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Season 11

Episode 27

(Better To Keep Her By His Side)

"Oh, shes a distant relative and had been studying abroad."

"I see. She looks young."

"No, shes only a year younger than me," Gu Jingze replied.

"Ah really? I couldnt tell at all"

Gu Jingze did not care about these things. He only had an arm around her as they walked together. He said, "She was studying at Stanford University until she got her Ph.D. After that, she went to the University of Chicago and then to Harvard. In the time she went to these schools, she also worked for some companies. I think she even went abroad on missions as an American goodwill ambassador."


She sounded very impressive.

Gu Jingze frowned as he pondered for a while. He couldnt remember anything else. He said, "Theres probably more, but Im not too sure. I dont normally handle the affairs of females in the Gu family. Mom had always been in charge."

"Oh Do all house mistresses take care of these?"

"Thats right. The responsibilities are clear-cut so that future family leaders can take over with ease. For many years, we have our own internal and external roles. The internal affairs in this family were never messy despite some petty disputes. We absolutely do not allow outsiders to infiltrate and its also because of this strength that enables the Gu family to establish our status as a wealthy family with no black sheep."

Ancient wealthy families did not function without logic.

Lin Che thought about that Xue Mengqi and felt that she looked somewhat normal. It turned out that she was very accomplished with many achievements. It looked like there were no slackers in this family.

Gu Jingze thought that it was not good for Lin Che to go around too much. He could not leave her here alone.

Thus, he took Lin Che inside to Gu Xiandes recuperation place.

At least he could be around to watch over her himself. He need not feel worried this way.

He tugged Lin Che along as he walked in.

Lin Che gradually realized that there werent many women as they entered the house. The further she went in, the more clan relatives she saw.

The clan relatives definitely looked more surprised than she was. They did not expect Gu Jingze to bring Lin Che in here.

At this time, the women were all waiting outside, although nobody mentioned anything. It was an unspoken rule that women did not interfere in mens affairs.

But now, Lin Che came in with Gu Jingze so openly.

This was the Gu familys most private major event regarding Gu Xiandes health, the treatment now, and even about business if he passed on. These were all important matters. What was the meaning of bringing Lin Che into this?

However, nobody dared to say anything. They could only complain in their hearts, saying that Gu Jingze spoiled Lin Che too much.

After Lin Che was ushered in, she sat at one side to rest. Gu Jingze kissed her and told her to rest. Then, he went off to join the discussion.

Lin Che could hear the commotion outside. She knew that they were all talking about Gu Xiandes health condition, but she could not hear them clearly.

Meanwhile, this news got twisted outside. People said that Lin Che went in to take part in the external affairs with Gu Jingze.

Lin Che actually did nothing in here. She looked at the news, listened to the conversation outside, read some stories, and ate some snacks that the helpers brought in. At this moment, Yu Minmin suddenly called her, saying that she was going to the Gu household. She asked if Lin Che was at the Gu household too.

Finally, someone she knew could keep her company. Lin Che was already bored out of her wits and she quickly responded.

Lin Che sent her personal bodyguard to bring Yu Minmin in, so she came in very quickly. The people outside thought that it was not appropriate, but they also did not dare to say anything.

Yu Minmin walked in. Her belly was big and she walked a little differently. She held her belly and said, "There are so many people outside."

Lin Che replied, "Yes. It has been this crowded the past few days."

Thinking about it, it was a good thing that the Gu household was as huge as a mansion. There were more than ten rooms alone. Otherwise, they wouldnt be able to accommodate so many people.

Lin Che used to think that this place was too huge to live in and there would be too much empty space. Thinking about it now, the household was considered a family clan headquarters. If it was not big, it wouldnt be able to fit such a big family when the situation arose. Because it was a big family, they probably prepared for this.

It was just that this place did not look like a home. The Gu residence that she lived in with Gu Jingze was better and looked more like home. It was also big, but it was warm. It did not look empty like this.

This looked like a headquarter and nothing else.

Yu Minmin looked around. "I heard that Grandpa Gu is in here?"


"Woah, how did you get in here?"

"What? Whats wrong? Cant I come in?" Lin Che asked quizzically.

Yu Minmin was astonished. "Dont you know? Of course, you cant come in."

"Then why am I in here?" Lin Che asked.

Yu Minmin tugged this silly lady. "The Gu family has an unspoken rule that the men and womens affairs are managed separately. The womenfolk should be waiting outside at times like this while the men handle matters in here. The women cant simply intercept in the mens affairs. Didnt you notice? That is why there is no woman here. There are only clan relatives here."

"Yeah, I think so. I never saw any women ever since I came in here. But it was Gu Jingze who brought me here."

Yu Minmin tutted and said, "And I could only come in because of you. Otherwise, I would never be able to enter such a confidential place. This is Grandpa Gus recuperation area. Its the most confidential place there is."

Yes. The Gu familys top-secret was now Grandpa Gus health condition.

Lin Che said, "It doesnt matter to me. I think these rules are a bunch of bull anyway."

Yu Minmin said, "Of course, Gu Jingze wouldnt talk to you about all these rules on regular days because you two are different. However, in other family units in the Gu clan, I heard that they follow the rules more. There are bound to be conservative members in an old family like this. I went to visit a clan relative with Gu Jingming before and I realized this. Its like I couldnt get through to them and we were living in two different worlds."

Lin Che laughed. "That is why they like to keep to themselves. I would never want to do that. I think freedom is the best."


"Were all one family. Were all relatives and friends. Why must there be so many rules? Furthermore, going by what you say, whats the point in having so many rules even among husband and wife in our own homes?"

"Theyre probably already used to it. We married into the family and did not have a similar family background. Of course, were not used to it."


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