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Season 11

Episode 22

(The Security He Gives Her)

The kindergarten had two contacts for Yunyun. One was Mu Feiran and the other was Mo Jingyan.

Because the teachers now wanted to see Mo Jingyan, they would call Mo Jingyan first instead of Mu Feiran if anything cropped up.

When Mu Feiran heard that Mo Jingyan picked up Yunyun, she was not so worried anymore.

Just then, Mo Jingyan called her.

Mu Feiran picked up his call. When she thought about how Mo Jingyan became Yunyuns guardian for no reason, she couldnt help but blush.

Daydreaming, daydreaming. What exactly was she daydreaming about?

Why was she blushing when she thought of Mo Jingyan?

She heard Mo Jingyan say, "Yunyun is with me. Dont worry."

Mu Feiran said, "Oh, okay The kindergarten called me just now."

"Oh, thats good. The kindergarten called me so I thought that you were probably busy. Thats why I went to pick her up."

"Okay. Where are you both now?"

"At Kentucky."


"Yunyun wanted to eat Kentucky, so I brought her here."

Mu Feiran speechlessly thought, This Yunyun

She put down the phone and thought that it was miraculous. When did she start talking to Mo Jingyan without needing formalities? Were they so close that they could simply talk about things immediately?

It didnt seem like it.

But now that he simply picked Yunyun up and took her to Kentucky, she didnt think that there was anything wrong at all. It seemed normal.

Actually, Yunyun had been craving for Kentucky for more than one or two days. When Mu Feiran returned to the country, she didnt have to avoid people when she went out. However, there were bound to be people she knew. Thus, she avoided crowded places if she could. Furthermore, Kentucky wasnt anything nutritious.

The car soon arrived at the Kentucky that Mo Jingyan mentioned.

When she entered, she immediately spotted Mo Jingyan.

Yunyun was eating a drumstick happily. She saw Mu Feiran and immediately stood up. She said anxiously, "Mama, Uncle Mo said it was okay to eat once in a while"

Yunyun looked like a child who had just been caught by the teacher doing bad things. Mu Feiran almost wanted to cry and laugh.

She walked over and asked, "Yunyun, whats wrong? I didnt say you couldnt eat this. You just need to eat less of it. If you overeat, you wont be able to grow taller."

Mo Jingyan looked at Mu Feiran. "Yeah, its just once in a while. It shouldnt be a problem, right?"

Mu Feiran said, "Of course, its okay. Its not like Im a ghost. Theres no need to look at me so fearfully."

Mo Jingyan looked at her. "Yeah. If there was such a beautiful ghost on earth, thered be a line of people wanting to see ghosts."



Was he complimenting her?

Mu Feiran instantly blushed.

However, Mo Jingyan only stared at her face, laughed, and took a sip of his coffee.

Mu Feirans cheeks were red. She turned around to cover her embarrassed face.

There were plenty of people who called her beautiful, but it somehow felt different coming from him.

Was it because he was Black Eagle?

1Because he didnt seem like he was capable of saying such things?

Mo Jingyan asked, "Do you want to eat some?"

"Okay." Mu Feiran sat down and Mo Jingyan picked up a piece for her.

Who would have thought that such a blockhead would have a caring side to him?

Even she could clearly see his attention to her. Girls were naturally careful, and she was particularly sensitive to expressions and little actions since she was an actress.

She watched as he cleaned his hands, took a clean piece of napkin to hold the burger, and handed it to her. He even immediately ordered a new drink along with some sides that the girls loved to eat.

He carefully placed the food in front of her.

Although it was just a small gesture, it was very heartwarming.

The feeling of being looked after instantly warmed her heart.

Mo Jingyan asked, "Have you signed the contract?"

"Oh, yes. Its Lin Ches company anyway, so its simple."

Mo Jingyan said, "Yes. You can always talk to Lin Che if you have any problems. You can also talk to me."

"Ah Its nothing. Lin Che already planned it very well and theres nothing for me to say. She also understands my intent."

Mo Jingyan said, "Well, she is my sister, after all. I know my sister well. She wont bully you. Needless to say, our family members are all easygoing."

"Ha, really?" She laughed and looked at him. If he hadnt mentioned it, Mu Feiran still wouldnt have felt that he and Lin Che were siblings.

Mo Jingyan said, "But of course."

That triumphant look on his face did make him look like an older brother.

He always thought about others and was meticulous. Mu Feiran thought that being his sister would be wonderful.

And at that moment.

Someone suddenly spotted Mu Feiran.

"Hey, isnt that Mu Feiran?"

"Really? No way. Isnt she overseas?"

"It is her! How can it not be? She looks exactly the same as she does on TV. She doesnt look any different."

Mu Feiran froze. She did not expect those people to begin talking loudly without considering that others would hear them.

Kentucky was filled with people. In an instant, many of them turned their heads and began scrutinizing her.

Before Mu Feiran could react, someone already approached her excitedly.

"Ah Mu Feiran? Im especially fond of you. Ive been your hardcore fan for eight years. Can I get an autograph? Im so stoked to meet you here"

One spark set a fire. So many people started to make a beeline towards her.

"Mu Feiran"

"Are you really Mu Feiran?"

Mu Feiran said, "I cant. Lets go."

Perhaps because she appeared after the news of her divorce some time back, she was now back under the public eye. Thus, going out these few days were tougher than before.

Mo Jingyan scooped up Yunyun.

Mu Feiran originally wanted to let Yunyun leave first. Just then, Mo Jingyan suddenly hoisted Yunyun over his shoulders with one hand while he took Mu Feirans hand with the other. He pulled her close to his chest, supporting her and protecting her.

When people were coming closer, Mu Feiran could feel herself pressing closer to his chest. At the same time, the people around them got further away as he carefully walked forward with her.

That little bit of warm physical contact gave her a sense of security. Mu Feirans face turned red once again.


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