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Season 11

Episode 25

(Arrival Of Distant Relatives)

Lin Che and Mu Feiran walked out.

Lin Che smiled cheekily at Black Eagle.

She looked at him as if she discovered his hidden motive.

Black Eagle asked, "What did you come here for? Are you leaving?"

Lin Che said, "Im here to talk business. Shouldnt you be the one leaving?"

Black Eagle replied, "I dont have a shirt."

Lin Che simply opened the door and called out to the people outside, "Go get Mr. Mo something he can wear."


The people outside went to find clothes immediately. They knew everything about it and didnt even need to ask for his measurements. They have all memorized it in their hearts.

Black Eagle stood there, his expression alternating between anger and helplessness.

This Lin Che was here to stop him

Just as Lin Che said, Mu Feiran saw that someone already brought a brand new set of clothes for Black Eagle in ten minutes

1Mu Feiran blushed and looked down. She clenched her fist and coughed dryly. She did not dare to look at Black Eagle even more.

Black Eagle took the clothes and looked at his sabotaging sister. He scoffed and left.

Lin Che burst into laughter. It was all too hilarious.

Mu Feiran also lost all hard feelings. She was looking at Lin Che and thought that she was indeed Black Eagles sister. Otherwise, Black Eagle would have already thrown her out.

How embarrassing

There were probably only a few people who would dare to do this to Black Eagle.

Mu Feiran looked at Lin Che. "You said that youre here to talk business? So tell me, what is it? Lets go in and talk."

Lin Che and Mu Feiran went inside together.

"I came across an online novel yesterday. Its about how a person traveled back in time over and over again. Its especially funny and I think it can be written in a small series. Short comedy episodes. Itll definitely be fun."

"Ah And youre" Mu Feiran made a guess and looked at her. "You want me to act in it?"

Lin Che said, "It made me think of you first, so I came over to ask if youd be interested. But youve never acted in this kind of small series because it feels extremely devalued. I also thought that its probably a great difference from your old image. But this novel made me cry with laughter and I want to get it on TV. Itll be comedy gold."

Mu Feiran asked, "Really? Let me see."

Lin Che said, "Anyway if you dont want to act it in, let me know if you have any opinions on it or if you know who can act in it. I really think that this is going to be fun."

Mu Feiran took care of her image in the past, so she indeed only filmed those proper dramas. The beautiful ones, majestic ones, and all kinds of big films. Mo Ding never allowed her to act in any comedic ones because he thought that it was different from her status.

Mu Feiran asked, "This is something that your film company wants to do?"

"Its just my sudden idea. I feel that TV dramas recently have been too dark and serious. Everybody needs a bit of positivity. I havent told anybody else yet."

Mu Feiran said, "Well, let me take a look at the novel. I actually dont mind acting in it. Ive never acted in such a role and I really want to give it a try. But Im afraid I wont express that style well since Ive never acted in one before. And Im so old. Will it look like Im too fake?"

"What do you mean that youre so old" Lin Che pinched her. "Your face is still so supple!"

Mu Feiran laughed and said to her, "Let me take a look then."

"Okay. Im going home then. Ha, seriously. I wonder if youre mad at me for chasing a certain someone away."

"Go away. Youre with a child and youre still so naughty!"

"This is authentic prenatal education!"

"You still dont know the gender?"

"Yeah, its not time yet so its hard to tell. But I can only accept it whether its a boy or girl. I just hope itll be manageable. Females are already way more aggressive than males in my home."

Lin Che parted ways with Mu Feiran.

When she reached home, Gu Jingze had not returned.

Alone at home, she was worried. So she sat there and thought for a while before deciding to head out. She looked at Dong Zi and asked, "Are you able to hear about anything from the Gu household?"

Dong Zi shook his head. "I only know that Sir never stepped out of there for a day. Our guess is that there were some complications after the operation, so he had to stay there. However, Sir did not inform us, so its probably not a big issue either. What do you want to do, Miss?"

Lin Che pondered and said, "Send someone over to take a look. If its not a big problem, well head over too."

1"Yes, Miss."

Dong Zi sent someone to check. Apparently, there was no major movement, so it should not be a big problem.

The person returned with the observations. Lin Che headed straight to the Gu household.

1The house seemed very calm today, even calmer than before.

When she entered, everyone saw Lin Che and quickly bowed.

"Madam, youre here."

"Madam, you didnt tell us that you were coming. We were just eating. We didnt even prepare anything for you."

"Its okay. I already ate. Im just here to look around," Lin Che replied.

In the night, the attendants welcomed her inside.

Before she went in, she could hear laughter and happy chatter coming from inside.

It indeed did not sound like anything major. The women were gathered and chatting.

Someone saw that Lin Che was here and quickly opened the door for her. However, their expressions looked different.

Lin Che noticed this and was a little puzzled.

The door opened.

"Madam is here."

The joyous conversations didnt stop upon the announcement. However, all eyes turned to her.

With a glance, Lin Che immediately noticed a girl seated in the middle. She had an extraordinary air about her.

She looked up. She wore a goose-yellow dress with a fur collar. Her long legs poised with high heels. She looked grand, but it was not over-the-top. She seemed naturally beautiful and decent.

For some reason, one person came to Lin Ches mind.

Xue Baochai.

She was decorated with jewels and pearls, but she looked so fresh and clean.

Lin Che was still wondering who this person was. Everybody smiled and greeted, "Mrs. Gu, youre here."

Lin Che said, "Carry on, everyone. Dont bother about me."

That very decent-looking girl suddenly stood up.

She looked in Lin Ches direction and smiled. "Hello, cousin-in-law. Nice to meet you! I just got to B City today. Weve never met before and I never knew that my cousin got married. That is why I never came back to meet you. I later heard that you already have a child who is very big. Please forgive my disrespect."


She was Gu Jingzes cousin?

Lin Che said, "Oh Hello."

So, she was Mu Wanqings niece?

Because of her relationship with Mu Wanqing, Lin Che also naturally smiled at her.

"Are you Moms niece?" Lin Che smiled and asked.

However, she replied, "Ah, Im not. Im a little more distant than that. I come from the late Grandmother Gus side."

So that was how things were.

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