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Season 11

Episode 21

(Mu Feiran Is Ready For Comeback)

She read a novel until she felt that she was already getting too deep into the story. Just then, an attendant came.

"Madam, Miss Mu Feiran is here to visit."

Upon hearing that, Lin Che gratefully allowed the attendant to bring her in.

Mu Feiran entered and saw Lin Che lying on the couch.

They were close, so they did not stand on ceremony with each other. Lin Che was too lazy to get up. She laid there and waved. "Come here and sit. What wind blew you here?"

Mu Feiran laughed as she sat down and looked at Lin Che. "You look comfortable."

Lin Che replied, "I dont really want to move."

Mu Feiran helped to cover her with the thick blanket. "Isnt it like that when youre pregnant?"

It was the same when she first found out that she was pregnant. Mu Feiran thought about it and was still amazed by it. She was too lazy to move and was always sleepy. She did not think that she was pregnant at that time. However, she was really pregnant.

Lin Che said, "I feel lethargic despite not doing anything. Oh, right, you have something to tell me?"

Under normal circumstances, she would usually talk to Lin Che over the phone. She knew that the Gu family was strict, so she did not want to cause any trouble by coming over.

Mu Feiran sat down and looked at Lin Che. She smiled plainly, but there was determination in her eyes.

"Lin Che, its like this. Ive been thinking over the past few days and I have decided Im ready to make a comeback."

Lin Che immediately sat up happily. She looked at Mu Feiran and asked, "Really?"

Mu Feiran gazed at her and nodded. "Ive thought it through."

The entire time, Lin Che thought that it was a waste when she suddenly stopped acting. She was outstanding and had so many good shows. She had longtime fans who kept waiting for her to act again. It was only because of Mo Ding who hated the entertainment circle that she rejected the idea of returning.

Now that she had decided to come back, had she finally gotten over Mo Ding?

Lin Che said, "Of course, thats good."

Mu Feiran said, "Im not hoping to become queen again or whatever. I also dont want to tire myself out like before. I just want to act in whatever I like. Thats enough for me."

Mu Feiran only wanted to have some masterpieces in the end so that she could look back on them when she was old. She could tell herself that she did her best when she was younger.

Although she had roles in many popular TV dramas now, those were commercialized and many would not be able to withstand the test of time. She wanted to act in something that would truly move people.

It did not mean that commercialized movies were not good. A production was good if it could provide entertainment to the audience and make people happy. However, one had different goals at different stages of life. She had many shows that made people happy. Now, she hoped to film shows that allowed people to reminisce.

Lin Che said, "Yes. Nobody will force you to do things you dont want to anymore. You can act in whatever you want to act. Really."

Mu Feiran looked at Lin Che. "If I sign with other companies, I may not be able to make my own choices. So I was thinking, why dont I sign with your company? What do you think?"

"Huh?" Lin Che looked at her, surprised.

"I We are only an office and dont have the same resources those big companies have." Lin Ches company only had that handful of staff members. She was afraid that the company was too small for Mu Feiran.

Mu Feiran shook her head. "I also hope to be able to work with you guys."

Lin Che said, "Well, if Im your boss I cant help but want to make you earn money for me too. Hahaha."

Mu Feiran shot her a look. She knew that Lin Che was not that kind of person.

She replied, "Yes, yes, yes. Im willing to be your money-making machine."

When Lin Che was done laughing, she looked at Mu Feiran and asked, "Are you sure you want to join my studio?"


Lin Che hugged Mu Feiran and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thats great! Ill let my staff make the arrangements. If my staff know that the queen, Mu Feiran, actually wanted to join our little company, theyll definitely be very excited."

"What queen? Im as good as a newcomer now. I have not acted in years and Ive forgotten what it feels like to be in the entertainment circle."

The two of them talked and laughed. Lin Che called up the company to inform them.

They had to prepare an agreement first.

But since Mu Feiran trusted Lin Che, she let Lin Che call the shots.

Lin Che would not shortchange her own people. She asked for the most basic agreement. Mu Feiran would have absolute rights to herself. The company would assign an agent and assistants to her and would not take too high of a share.

Nobody in the company was unhappy either. Mu Feiran was the bosss good friend. Furthermore, she was a golden goose. With her name on their list, they would receive a lot of resources.

There was no loss on their end if Mu Feiran signed with them.

Mu Feiran felt relieved after making her decision.

She would start from scratch. She felt as if she was reborn. Everything looked bright ahead of her.

Because Mo Ding took up so many years. In the end, it was not worth it.

On this day, Mu Feiran went to Lin Ches studio by herself to sign the contract.

Lin Che spent too long reading novels, so she stayed at home to rest.

Mu Feiran did not need her company either. Everybody in the studio knew who she was.

Once Mu Feiran arrived at the company, someone immediately received her.

The staff was very friendly. They saw Mu Feiran from a distance and were very excited.

They did not expect Mu Feiran to sign with them. They were all very fond of her and now that she was actually going to work here, they couldnt help but feel excited.

Mu Feiran saw that everyone was so warm to her that she felt a little embarrassed.

She had not interacted with fans nor this circle in a long time. She still felt a little apprehensive deep down.

When she was done and about to head out, she realized that some time had passed and she had not gone to pick Yunyun up.

The kindergarten would not do anything to Yunyun if she was late, but she still wanted to rush over.

Her heart ached at the thought of Yunyun watching her friends get picked up by their parents while her mother was not there.

Mu Feiran quickly rushed to the kindergarten, but before she reached, the kindergarten called her.

"Miss Mu, your daughter was already picked up just now. You dont have to rush here."

Mu Feiran asked in shock, "Picked up? How can that be? Who Who picked her up?"

"Oh, dont worry about it. Mr. Mo picked her up."

Everyone in the kindergarten knew that Yunyun had an Uncle Mo who was super handsome. Thus, they would become infatuated and excited when they saw Mo Jingyan. Mu Feiran could even hear the difference in the tone of the staff speaking to her.

This Mo Jingyan Who would have thought that he would have such charm?

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