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Season 11

Episode 23

(Pacing Around In The Room)

Mu Feiran could tell the difference between the warmth from his body and her own. Under his careful protection, nobody could touch her even though so many people were around.

They made it outside. Mo Jingyan said, "My car is over there."

Mu Feiran hurried along but felt Mo Jingyan grab her hand.

Mu Feirans body shuddered.

Feeling him grab her hand, she could almost feel the lines on his rough palm.

The intersecting lines seemed to show that he used his hands often. They were worn hand down very seriously.

However, it did not feel bad. Instead, it was like holding a fathers hand. It gave a sense of security.

She turned behind to look at him. The shyness on her face was extremely obvious.

Mo Jingyan said, "Watch out for cars. Whats going to happen if you get hit?"

She was pulled back to the curb. Sure enough, a car just drove past in front of her.

She had been so shocked that she did not notice.

She turned to look at this man and felt as if she was a child looked after.

They quickly reached his car.

Mu Feiran then heaved a sigh of relief.

She immediately saw that there was even a child seat installed in the car. He probably prepared it in advance.

It was for Yunyun.

She quickly turned to look at Mo Jingyan.

He was so thoughtful that he even got a safety seat for Yunyun?

"You This" She pointed at the child seat and stuttered.

He put Yunyun down from his shoulders. Yunyun looked like she had not gotten enough of it. She looked at Mo Jingyan with glee written all over her face.

This Yunyun was really treating Mo Jingyan as a family member.

She had no idea who exactly Mo Jingyan was.

Mu Feiran thought about how Yunyun would simply sit on Mo Jingyans shoulders. If others knew, sitting on the Black Eagles shoulders was like asking for a death wish.

But children did not think that much. Yunyun was so pure. Even if she knew, she would not understand what it meant either.

Mo Jingyan was not the Black Eagle to Yunyun. Instead, he was the caring Uncle Mo. He made her feel safe and confident.

Mo Jingyan looked at the safety seat and said, "I had to pick up Yunyun, so I got it installed."

"Ah You went to such trouble."

"Its fine. I only sent my people to buy it." He put Yunyun in the seat. "I heard that this is safer."

"Yes. People with babies would have one. You are too thoughtful," Mu Feiran said.

Mo Jingyan smiled.

She thought that he actually looked good when he smiled.

Furthermore, ever since she knew that he and Lin Che were siblings, she indeed saw many similarities between them. For example, when they smiled, their eyes curved in the same way. They both looked so good.

It was just that Black Eagle never smiled. Even when he did, his lips would only curl up a little.

In the car, Yunyun sat in the back. Mo Jingyan said, "Leave your car here first. Ill get my people to take the car back to you. Lets go home first."

"Okay, well stick to your plan," Mu Feiran said.

Soon, they arrived home.

Mu Feiran went to prepare some food while Yunyun played with Mo Jingyan outside.

Since Yunyun already ate so much just now, Mu Feiran prepared something simple.

Mu Feiran went out when she was done. She saw Mo Jingyan carrying Yunyun, who was fast asleep in his arms.

Mo Jingyan carried her carefully. He did not seem familiar with it, but he tried his best not to disturb Yunyun.

Mu Feiran quickly put down the food, looked at them, and asked, "How did she fall asleep so quickly?"

Mo Jingyan said softly, "She was probably tired from all the playing. She closed her eyes soon after she sat down."

"Alright She is rarely this hyper. She has always been very understanding, too understand that she makes me worry."

Mu Feiran smiled and walked to him. She said, "Ill take her to her room."

"Its fine. Let me carry her."

Mo Jingyan carried her inside and put her down in her little bed.

Mu Feiran then scooped a bowl of porridge for him.

He was looking at the child when he turned around and accidentally bumped into the bowl that Mu Feiran was holding.


The porridge spilled out onto him.

Mu Feiran was shocked and entirely apologetic. She stared at him and did not know what to do.

He could not wear those clothes anymore. The grains of porridge looked horrible.

She said hastily, "Oh no! What should we do? Let me get you something to wipe."

She took some pieces of tissue and wiped his clothes. However, it did not work.

She wiped from top to bottom. She went straight down to the floor and began wiping.

She used half a box of tissue and she still could not wipe everything. Mu Feiran was growing anxious.

She did not know what to do.

"Its okay. You dont have to wipe it," Mo Jingyan said. "Its just porridge. Ill wash my clothes."

"Oh, thats right. The bathroom is there and you can clean yourself up. Ill get the hairdryer for you."


She led Mo Jingyan to the bathroom. He went in and began washing up.

Mu Feiran was still flabbergasted outside. He spent time playing with Yunyun, but his clothes were ruined because of her clumsiness. Seriously

She silently scolded herself for being so stupid. She quickly found a towel and the hairdryer. She opened the door to the bathroom

"Ill help you dry" She entered and looked up. She was unexpectedly greeted by Mo Jingyans fit body

He had taken off his shirt and was standing there half-naked as he washed his shirt

Mu Feiran stood still.

However, her eyes could not help but steal glances at those hard muscles.

His body was covered in muscles and scars. It was shocking at first sight. It was hard to imagine what exactly he went through all these years.

At this moment, Mo Jingyan raised a brow and asked, "Why?"

He looked down at himself. "Is anything wrong?"

Mu Feiran quickly looked down and scolded herself again. How could she simply stare at him

But she did not expect him to take off his clothes simply.

Mu Feiran said, "It- Its nothing. I thought you were only washing that spot and using the towel to dry it and then the hairdryer"

Who would have thought that he would wash the entire shirt?

Mo Jingyan then realized that he did not know what she meant.

And now

The shirt was completely wet. What could they do about it?

After that, Mu Feiran helped to dry his shirt. Nothing in her home could fit him. Her clothes were too small and his shoulders were too wide.

Thus, he was topless as he walked about outside. Every time Mu Feiran saw his perfect figure, her cheeks blushed.

However, she still could not resist looking

Oh my, how could he do this in someone elses home

Just at this moment

The doorbell rang.

"Feiran, its me. Open the door."

It was Lin Che.


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