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Season 11

Episode 34

(You Dare Offend Just Anyone?)

People immediately started making a big deal out of the incident.

The fans even said repeatedly, Who did that second-generation tycoon think he was, going over there to start a fight?

He was literally treating himself as a god. Their TZ was more outstanding than some second-generation tycoon. Did second-generation tycoons have as many fans as TZ? As fans, they had to protect their own idol. They could not allow people to insult their idol like that just because they had money.

Of course, TZs team also noticed this incident immediately. They hastily contacted the fan club to find out what exactly had happened.

Meanwhile, Lin Che simply knew that the situation would not turn out well. As she watched the news and read their insulting words, she thought to herself in disbelief that these people were so good at kicking up a fuss. At the time, they had just made passing remarks. Furthermore, she and Gu Jingze had simply been having a casual conversation, but they had eavesdropped and escalated the matter to this extent.

According to the rumors, that girl was still under hospitalization. But she had merely been pushed to the ground and was now staying in the hospital and refusing to leave.

After coming into the room, Gu Jingze saw that Lin Che was still watching the news. He walked towards her and glanced at the screen only to see foul words filling the entire screen. Someone even said that she was going to dig out his personal details.

Gu Jingze said, "Ha. These people are cursing us out like this even though they did not see exactly what happened."

Lin Che bit her finger. "Well I think people dont usually read the content of the news articles when they curse at others. They start cursing as soon as they look at the title."


Lin Che said, "Well, they go online just to vent their anger. I dont care who you are. I just want to curse at you."


Gu Jingze took the tablet computer from her. He scoffed as he looked at what was being shown and let out a low disgruntled sound. He looked at the name on the screen and asked, "His name is TZ, right? I think his days of being surrounded by crowds and being called the king are about to end."

"Ah no way." Lin Che hastily said, "Dont be like that. He was my idol when I was young."

Gu Jingzes face was pulled taut. He did not listen to her pleas.

Lin Che quickly stood up and said, "I mean it. Even though we dont know each other, at the very least, he was my idol. I liked him a lot when I was younger."

Hearing this, Gu Jingze scoffed. "No wonder your intelligence quotient turned out this way. It seems like you looked up to the wrong person as your role model when you were young. I must shut him out of the industry"

"No, no" She knew that she had said the wrong thing. She frantically tugged at him and said, "No matter what, hes not as handsome as you. Hes just good at singing. I felt that he was really very talented before I met you. After all, I didnt have anyone to compare him to at the time. Now that Ive met you, theres no way I would still think that anyone else is talented. Its only because I was young at the time. I attended the concert this time only to relive my youth when I had no taste in the past"

After hearing her blurt out so many words, Gu Jingze finally made a hmph sound and then calmly picked up the tablet computer and placed it standing on the table.

"He should be grateful that he still has a fan like you to put in good words for him despite having so many brainless fans." He continued, "Forget it. But I will definitely teach him a lesson."

"" How petty of him.

But Lin Che was also aware that he was already very respectful.

If it were someone else, there would be no space for negotiation at all.

It was also because it was ultimately those fans and not TZ himself who had offended him this time.

She only hoped that TZ would not suddenly make an appearance and spout some nonsense. If that happened, then definitely no one would be able to save him.

Given Gu Jingzes temper, if it were someone else, it was only a matter of minutes before he chased him out of C Nation.

Meanwhile, members of TZs team immediately started finding out more details.

Members of the fan club briefly explained the situation at the time. They said that the police had arrived on the scene but had unexpectedly not taken him away. They even escorted him out respectfully.

The members of TZs team were surprised to hear that he had been escorted out directly. Furthermore, he had been escorted out directly the moment the police arrived.

Ultimately, they were not insensible children. They knew that in reality, there were not many people like him in B City who did not fear the police. Although some people were very wealthy as well, B City was different from other places. Because there were too many wealthy people, wealthy people typically did not dare to keep a high profile.

But judging from the fact that the police officers immediately turned respectful after heading there, he was probably not a person of low status.

The members of TZs team quickly sought information from the police to find out who exactly that person was.

When they obtained the information, they were nearly frightened to death. The police told them that the person who had gone there was probably a member of the Gu family TZs team nearly pissed themselves. They could not believe that they had offended the Gu family

Offending the Gu family out of all the people they could offend. Did they have a death wish?

The members of TZs team proceeded to seek information on who exactly from the Gu family this person was.

By right, this would not have been easy to find out. But instantaneously, they were notified that TZs subsequent concert had been rescheduled just because of the issue of public nuisance.

The tickets had been completely sold out. Now that the timing had suddenly been changed, people would definitely complain. They started to get anxious. However, they felt that there had to be a reason for something like this to happen at this juncture. It was no coincidence.

Immediately, the members of TZs team followed this line of inquiry.

The local Performance Council told them directly, "You guys offended a prominent figure."

"We know that we offended someone. But were trying to find out who exactly we offended because we dont know."

"You offended Gu Jingze."


They nearly spurted out blood.

"Was he the person at the venue that day?"

"We heard that he had taken his wife to watch the concert. It seems that his wife is TZs fan. After that, he was attacked by fans. Right now, this is simply a warning. You should know that when it comes to Gu Jingze the fact that you guys are still alive right now and can make inquiries already goes to show that hes not genuinely angry."

"Thats right, thats right," they said while trembling. Indeed, they felt a surge of fear after the fact. They felt that they had to count their blessings at the fact that they were still alive now.

"In that case, what should we do now?"

"What else can you do? Quickly look for a chance to make amends."

"Can we meet Gu Jingze? A person like him isnt just an ordinary wealthy person. We cant meet him just because we want to."

"These fans are too much too this wont do. We definitely cant let them continue making a fuss. Theyve already created so much trouble."

The members of TZs team immediately started dealing with the matter. They quickly got TZ to upload a notice on his Weibo page first, telling the fans not to take things too far. He said, All criticisms are a show of attention towards me. Im glad that Im able to receive attention. Those troublemaking fans are not fans of me, TZ. My fans have manners, are responsible, and have sensible opinions. They are rational when they like me and support me, and do not smear the name of the TZ family. I hope that all my fans can discuss the matter only after understanding the entire situation. I feel apologetic towards that gentleman whose reputation was tarnished. I hope that you can forgive me.

His fans were a little taken aback after the post. When they took another look at the entire sequence of events, everyone felt that it was those fans who had gone slightly overboard. Furthermore, the other party had not said anything about them. They had gone a bit too far in making such a big fuss and cursing at him for such a long time.


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