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Season 11

Episode 35

(Thats What You Call True Deterrence)

They immediately stopped making a fuss after TZ had uploaded his post. They even started to criticize the fans who had started a fight in the concert venue. They expressed bluntly that those fans were definitely different from the rational ones who liked TZ and supported him. Those fans were brainless and not necessarily true fans.

You should have civic consciousness if you like TZ. Obey the rules, and behave magnanimously and adequately. Work hard to protect TZs image. As opposed to creating trouble at the concert and scolding others who did not like TZ.

Members of TZs team immediately got wind of news that Gu Jingze was going to be a guest at Black Hawks clubhouse very soon. Thus, they quickly rushed over there too.

Of course, TZ himself had personally come here. After going in, his manager also cautiously reminded him from beside him, "This time, I reckon its Mr. Gu who gave us this chance. Otherwise, how could we have possibly found out the schedule of a prominent figure like him? You must treasure the opportunity later and not say the wrong thing."

"I know. I definitely wont talk nonsense. Im just begging for mercy anyway." Naturally, TZ could not have stayed popular for so many years if he only knew how to sing. At the same time, he also had to know how to conduct himself.

Thus, he knew such things from the start. They did not even offend typical wealthy tycoons because they did not know which one would become their next investor, their next opportunity. Much less the Gu family who had power over the entire C Nation.

At times, those ignorant fans would really cause them a lot of trouble instead. They had thought that they were protecting their idol, but in actual fact, they had caused him harm. In the end, they even needed their idol to clean up their terrible mess. They even had to strenuously turn the situation around and make a visit to beg for mercy.

TZ felt very helpless too. But he felt that it was also a stroke of luck for him to be able to meet this powerful and important Mr. Gu through this opportunity.

His manager proceeded to say, "I heard that Gu Jingze brought his wife to your concert that day because his wife likes you."

"Really? Thats alright then. I will mention his wife later. Perhaps it will be slightly easier to deal with him on account of his wife."

While saying this, he had already gone in.

The moment he saw those rigid-faced bodyguards of Gu Jingze standing outside, he instinctively felt deep veneration. Looking at this extraordinary formation, he subconsciously felt a little stifled.

TZ continued to scold those brainless fans in secret for being such troublemakers. At the same time, he felt fortunate that Madam Gu was also his fan. Otherwise, he was truly going to die this time.

"Were here to visit Mr. Gu. Can you notify him that we are here?" His manager continued, "Were TZ. We came here especially to apologize. We hope that Mr. Gu can do us the honor of meeting us so that we can personally beg for his forgiveness with our lives."

At the front, Qin Hao watched on and glanced at the manager.

Gu Jingze usually would not meet people like them. This time, he did not know why Gu Jingze even wanted to give TZ a way out of the situation on Lin Ches account.

As expected, the influence that his wife had on him was infinite.

"Sir is inside, but TZ is the only one whos allowed to go in."

"Yes, yes. Alright. TZ, go on in."

TZ drew in a deep breath and pinched his hands furtively before gathering the courage to walk in.

The moment he went in, he saw that man sitting on a single sofa chair. His legs were crossed and propped up. He looked as if he was leaning backward lazily while swiping something on the tablet computer in his hands. His long and slender fingers were gently tapping the screen, and his gaze was scattered in front. His black suit seemed to bring with it an overwhelming air of oppressiveness. It made others feel as if a chilly atmosphere lingered about him all the time. He turned his head slightly. Only coldness was written faintly on his arrogant face. His unapproachable countenance and his eyes, which were as cold as stars, had a hint of unfriendliness to them. His pitch-black eyes were bottomless and made others feel as if they had fallen into a deep abyss so that they did not dare to meet his gaze.

This was a person with an imposing manner.

TZ immediately felt as if he was the emperor. He could not help but feel as if he was about to kneel down and speak.

"Mr Mr. Gu, Im here to apologize. Im truly very sorry about this matter. I didnt know that those people actually insulted Mr. Gu like that behind his back. These people dont know who Mr. Gu is. Furthermore, theyre young and immature. This is also my fault. I was not a good role model. I dont know how some people without proper manners became my fans. Im responsible for it and its also my fault that I didnt realize what was happening sooner. No matter what, I made a mistake in respect of this matter. I hope that Mr. Gu can punish me. Over the past few days, Ive continuously felt uneasy. I hope that I will feel at ease after Mr. Gu punishes me today."

Gu Jingze gazed at him.

He stared at his face and felt it unlikely that Lin Che would actually like his face. Although it could be looked at, it was, in reality, no good.

He found it completely inconceivable that Lin Che could still find this face good-looking after being with him for so many years.

TZ did look very handsome on stage. But offstage, he was very ordinary.

Alright. He no longer wanted to bother with this matter. Since Lin Che liked his talent, he would respect Lin Ches feelings as well.

But he should still scare him a bit.

"Yes. So?"

As TZ listened to his voice, which was devoid of any warmth, he felt even more terrified. "Well. Thats why I came here precisely to be punished. Please, Mr. Gu, dont stand on ceremony. You must punish me."

"Huh." Instead of saying words, Gu Jingze let out a nonchalant hum.

TZ was even more frightened to the point where his body was trembling. "Mr. Gu, Im willing to accept any form of punishment. I mean it. I still feel very guilty even now. I feel so guilty that I have insomnia every night. I really dont know how this issue turned so nasty"

Gu Jingze continued to remain silent and merely looked ahead quietly.

The longer he continued to do this, the more unconfident TZ felt. He would have to kneel if things really did not work out.

But even though Gu Jingze had the manner of an emperor, he did not think he was actually the emperor.

After all, they were no longer stuck in the past. In modern society, there was no such thing as an emperor. Ones ability spoke for itself. The losers were always in the wrong.

Gu Jingze saw TZs complexion turn more and paler. It seemed that he was genuinely scared.

Only then did he say coolly, "Alright."

As if he had obtained a pardon, TZ hastily lifted his head.

Gu Jingze said, "Its good that you know. Ill let the matter be."

TZs legs were really about to go soft all of a sudden.

Gu Jingze knew that a persons intentions would only be more difficult to guess as long as he remained silent. People would then become more fearful when they could not guess his intentions. This was the reason he remained silent, so that other people would defeat themselves internally. This was true deterrence.

Gu Jingze waved his hand. "Enough."

"Yes, yes in that case, I wont impose on Mr. Gu." TZ frantically went out. He felt that he was going to piss himself if he stayed there for another second.

"By the way." Just then, the voice behind TZ nearly made him kneel again.

"Mr. Gu do you have any other instructions?"

"Well, I want you to come over for a bit after a few days."

"Huh? What?"

Gu Jingze raised his head to look at TZ. His gaze was still devoid of warmth. But his expression when he looked at him was much more pleasant than it had been earlier.


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