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Season 11

Episode 26

(Have Not Met This Woman Before)

Lin Che smiled again. She probably was not familiar with such a distant relative. She said, "Im sorry. I married into the family, so I dont know as many relatives as the Gu master."

The girl revealed her white canine-like teeth. When she smiled, she looked friendly and it was a perfect smile revealing only eight perfect teeth.

"Im Xue Mengqi. You can call me Mengqi."

"Mengqi Hello."

She pointed inwards and said, "Cousin-in-law, Aunty is in there. You can go ahead if youre looking for her."

"Oh, okay. Thanks."

Lin Che replied politely, looked at her, and then walked in.

Behind her, everyone was still talking and laughing happily. It was as if they were all very familiar with this Xue Mengqi.

Before Lin Che went in, she heard someone announce that Sir was here.

Gu Jingze rushed here upon hearing the news. Nobody knew when he knew, but he immediately rushed here once he did.

Lin Che stopped and quickly turned behind.

Gu Jingze had already entered and immediately spotted Lin Che among the crowd. He made a beeline towards her.

Everyone saw that Gu Jingze was here and stood respectfully. Throughout this time, Gu Jingze had already established his unwavering power as the head of the family here. Especially now that Gu Xiande was ill and could pass away any time, his status was all the more indisputable.

Upon seeing Gu Jingze enter, Xue Mengqi also quickly stood up and looked in his direction. She said, "Cousin, youre here. Long time no see. I just got back and I know youre busy so I didnt visit you. I hope you dont mind."

Gu Jingze turned and glanced at Xue Mengqi.

However, he still quickly reached Lin Che and asked her, "Why didnt you tell me you were coming here?"

1Lin Che said, "I just wanted to take a look. Its not a big deal."

1Gu Jingze sighed with a helpless look in his eyes as if he was looking at a dummy. He took Lin Ches hand and made sure that she was following him. Then, he looked at Xue Mengqi at the side.

"Oh, Mengqi. Youre back."

Feeling ignored, Xue Mengqi looked slightly embarrassed, but she quickly resumed a poker face. She looked at Lin Che and Gu Jingze and said, "Yes. I thought you didnt recognize me anymore."

"How could I? Were all family. Why would I not recognize you?"

Xue Mengqi then smiled at Gu Jingze. She hadnt seen this cousin of hers and he seemed more handsome than ever now. The coldness in his eyes, the firm and mature aura and that amazingly handsome face never faded at all.

According to logic, many men would become fat after marriage. After having children, they would look more lethargic.

However, Gu Jingze looked just as dashing despite his age. It was as if all those years only made his face and body sexier. There didnt seem to be a single scar on him.

Good-looking people were naturally well-liked as anyone would want to like them. Thus, Xue Mengqi was very happy that her busy cousin still remembered her.

"I thought youd forgotten me." She walked sultrily towards him.

1However, Gu Jingze avoided her as he tugged Lin Che along and said, "Alright, Ill leave you to talk. Lin Che isnt feeling well, so Im taking her to rest."

Xue Mengqi stopped and looked at Lin Che. She smiled and said gently, "Go ahead. We can always catch up another time."

Xue Mengqi watched Lin Che and Gu Jingze leave together.

Everyone remained silent as they watched Gu Jingze walk further away.

Xue Mengqi looked at the couples backs. It was her first time seeing Lin Che in person and she could not deny that Lin Che was indeed good-looking.

However, it still didnt feel good to see her standing beside Gu Jingze.

Perhaps any woman standing beside a man like that would make others uncomfortable even if she was just a relative and probably would never have any romantic relationship with Gu Jingze.

They were distantly related, but status, background and bloodline were still important to large wealthy families.

Thus, it was impossible for her to date Gu Jingze. She also did not return for this reason.

But even so, looking at Gu Jingze with another woman made her feel that it was a waste.

Gu Jingze tugged Lin Che out of the area.

He carefully put her coat on for her. Seeing as she only wore a single layer of clothes out, he nagged, "Have your people not been punished properly?"

Lin Che replied, "Since they are my people, they have to listen to me. If they listen to you, are they still my people?"

Gu Jingze paused and then reached out to pinch her cheek. "Youre getting more brazen. You even dare to talk back at me like this."

Lin Che laughed and huddled into his arms. "I was trained by you."

Lin Che really knew how to act coquettishly. And she did it so genuinely.

Upon hearing this, all the anger remaining in Gu Jingze dissipated. Instead, he ridiculously felt a sense of pride and satisfaction.

Gu Jingze said, "Yes, yes, I trained you!"

Lin Che smiled and looked at Gu Jingze. This man was so fun to tease. She didnt feel this way in the past. Now, she could say any gentle word or two and his anger would immediately disappear.

She knew that it was because he doted on her and loved her. Thus, any gentle treatment from her would make him satisfied and happy.

She looked up and asked, "How is Grandpa?"

Gu Jingze wrapped his arms around her as his hand traced the small of her back. "He has not woken up since the surgery."

1Lin Che frowned and asked, "What? What are we going to do?"

Gu Jingze said, "The doctor said that his vitals are normal, but we can only depend on Grandfathers willpower to wake up. Hes getting on in years after all. Its different from a normal patient."

"Doesnt that mean that were leaving it to fate now?"

"Thats right." Gu Jingze let go of Lin Che and looked ahead. "This information is still confidential for the time being. The operation was very successful and were only waiting for Grandfather to wake up. You dont need to worry too much. We all have our own timelines and weve done everything we could. Im only worried that if anything happens now, you can only stay at home. Dont move around too much."

Lin Che naturally understood. He was thinking about her safety. If anything happened to the baby in her belly, she would be devastated too. She didnt want to take the chance.

"Dont worry. If something really happens, Ill be obedient. You can do what you have to do. Dont worry about me."

"I know." He turned around, placed his hands on her shoulders, and gently kissed her forehead.

Lin Che said, "I dont think Ive ever seen that Xue Mengqi before."


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