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Season 11

Episode 30

(Lets Go Watch The Concert)

Gu Jingze squinted and looked at the side.

"If you want to listen to it, I can help you ask around."


"Of course."

Gu Jingze looked at her and said, "Even if you ask your friends from the industry, it should be easy to get tickets."

"Ah Right, I forgot."

Lin Che remembered that there should be some internal tickets that were not available for sale but just for gifting.

If she asked someone for it, she should be able to get it because the singer would still like to have some celebrities to support the concert as it gives some publicity and something to look out for.

But Lin Che was also not sure if this legendary singer was like that because his concert did not need something to look out for to attract many people to listen to him sing.

Gu Jingze brought her back first. After confirming that grandfather showed signs of recovery, Gu Jingze also prepared to take a good break, so that they would not burn out from not sleeping.

After a few days, Gu Jingze got someone to deliver the tickets to Lin Che.

Lin Che opened and saw that it was the VIP ticket.

These tickets were not meant to be gifted but sold at extremely high prices. Usually, these tickets would be sold out within seconds of release because the positions were very close to the front and were very good.

She did not expect Gu Jingze to get her such premium tickets.

After looking at a pair of tickets, Lin Che immediately called Gu Jingze.

"I saw the tickets, but theres two."

"Are you not bringing someone alone?" Gu Jingze asked.

Lin Che replied, "Of course, I am bringing you along."

"" Gu Jingze did not hesitate to say, "I am not going."

Lin Che asked, "Why are you not going? Lets go; lets go."

"I dont listen to concerts."

"I dont need you to listen to it. You can just accompany me."

"It is very noisy. I dont want to go." Gu Jingze said.

Lin Che narrowed her eyes and speechlessly said, "Fine, you can skip it."

Gu Jingze said, "Lin Che, you can invite Yu Minmin or Ah Bi to accompany you."

"Nope, they are very busy." Lin Ches eyes flicked over. She smiled and said, "Since I am not at the office, they must be very busy, ah, but I know who I can invite."

"Oh, who?"

"Situ Jing. He should be very free. After all, mister wealthy is not like us, slaves to our boss."


Lin Che could already imagine how gloomy Gu Jingzes face was on the other side.

Lin Che said, "Alright, Ill hang up."

"Wait!" Gu Jingze stopped Lin Che.

"Ah, why? Arent you busy?"

"Prepare your clothes Ill take you to the concert." He said.

Lin Che giggled.

After a short time, Gu Jingze arrived.

He got out and looked at Lin Che, who was ready.

She wore more clothes purposely and dressed more ordinarily. She wore a cap, with black-framed glasses, and it seemed like a legitimate disguise.

The two of them drove out and asked people to follow them from afar and not into the venue.

As they were at the VIP seats, they would be entering from the VIP entrance. And the seats would not be too cramped, unlike those places behind which were cramped and not great for her body.

After arriving outside the venue, they could see there were really a lot of people in this place. There was already traffic jam from outside all the way inside. If there were no traffic police and armed police, there could be chaos anytime.

There were all sorts of people outside the concert hall. Some fans that could not enter were supporting from outside.

There were rows and rows of people selling LED boards.

Gu Jingze was already starting to become unhappy. He sighed and pinched the middle of his brows, a little annoyed at the rowdy crowd outside.

Lin Che sneakily smiled and looked at him, and followed him out of the car to walk inside. Gu Jingze said, "So crowded"

"Well, its a concert. He has so many fans, so its a given that therell be tons of people."

Gu Jingze furrowed his brows. "I dont even know whats so good about his songs."

"Yes, yes, yes, unlike our CEO who only enjoys elegant music."

Gu Jingze said, "I think pure music can be used as lullabies."

"Ha, you Is only money useful to you?"

"Thats right."


Gu Jingze said, "It can bring many things to help humanity. We built bridges, houses, economic rules, and data, which all have practical usage for people."

Lin Che shook her head. "You dont know how to enjoy life."

Gu Jingze replied, "Some people live to enjoy life. We are here to help humanity."

"Ha, you speak with such pride"

Gu Jingze looked up and gazed coolly at the front. The couple held hands and walked to their seats.

Indeed, their seats were great. It was close to the stage and could see the top of the stage, but were separated from the crowd behind. The seats were also better, so although it was a full-house, it was not crowded.

After Gu Jingze and Lin Che sat down, Lin Che looked at him and said, "You cant say that music is not good. Music can relax your nerves and express your emotions. Furthermore, isnt it treat to our minds?"

"My mind does not need treats."

"Does your life only have working hard?"

"Earning money is a form of enjoyment to the mind."

What is the point of earning money?"

Gu Jingze looked at her. "Earning money in itself is enjoyable."

"You earn money to spend it! It is only yours if you spend it. If not, it belongs to the bank, the employees, it belongs to others, not you!"


"Am I not right? You earned money to invest. You put it into projects, right? These investments are to spend a lot of money to get people to work for you. Then, you are using the money you earn to support your many employees. And if you dont invest, you put it in a bank, and you are providing livelihood to the bank. So, if you spend it and buy things to enjoy yourself, it is your money. Haha, music is different. Once you hear it, it is yours. So, does it make sense that so many people liked it?"


Gu Jingming looked at her meaningfully.

1Lin Che tilted her head and looked forward. She narrowed her eyes and smiled with a glint in her eyes.

"Fallacies." He said.

Lin Che said, "I think it makes sense."

"I will not argue with you."

"I think you cant win against my argument." Lin Che replied.

"" Gu Jingzes face darkened. He glared at Lin Che. "Ha, say that again!"

"That again."

"Okay, Lin Che, you are picking a fight with me in public."

Who dared to trample on his dignity? But Lin Che purposely did it.

He pinched her cheeks immediately.

Lin Che could not avoid it and was knocked down by him.

They began to play fight on the seats.

They caught the attention of the people around them. They looked at their side, thinking that they were so unreasonable, fighting despite coming to watch a concert.

But the couple acted as if there was no one around them. Gu Jingze pinched her small face hard as an act of revenge towards this little fairy that tried to brainwash him through fallacies.


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