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Season 11

Episode 32

(Attacked By Brainless Fans)

Lin Che, of course, could understand their strange looks. They probably wondered how a man could look so handsome and why there was such an uncouth woman next to him.

She did not get tired of looking at him after so many years. Sometimes, when she took a glance back, her breath would still be taken away, so it was not surprising for those who had just seen him for the first time.

Although the star on the stage was very charismatic, he did not have his aura.

Some people were already guessing if Gu Jingze was some celebrity that came here to support the artist.

Lin Che could somehow hear someone ask, "Is it some celebrity?"

"Why didnt I see him before?"

"Right, I cannot remember. Maybe he looks different on television, but if he is so handsome

I shouldnt have forgotten about it."

Lin Che immediately felt like coming out with him was dangerous.

She looked around. Everyones judging gaze became weirder by the moment, so she became obedient and stopped talking. She did not dare to tease Gu Jingze in the next few songs.

Afterward, the concert ended with a sense of jubilation everywhere.

Lin Che left with Gu Jingze. They followed the crowd, watching how the people were still loudly and excitedly discussing the concert.

It was Lin Ches first time watching a concert, so she was also very pumped. She danced around and said, "No wonder he was still considered a legendary singer even after so many years. He is so handsome!"

Gu Jingze was immediately unhappy. He looked at her with a gloomy face.

Lin Che thought that this man was too stingy. But to be tactful, she reluctantly tapped his elbows. "Of course, not as handsome as you. Hes not as handsome as you, okay?"

Gu Jingze scoffed. So many people enjoy songs like these. No wonder peoples hearts are becoming more flighty."

Gu Jingze was already defiant, so upon seeing how Lin Che was so immersed in talking about this man, his heart could not take it, so he said that.

He did not have any thoughts about this type of song and did not enjoy or dislike listening to them. However, he did not say that in front of Lin Che.

But he did not think about how there were fans everywhere.

This sentence was heard by a fan at the side.

The fan immediately looked over upon hearing that. After seeing two people talking about it, she shouted and walked over. "Hey, the one at the front. What did you just say?"

Gu Jingze never bothered to listen to an irrelevant person, so he did not hear this sentence.

But Lin Che heard it. She turned back and saw the girl behind, her hands at her waist. Together with some fans at her side, she angrily glared at Lin Che and Gu Jingze.

"What happened?" Her friends at the side asked.

The girl pointed in Gu Jingzes direction and said, "The man in front said, even these kinds of songs could be liked by people. What do you mean by these kinds of songs? What are you trying to say?"

Some other fans heard it and also angrily looked over. Because there were a lot of people and they were very excited just now, they still had a lot of adrenaline and was very rash.

"Ha, this sort of song? Can you even understand this kind of song?"

"Right, if you dont like it, why are you here?"

"Right, arent you shameless? If you dont like it, why spend money to listen to it? Why did you rant about it after?"

"This person is really so tasteless and still dared to say his song is bad. You can see he has so many fans, which means that his songs are so popular."

"We are asking you a question if you dare to speak again."

The few fans began to attack the two of them.

Lin Che was still holding on to Gu Jingzes arms and wanted to drag him away. These fans should not be offended. After being in the entertainment industry for so long, she knew how scary it was when fans became unreasonable.

But Gu Jingze already turned back.

He squinted his eyes, silently pursing his lips. He looked down at those people with a superior pose and prideful gaze. Because he was too tall, he looked downwards at everyone, so it seemed like he was out of this world.

But the few fans froze for a while. They did not expect such a charismatic man when he turned around.

Their gaze fixed onto his face, in awe of his perfect looks.

But then, they were ashamed to be staring at a person they were reprimanding.

The girl in front yelled first, "Hey, whats with your attitude? We were talking at you. Couldnt you hear us?"

With one reacting, the others also quickly came around.

As they were embarrassed, they released it onto Gu Jingze. "Now, you must apologize. How could you say that to his songs? Is it right to anyhow criticize someone? You dont even understand him."

"Right, how can you say that after listening to his songs a few times? Apologize."

Lin Che thought, She met a brainless fan this time.

Gu Jingze was not familiar with this situation, so Lin Che immediately said, "Alright, we were just casually talking and joking. You dont have to take it seriously."

The girl looked at Lin Che and yelled, "How can you talk about someone behind his back casually? You have no morals."

"Right, they dont even have manners. How did their family bring them up? They look quite old and still dont know how to be cultured."

Their words were getting worse

Lin Ches face closed up. She loved the singer, but she was very rational about the so-called "love", unlike these brainless little girls.

What did they mean by no manners?

"Never mind, I have nothing to say to you." Lin Che pulled Gu Jingze to leave.

The few girls did not let go of this matter. They chased after them and yelled, "Why? Running away because you cant argue with us?"

"You havent apologized."

"Dont come to our TZs concert ever again. You people only insult TZ by listening."

"Yes, because you people who dont like TZ and still occupy space, tickets are so hard to come by."

"Our TZ does not need people like you to come and listen to his concert. We dont need you to buy tickets. Why didnt you let those who truly understand our TZ have the tickets?"

Lin Che could not tolerate it. At the side, Gu Jingze also got frustrated after listening to them. He looked back at the few people. "I dont want to listen, but listen up, one more sentence from you"

"Alright, theres nothing to say to them. Lets just go our own way." Lin Che knew that things would only get worse from talking to them. They just wanted you to bow and apologize. They did not dare about logic or commonsense. Although they wanted to protect their idol, they were forcing too much on others.

She wanted to let Gu Jingze shut up, but instead, Gu Jingzes words became more piercing. "Of course, I dont have the time to ask you not to like anyone, so you also dont have to ask me to like anyone. Because I may not like the same things as you do. For example, if you like eating **** and force others to eat ****, isnt that asking a bit too much?"


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