Your faint smile has a lovely charm to it.

Youre my medicine. I have no antidote.

This love song had had mass public appeal back then. When TZ sang it from such a close distance, his voice seemed even more pleasing to the ears. Lin Che looked on in pleasant surprise and immediately covered her mouth.

"Good gracious. TZ"

From the side, Gu Jingzes face was about to fall again when he saw that she seemed as if she was about to cry from excitement

But he let it go when he remembered that this was the surprise he had prepared for her.

TZ played the piano and sang on stage. He looked at Lin Che off stage as if he was singing for her alone.

It really made Lin Che feel as if she had returned to her younger days. At the time, she genuinely felt that she would be completely satisfied if she were able to meet TZ once.

Whats more, she was listening to TZ sing in front of her right now.

She covered her face with her hands and looked at TZ from where she was. Of course, she was very touched because she knew that Gu Jingze had deliberately arranged this.

Because she had once said that she really liked TZ in her high school days, the songs that TZ was singing now were all the most popular songs during her high school days.

Within a short time, she felt the miracle of time travel.

Lin Che knew that Gu Jingze had given a lot of thought to this.

How could he be so good

Lin Che turned to look at Gu Jingze. "Gu Jingze"

Gu Jingze asked, "Hn. Does it sound good?"

Lin Che immediately pulled his hand to her affectionately and said, "Not as good as your voice."

At least she had learned to be obedient.

The corners of Gu Jingzes lips turned upwards in a smile.

Lin Che immediately stood up once TZ ended the song.

TZ walked off the piano stage after that and came down to bow to them. His gaze paused when he glanced at Gu Jingze and Madam Gu, who were off stage. He suddenly felt that Madam Gu looked very familiar.

Lin Che called out, "TZ. Wow. Is it TZ in the flesh?"

The moment she opened her mouth to speak, she seemed impossibly familiar.

This wasnt this person Lin Che?

Of course, TZ knew who Lin Che was. Even if the two of them had never crossed paths, each of them knew who the other was after all.

Whats more was that Lin Che was the queen of the film industry.

He looked at Lin Che in surprise. Could it be, Lin Che Lin Che was none other than none other than Madam Gu?

No way

This piece of information was a little too shocking.

If news were to get out, the matter would definitely blow up.

"Lin Lin oh, Madam Gu." TZ nearly called out her name, but when he glanced at Gu Jingze beside her, he remembered and quickly changed his words.

Lin Che said, "Oh my, TZ. What you call me isnt that important. Why are you calling me Madam Gu? Im your fan. You can just call me Lin Che."

She really was Lin Che.

TZ said sheepishly, "Im ashamed, ashamed. Im grateful that Madam Gu likes me and my songs."


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