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Season 11

Episode 20

(Was There Ever A Change In Matriarch In History)

She pulled Dong Zi up and said, "We are family. Of course, the family will be together forever, protecting one another. You are my people. I wont let anyone harm you. As long as you are loyal to me, I will be loyal to you."

She always believed that loyalty was mutual. If you were kind to a person, that person would be kind to you too.

A few of them were moved. Lin Che saw that they were dressed very plainly. They were also simpler than before. She let them take a rest.

After being outside for a few days, she was not quite used to being back at home.

Lin Che rested as she called her company and Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin had already heard about the old mans condition. However, because she was heavily pregnant now, it was not convenient for her to move around, and Gu Jingming did not allow her to visit.

Yu Minmin said, "Youd better be careful now. Ive heard some rumors."

Because Yu Minmin was a professional in her career, she could pick up a lot of gossip wherever she went. Lin Che thought that Yu Minmin already made Glazed Tile Palace the Gossip Palace.

However, Yu Minmin sounded a little worried this time. She also seemed more serious.

"What rumors?" Lin Che asked.

Yu Minmin said, "I occasionally heard that some people arent too happy about you becoming matriarch."

Lin Che knew this and she chuckled helplessly. "Im actually aware of this too. Definitely, I am not qualified enough."

"Dont say that," Yu Minmin replied. "Your man is Gu Jingze and it should be you."

Lin Che said, "Actually, I dont know what I should do either. Im too weak compared to Gu Jingze. Im also too soft-hearted. I cant be fierce and absolute enough to manage such a big family. Im not even confident in myself."

"Everyone has a weakness. You can always use your strong points to make up for your weak points. Perhaps you can cultivate a new environment because youre kind."

"Please. Youre just comforting me."

Yu Minmin said, "I heard that this has happened before."

"Really? There were other unapproved matriarchs?"

"Yes. The daughter-in-law was not acknowledged, so she could not become the matriarch," Yu Minmin said.

Lin Che said, "Huh, so it can happen. What happened then?"

"A clan member became the matriarch. They shared the role and it was pretty much peaceful."

"I see Actually, I dont think thats a problem either."

"Its not a problem unless youre willing to be the lady of the house and still have to listen to a matriarch," Yu Minmin said.

Lin Che naturally was not willing to. It was only because she felt as if she would become obviously weaker and smaller this way. How could anyone think that her abilities matched up to the powerful Gu Jingze?

Yu Minmin said, "Anyway, Ill always support you. Dont be so down. I believe Gu Jingze wont let this happen too."

"I just dont want to become a woman who hides behind Gu Jingze. I think I should try harder for our sake."

Thus, even though she truly had no feelings toward all this and about becoming matriarch, she still wanted to depend on her own strength. She didnt want people to say that she only got her position in the Gu family because of Gu Jingze.

They stopped talking about all this and began chatting about parenting.

After that, Lin Che hung up and looked at the news.

In her absence the past few days, there was no significant movement in the entertainment circle. But because she didnt appear much after winning the award, everyone felt incomplete as if they still wanted to see her. Thus, there were still plenty of people who wanted to call her up.

However, Lin Che already decided to take a break during this period so that she could focus on her pregnancy.

She told the company that she would participate in some charity activities so that people wouldnt start speculating about her disappearance.

These days, every company took the opportunity to push newcomers and film shows in the new year. Male and female leads took up trends, but being in the entertainment circle for so many years, Lin Che also knew that these hot newcomers would disappear after a while. A persons fame depended on what developed after that.

1Meanwhile, Yang Lin had a new update. She took up a Hollywood movie.

She graced the Golden Globe Awards carpet and come back to brag about it through public address. She behaved as if she garnered a lot of attention at the Golden Globe Awards.

Actually, for foreign media, Asian celebrities truly did not get much attention.

Since she entered Hollywood, she claimed that she took up a massive blockbuster and that she was going to start filming very soon.

Everyone began to speculate about her new movie. They also wondered what kind of backing she had that enabled her to still be popular despite her tarnished reputation. How did she manage to step into Hollywood?

Lin Che shook her head as she watched. Having been to Hollywood, she knew that it was a materialistic place too. It could also be controlled with money.

Nan Gongyu also gave her face. He would always mention an exciting anecdote of her in every interview. When asked why Lin Che disappeared for so long and if there was going to be any collaboration in the future, Nan Gongyu said, "Lin Che decided that she needed to settle down a little after receiving the award. This way, she can still continue working unpressured. That is why she decided to take a break before continuing work."

Hearing that, everyone thought that Lin Che was not evil either. After becoming a movie queen, she was not in a hurry to profit from it. Instead, she chose to settle down first.

Lin Che estimated her due date and let the company make plans for the future accordingly. She planned to readjust herself after giving birth and then going back to work. She was already frustrated and bored after staying at home for a few days. Although she had been managing other things, working with the company was an entirely different feeling.

She also guessed that she wouldnt be able to sit still at home for too long. She would want to return to work.

But she naturally could not do work that required facing the public. She decided to take this opportunity to read scripts and prepare for the TV dramas that her company was going to produce.

Everything else was already prepared on the companys end. All that was left was selecting the script and venues.

Ah Bi complained to Lin Che that the advertisements and scripts in the company were all piled up into mountains. Everyone hoped that Lin Che could come back and take up some of these advertisements and scripts. She had to reject all kinds of roles daily. Losing money-making opportunities made her heart ache.

Lin Che looked through the scripts and found a couple of them that were not bad. However, none of them were impressive.

Just then, Shen Youran gave her an idea through WeChat. She could see if there were any excellent novels that they could turn into scripts.

Lin Che also thought that this made sense. She looked through novels to see if any could fit.

However, Lin Che really did not have much interest in these literary novels. She preferred fantasy. She thought she was an uncultured person as she could not connect with those literary books. Thus, she decided to look into online novels.


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