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Season 11

Episode 28

(The Rules Are Not Meant To Bind You)

Yu Minmin said, "No, Im not from a wealthy family, but you are. Youre from the Lu family."

"Idiot." Upon hearing her sarcasm, Lin Che shot her a look.

Lin Che said, "The Gu family is really not as simple as I thought. However, Gu Jingze was not the head of the house previously. He was just Gu Jingze. Now that he is the head of the house, I guess he has to face many more internal matters now and thats why it feels so complicated to me."

Yu Minmin sighed. "Yeah. Its just like if I didnt enter Glazed Tile Palace, Id probably have never known in my whole life that there were so many problems and complicated things in the world waiting for the president to handle. Theyre not small matters like losing a wallet or fistfights or lawsuits over some property. These are matters that affect the entire nation. As the saying goes: with great power comes great responsibility. There is a lot more consideration involved."

Lin Che thought about that Xue Mengqi.

"I saw some clan members and women just now. I feel like everyone in the family is very capable."

"Oh, who have you met? There are so many clan members and you were able to meet all of them?"

Lin Che said, "No, its just that one who came to say hello to me. I talked to her a little. Her name is Xue Mengqi and she just returned from overseas."

Upon hearing Xue Mengqis name, Yu Minmin paused a little and looked at her. "Xue Mengqi? Shes back already?"

Seeing Yu Minmins response, Lin Che asked, "Why? Do you know her?"

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che with seriousness in her eyes as she frowned. "I dont and of course, I have not met her. After all, given Gu Jingmings status, we cant come back home often. Ive only heard it from Gu Jingming that this Xue Mengqi is not a simple person."

Lin Che propped her chin with her hand and listened seriously. "How so?"

"Well, she has five university doctoral degrees. She has been to over thirty countries and established five companies in a few years, but none of those are in her charge. It was mainly to help set up funds for Gu Industries to do charity. Later, she was chosen as a charity ambassador for six countries and she has been moving around these places for charity."

"Ah, thats not so different from what Gu Jingze told me, just not as detailed. No wonder you are the gossip girl. You know so much," Lin Che said. "It looks like she really is capable. Its not easy to gain respect from so many countries."

"Indeed. The important thing is her intention of returning to the family at this time," Yu Minmin said.

Lin Ches gaze wavered. "Are you saying that her return is not innocent? She has a motive for coming back?"

"Thats right. Gu Jingming said that the clan members hold her in high regard as she is charitable and can manage things well. She is a very capable woman and has been deemed the most capable out of the womenfolk. Thus, when Gu Jingze assumed the position as the head of the house, everyone did not believe in you. They had been requesting a separate housemistress and Xue Mengqi is one of their chosen candidates."

Lin Ches eyes widened and glistened as she looked at Yu Minmin. "So, by coming back at this time, she intends to snatch the position of the Gu family matriarch?"

"Yes, I dont think its all coincidental."

Lin Che narrowed her eyes and thought about the things Xue Mengqi said to her.

That behavior indeed harbored a sense of hidden intent. It was subtle but she could feel it.

Thus, at that time, Lin Che didnt like her. It turned out that a womans sixth sense could tell if a person liked you or not. She could sense that Xue Mengqi did not like her either.

Lin Che thought for a while. "This means that with her return now, theres going to be a showdown. Ha."

Challenge was knocking right on her door.

Yu Minmin said, "This is also going to be a problem. For each day you dont accept your role, there will be a threat. However, given your body condition now, youll be so busy if you accept the house mistress role. It wont be good for the baby either. Thus, now really isnt the best time."

Lin Che said, "Lets keep calm. You have said that this has happened in the past but not many times. If shes eyeing the house mistress position, its probably not something she could take in one or two days either. Lets wait and see first."

"Thats right. In any case, its best to be cautious towards her."

Just then, someone outside said that Grandpa Gu had some movement.

Lin Che and Yu Minmin got up but did not go out. Lin Che made Dong Zi go over to check things out.

Dong Zi obeyed and returned a while later.

Dong Zi said to Lin Che, "Miss, Grandpa Gu woke up for a while before passing out again."

"Oh. What did the doctor say?" Lin Che was worried.

Dong Zi said, "The doctor said that it was a good sign. It showed that he was gradually recovering. His physical condition is now very stable and it shows that he will not go into a vegetative state."

"Thats good," Lin Che said.

No matter what, it would be regretful if anyone died suddenly.

Too many deaths would make anyone upset.

Once Gu Jingze was done outside, he came to pick up Lin Che.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze and remembered what Yu Minmin said. "Yu Minmin said that Im not supposed to be here."

Gu Jingze took her hand. "Why not?"

Lin Che said, "Its your family rule and you never told me."

Gu Jingze looked at her and said as they strolled along, "Rules are for outsiders to see. Its for bounding people who are difficult to bind, not for you to abide by."

"But why didnt you tell me?" Lin Che asked.

Gu Jingze smiled. "Because I didnt think you would last this long, so I didnt tell you."

Fine In the beginning, they didnt think that they would have a future together.

At that time, Gu Jingze was the ocean while she was a grain of sand. Who would have thought that they would go hand in hand one day and become inseparable?

"What happened after that?"

"After that, I thought that rules were too binding for you and I didnt want my woman to have to abide rules. I like you being carefree."

Lin Che laughed. "Ah. Wouldnt the others say anything?"

Gu Jingze said, "We fight hard to stand at the highest position so that others wouldnt be able to say anything."

Gu Jingzes face was incomprehensible as he stood against the wind. There was an aura around him that was domineering.

Although he didnt seem as violent as Black Eagle, he could still make people cower in fear.

Lin Che gazed at him and couldnt help but feel that this man was so undeniably powerful.


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